Learn everything about the Guilded Glory update this month from the patch notes!

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    release this so ppl stop yelling at me
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  • [SUGGESTIONS] MapleStory Merch Store

    Please make a Joddy plush...
  • Introducing Your New CM

    Hey Maplers!

    What a ride this journey has been between Closed Beta and Official Launch for MapleStory 2. Many Maplers have noticed that I have been MIA from our official community channels. This is because late last year I was placed into a new role that focuses solely on social media for all MapleStory branded channels. The holiday seasons were a really busy time for the game, and it was challenging with the new responsibilities while awaiting a replacement CM. I totally have the “Community MOMager guilt” and it personally hurts me that I wasn’t as present as I had been before. TT.TT

    Removing the social media related task from the CM roles will have so many positives for our Maplers. Previously, CM responsibilities included social media strategy for the game they represent and communication with Maplers (reporting and following up on issues, livestreaming new content, and so much more). These are two very different roles which stretched CMs super thin, making it more challenging to focus on player interaction. The newly restructured CM role will help them build stronger communication with Maplers and giving them more individual attention.

    As of now I am passing the torch of Community Manager to Kyrios! Please welcome him with open arms and show him the same kindness and warmth you have shown me. I will still be present working side by side to get him acclimated to his new role. Moving forward, please direct your forums, discord, and in-game concerns to him and our awesome VFM Team who has been so helpful during this transition!

    You can get to know CM Kyrios here >> http://forums.maplestory2.nexon.net/discussion/45269

    As a seasoned vet of launching new gaming communities, each one has been a unique and special experience. Putting in long hours, wearing so many different hats…The launch for MapleStory 2 has been one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had in the gaming industry. We had so many fun times together from popping into houses randomly, sporting unreleased mounts/fashion/emotes, randomly turning Maplers into giants in Tria, forcing Maplers to pose for ridiculous elaborate shots on social, to the insanity of Discord whenever we @eveyone...

    These are fond memories I will always treasure! <3


    I am opening up my DMs on my Twitter page for those of you who are interested in having any of your events, contests, or content promoted for our official Maple brand social media pages! Please reach out to me if you are interested!

    You can follow me here >> https://twitter.com/tehcuddlebox

    Grandma Cuddles <333
  • Accessory Socket Opening Changes


    [Updated April 17]: Thanks for all the feedback! We’re updating this blog to inform you that with this change, the Socket unlock failure trophies will no longer be available to obtain after the update and will be removed from your trophy list unless you earned them before the Progression Improvement Update on April 25th. The Socket Unlock Attempt and Success trophies will remain visible and attainable after the update.

    Another common question was what would happen in regards to the Socket Unlock Luck Increase perks with Prestige Rank benefits. We will be replacing those bonuses with Crystal Fragment cost reductions when unlocking sockets:



    Dear Maplers,

    We successfully launched our Economy Improvements Update today! We’re seeing players putting in good use of our new Sticker system in world chat, and the Black Market listings has been moving nonstop since the maintenance ended. We hope you are having good luck catching an Epic Pet!

    Let’s recap what we’ve set out to do with Project New Leaf today. First, here’s a quick recap of what has been implemented so far:

    Farewell Fairfight Update: Released February 28th
    Economy Improvements Update: Released March 28th
    And a quick overview of what’s to come in the Progression Improvement Update:

    Progression Improvement Update (tentative date April 25th):
    • Accessory Socket Opening Changes
    • Enchanting Changes
    • Gemstone Upgrades and Resource Gathering Changes
    • ...and more!

    We’ve been teasing the schedule of new changes coming down the pipeline since the start of this year, and we are finally ready to reveal the details of our final Project New Leaf Update: Progression Improvement. As most of you are aware, the RNG elements of MapleStory 2’s main progression has been one of, if not the most common feedback we received from our survey. Today we will first dive into one aspect of it: Accessory Socket Opening Changes and how we’d like to tackle them. I want this to be a clear signal, a turning point towards the standard of experience that we’d like to deliver to you with MapleStory 2.

    Without further ado, let’s dive in to today’s topic.

    Accessory Socket Opening Changes

    Opening accessory sockets for Gems is a system that you don’t have to use often, but its random elements combined with a meso cost make it painful for players to progress through.The current success rates and requirements are  below.

    Current Requirements: Lv.50 Epic Accessories

    With the Progression Improvement Update, we will be changing the rates and requirements as follows.

    Proposed Requirements: Lv.50 Epic Accessories

    Essentially, we are making each attempt now guaranteed with double the amount of accessories needed while keeping the Crystal Fragment cost the same. On average, the amount of resources you’d use to open all 3 sockets is lowered in this new system while also making the resources you need to spend completely predictable (and giving RNG the boot!).

    Additionally, we are examining how these changes will affect related trophies, and will announce any changes to them in the future.

    We understand that opening accessory sockets is only one of the issues with MapleStory 2’s progression. With the accessory fusion cost also reduced, these changes may address one of today’s biggest pain points. At this stage, we are considering making changes to the rest of the topics mentioned within the Progression Improvement Update in a similar fashion as this: Keeping as much of the core functionality as possible while making more upgrades and improvements guaranteed to succeed.

    We kindly ask that the discussions in the threads above be focused on the information shared in today’s blog. Please do note that many things we discuss here can change by nature of opening up these topics early for discussion. We’ll always do our best to improve upon our ideas based on your feedback. As always, thank you for being patient with us and for being a part of Project New Leaf!

    See you in game,
  • Dungeon Delights

    Thank you for all the feedback! As mentioned in each blog, we intend to take a good listen to what you, our players, have to say to guide us in making the right decisions. This is the heart of Project New Leaf.

    Based on the feedback we observed, we will cancel the portion of the event that grants +30% bonus attack in Chaos Raids. Instead we will extend the portion that grants Double Drops in Hard Adventure Dungeons by another month until the Progression Improvement Update arrives on April 25th. Please note that this will be a one-time and final extension of the Hard Adventure Dungeon Double Drop event. We understand this particular event has been very helpful for a lot of players and has been an effective band-aid solution to the current progression issue. With the Progression Improvement Update on April 25th, we intend to permanently fix the progression issues and end the Hard Adventure Dungeon Double Drop event.

    For those who are curious, the Fortress Rumbles Double Drop event will be applied as planned on March 28th. Similar to the Hard Adventure Dungeon Double Drop event, the Fortress Rumbles Double Drop event will start during the weekly reset time on March 29th at 12:00 AM UTC (March 28th at 5:00 PM PDT).

    Thank you for your feedback and for being patient with us. See you in game!