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  • [WINNERS] House Builders - Romantic Getaways

    Thank you Maplers for designing these lovely Valentine's Day themed homes for the Romantic Getaways edition of House Builders!

    The following are the winners of the prize package:
    Fabe - NA West
    Thet - NA West
    Priest - NA East
    Jenna - NA East
    Adraya - EU

    The following are the winners of the prize package and will be featured in the "Romantic Getaways" video!
    We will be recording in your homes very soon!
    Mofi - NA East
    Lynnx - EU
    Chunkie - NA East
    Anfini - SA
    Rachei - OCE

    *** Winners please allow up to 5-7 business days to issue the prizes.
  • Notice to Belgian Players

    The Belgian Gaming Commission has declared that ‘loot boxes’ in games (items with an element of chance that are acquired with either real money or virtual currency purchased with real money) are subject to Belgian gambling legislation. In light of the current regulatory activity in Belgium, Nexon America has decided to take proactive measures.

    MapleStory 2 is taking the following steps effective February 14, 2019. These changes will only affect players accessing the game from Belgium.

    Players who access the game from Belgium will no longer be able to purchase the following item:

    Style Crate
    When attempting to purchase this item in the Cash Shop, you will receive an error message. If you purchase(d) any Style Crates prior to February 14, 2019, they can still be opened normally to obtain an item. If you disassemble(d) Style Crate items prior to February 14, 2019 and have remaining Style Coins, you will still be able to use those coins in the Style Coin Shop.

    Cosmetic items listed under the Crate Spotlight in the Premium shop can still be directly purchased and disassembled for Style Coins.

    We apologize for any inconvenience this causes our Belgian players.
  • [WINNERS] Skybound Expansion Trailer LIKES/RT

    Thanks Maplers for helping us to achieve the 1,000 Likes and 1,500 RT goals of the Skybound Trailer Event. The following players are the lucky winners of the giveaway:


    Master Pack Winners:
    Stunpai - OCE
    Tiing - EU
    GowtherX - SA

    Explorer Pack Winners:
    Sitrus - OCE
    Brietta - EU
    Kiyuga - EU
    Ginho - SA
    Avalind - NA West
    Notti - NA West
    Cilic - NA East
    Khannathan - NA East
    Cerina - NA East
    Fluffyrazor - NA East

    ^^ Prizes for these winners have been issued! Please check your mailboxes ASAP!


    The winners of this event have been chosen and will be contacted on December 20th via Twitter DM.
  • Notice Regarding Boosting Services

    [Updated December 10 at 6:40 PM PST]
    The investigation has been completed, and 23 characters from 19 accounts have been identified as having used boosting services to reach the top 10 in Dark Descent by one player. Not only have we removed the rewarded items from those characters, but we have also applied a 3-day suspension to their accounts starting today. In addition, the player that were selling boosting services has been permanently banned.

    Some players have asked if we can raise the rankings of those who didn’t make it to the top 10 because of the abusers so that players who were previously ranked lower can qualify for the winning items in the top 10. Unfortunately, it isn’t possible to change the rankings at this time, but we are looking into a method to resolve this issue so that legitimate players are not punished by abusers of the system. Additional development will be required to improve this system and we will provide details in the future.
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  • [KNOWN ISSUES] Skybound Expansion Pt. 1

    Known Issues List
    • If you are updating your patch files using Nexon Launcher and it stops updating at 77%, you must repair your files before updating your files.  
    • Drinking the Level 50 Potion while in the prologue/tutorial will cause all Epic and tutorial quests to completed between level 1-49.  This prevents you from leaving the tutorial. If this occurs, you can escape the Prologue/Tutorial by doing one of the following:
      • Accept the Sky Fortress quest, “After the Attack in Tria” quest.  It opens a 5 minute portal that leads to Kerning Interchange.
      • Accept the "Santa or Savior" Event quest which will auto teleport you to Merry Village.
      • If you have Rotors Air Taxi item in your bank OR if you have received the 1st Daily Login reward from the Mail (the Rotors Air Taxi coupon), you can use it to teleport out of the map.
    • If the Level 50 Potion is used, the Trophies correlated to the completed Epic quests will not be credited.
    • Some of the Soulbinder’s Voiceovers are at abnormally low volumes.  
    • In Schwanda’s Holiday Gallery, one of the objectives incorrectly states to “Fish up 5 Rosey-Nosed Lugefish in Merry Village” when you will only need 1 fish.
    • There are minor grammar issues with the Soul Binder’s skill, Static Flash.
    • In the Soul Binder’s skill tree, there is a missing connecting line between Raging Tempest and Energy Surge.
    • MC Kay’s Prize Wheel is missing in Queenstown.
    • When attempting to dismantle Exquisite Headgear, Gloves, or Shoes, it will not provide a preview of how many material fragments you will get.
    • In the Shadow Gear Shop, the SoulBinder equipment appears to be missing a few lines of attributes
    • One of the Dark Wind Missions, [Daily] Recon: The Resistance, incorrect states to meet the Dark Wind Agent in Boulderwhite Mountains when he’s actually in Talisker.
    • Double clicking any of the 5 Faction Tokens received from completing Missions for the 5 Factions in Sky Fortress should automatically open their correlating Shops, but it doesn’t.
    • During Veliche's dialogue in the quest "Some Assembly Required," Nairin's name is mistakenly displayed during one of Veliche's lines.

    Resolved Issues:
    • 12/6: The Black Market is no longer case-sensitive when performing a search for items.  

    Intended Design Awareness:
    • The cooldowns after each match in Maple Arena resets right after the “3, 2, 1, Go!” instead of the start of the countdown.
    • If you change maps or change channels when the Maple Arena queue appears, your spot will automatically be forfeited and you will receive a 30 minute debuff.  Otherwise, you can still safely change maps and channels until a match is found without penalty.
    • For Sky Fortress, if you unlocked a new set of missions with a new faction in the middle of the week, you will need to wait until the next daily reset in order to see the markers with Sortie when running Field Missions.  

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