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  • Dungeon Delights

    Thank you for all the feedback! As mentioned in each blog, we intend to take a good listen to what you, our players, have to say to guide us in making the right decisions. This is the heart of Project New Leaf.

    Based on the feedback we observed, we will cancel the portion of the event that grants +30% bonus attack in Chaos Raids. Instead we will extend the portion that grants Double Drops in Hard Adventure Dungeons by another month until the Progression Improvement Update arrives on April 25th. Please note that this will be a one-time and final extension of the Hard Adventure Dungeon Double Drop event. We understand this particular event has been very helpful for a lot of players and has been an effective band-aid solution to the current progression issue. With the Progression Improvement Update on April 25th, we intend to permanently fix the progression issues and end the Hard Adventure Dungeon Double Drop event.

    For those who are curious, the Fortress Rumbles Double Drop event will be applied as planned on March 28th. Similar to the Hard Adventure Dungeon Double Drop event, the Fortress Rumbles Double Drop event will start during the weekly reset time on March 29th at 12:00 AM UTC (March 28th at 5:00 PM PDT).

    Thank you for your feedback and for being patient with us. See you in game!
  • Epic Pets and Meso Sink Reduction


    Dear Maplers,

    Now that we’ve explored the Meso Market, it’s time we dive into the other changes we’re looking to make with the Economy Improvements Update (tentative date: March 28th).

    Today’s blog will cover:
    • Epic Pets
    • Meso Sink Reduction

    To rehash what we currently have planned, here’s the remaining changes currently scheduled with Project New Leaf.

    Progression Improvement Update: Tentatively April 25th
    • Enchanting
    • Gemstone Upgrades
    • Accessory Socket Opening
    • Gemstone Resource Gathering
    • ...and more.

    Without further ado, let’s jump right in.

    Epic Pets

    For a lot of players in MapleStory 2, owning an Epic Pet has been an elusive dream. Epic Pets are extremely rare, and rightfully so given the benefits they can have. Epic Pets were originally reserved for those players who were lucky enough to find one, so they could hold their heads high after completing an impressive feat in the game. We don’t want to change this dynamic, but we understand how sour one can feel when you’ve captured countless pets without finding an Epic Pet.

    As such, we will be increasing the capture rate of Epic Pets by six-fold with our next update. This means it will be 6 times more likely that you  will catch an Epic Pet when you put down any grade of Snares.

    We feel that this increase will still reserve the rarity of Epic Pets, but also make finding one considerably less onerous for determined players.

    For those wondering about other ways to improve the odds of capturing an Epic Pet, we definitely recommend using Dryad G3 Snare on red-metered pets at minimum, because this will offer you the highest chance of capturing one. The capture rate for an Epic Pet increases by about 250% per grade (G1 / G2 / G3) and about 200% per pet meter (green / yellow / red). This means you have about a 2500% better chance at finding an Epic Pet with G3 Snare on red-metered pets compared to G1 Snares on green-metered pets.

    Meso Sink Reduction

    Based on our survey and the feedback we gathered, the cost of mesos within certain systems has been a common pain point, as this became a wall preventing some players from progressing further. With all the changes we are planning to make through Project New Leaf, we decided to re-examine the economic effects of these systems and look for ways we can ease the burden caused by meso cost.

    To do this right, we’ve decided to bring these adjustments in two phases, with the first part coming in the Economy Improvements Update, and the second part reserved for the Progression Improvement Update. At this time, we are focusing our changes to systems with repeated mesos costs that have been daunting for many players, so that these systems can become more accessible.

    For the first iteration of the Meso Sink Reduction, we will be permanently adjusting the meso costs for the following systems:
    • Change Attributes for Legendary Gear meso cost reduced by upto 80%
    • Accessory Fragment Fusion meso cost reduced by 90%

    Legendary Gear

    Currently, Legendary Gear (Headgear / Top / Bottom / Gloves / Shoes) requires 2,000 Crystal Fragments on the first attempt at changing its attributes. This cost will be reduced to 400 Crystal Fragments. Further attempts will also cost less, with each attempt increasing by a flat 400 Crystal Fragments per attempt (800, then 1,200, then 1,600 and so on), instead of increasing exponentially (by ~25%) with each attempt. As an example, the 5th attempt going forward will cost you 2,000 Crystal Fragments, down from 4,880 Crystal Fragments.

    Accessory Fragment Fusion

    All Accessory Fragment Fusion costs will be reduced by 90%. As an example, Epic Accessory Fragments Fusion cost will be set to 50,000 mesos, down from 500,000 mesos. Legendary Accessory Fragment Fusion costs will be reduced to 100,000 mesos, down from 1,000,000 mesos.

    Please note that these are permanent changes that not only affect current equipment, but future gear will also be set with the same mindset as above.

    This is the first phase of Meso Sink Reduction. We will have the second phase of Meso Sink Reduction combined with the Progression Improvement Update and are already discussing internally. We think this will be the right method, given the level of changes we are planning to make.

    We kindly ask that the discussions in the threads above be focused on the information shared in today’s blog. We’d love to hear your honest opinion so that we can improve MapleStory 2 together. As always, thank you for being patient with us and for being a part of Project New Leaf!

    See you in game,
  • [WINNERS] House Builders - Romantic Getaways


    Looks like the wrong version of the insignia has been sent out. x.x
    I will be reissuing them shortly. Thanks for your patience Maplers~~

  • [WINNERS] House Builders - Romantic Getaways

    With the exception of the Star Architect insignia, all prizes should be sent out. The Star Architect insignia takes a bit more time to issue out. I will update everyone once it is sent. :-) If you are missing anything besides the insignia, please send me a PM. :-)
  • Introducing the Meso Market


    Dear Maplers,

    With the first Project New Leaf update having been released last week, we are definitely feeling more life within MapleStory 2. It could just be the event speaking, but we see more players channel surfing to challenge world bosses, parties are filling up faster with lower equipment requirements, and lots of players are bartering in chat over their legendary loot sales. The reuse of classic MapleStory letter combinations to advertise their sales strikes a particularly nostalgic note with us as well!

    We know it’s just the beginning and this step forward makes us hopeful for what’s to come. Now, let’s dive into today’s main topic: what we are doing for the Economy Improvements Update (tentative date: March 28th).

    Today’s blog will cover:
    • Meso Market

    Of course, there’s more currently being planned for the March 28th update aside from the Meso Market, but the level of changes we’re working on is only increasing, and the extent of the changes demand that we shuffle the order of a few things. So as not to keep you in the dark, we are close to locking down how we will approach Meso Sink Reduction and Epic Pet as part of the March 28th update, while Gemstone Resource Gathering improvements are being lumped into the Progression Improvement Update (tentative date: April 25th). We’ll have more details to share about what’s coming on March 28th next week.

    Economy Improvement Update: Tentatively March 28th Update
    • Meso Sink Reduction
    • Meso Market
    • Epic Pet

    Progression Improvement Update: Tentatively April 25th Update
    • Enchanting
    • Gemstone Upgrades
    • Accessory Socket Opening
    • Gemstone Resource Gathering (Moved from March 28th Update)
    • ...and more.

    And so, for today’s blog, let’s dive into the Meso Market.

    Meso Market

    In coming up with Meso Market system, our focus was to create a place where low-level players can gain some extra mesos for progression, as well as a place where well-equipped players can get Merets for cosmetic purposes without harming the in-game balance or make the game pay to win.

    Meso Market is a currency trading platform you can find within the Black Market UI, where you can exchange mesos and Merets. The flow for this differs between the buyer and seller, and goes like this:
    • A seller goes to the Meso Market and creates a listing of 5,000,000 mesos, setting their desired price
      • Price must be within 20% of the current average
      • Players can create up to 5 listings per day
      • Both Nexon Launcher and Steam players can list meso sales
      • There will be no transaction fees
    • A buyer opens the “Buy Merets” menu and purchases Meso Tokens
      • These tokens have the same value as Blue Merets, but can only be purchased with NX Prepaid and can only be spent in the Meso Market
      • Because they can only be purchased with NX Prepaid, they are only available to Nexon Launcher players
    • The buyer goes to the Meso Market and purchases the listing of 5,000,000 mesos for the listed price
      • The buyer pays via Meso Tokens
      • The seller then receives that many Blue Merets (again, no transaction fees)
      • Buyers can purchase up to 4 listings per month (thus, a maximum of 20,000,000 mesos purchased per month)

    We do understand that those who have Blue Merets or play on Steam may feel left out, as this new currency can only be purchased with NX Prepaid. After careful review, we want to credit these players with Blue Merets instead of Red Merets, and in order to do this, we had to take steps to ensure that this system is as secure as possible against fraudulent activities and other illicit activities by bad actors.

    Additionally, the 20,000,000 meso limit per buyer account per month may sound low depending on where you are at in the game. We do think this amount will be very useful to new players, and even some hardcore players who are just a few mesos shy of the perfect gear they have their eyes on, but this amount will not be enough for players to buy their way to a full set of the best possible equipment. That’s the balance we’d like to achieve with this system, and while there’s still room for more adjustments to be made in the future, we’d like to be our starting point and observe the market.

    Illegal Meso Buyers

    It should be a given that we are permanently banning a lot of botter activities and illegal meso seller accounts daily. With the newly adjusted ban policy that we started last week, we have also punished more than 200 illicit meso buyers with 15-day bans and the removal of gains derived from the illegal meso trading. We’re actually surprised the number was this high given our warning last week, so we will continue to enforce this policy to stamp out any illegal meso buying activity in the game.

    Chilly Round Chain Glasses Fix

    While this wasn’t direct feedback for Project New Leaf, we’ve noticed players discussing that the Chilly Round Chain Glasses from our Style Crate “added’ a new reflective effect on the lens after the February 28th update, which many of you found unappealing compared to the fully transparent lenses. As such, we will be reverting the look of this item to feature fully transparent lenses again on March 28th.

    We kindly ask that the topic of discussion in the threads be focused on the information shared in today’s blog, good or bad. We’ll carefully review, monitor, and make any further adjustments as needed and share more news later. As always, thank you for being patient with us and for being a part of Project New Leaf!

    See you in game,