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  • Epic gear drop rate.

    Price will change on na west I can guarantee it. Just give my team another week and itll drop. We are stockpiling weapons to flush the market place. We are currently sitting at about 7 of each purple weapon. We want 10 of each before we attempt this. By putting a ton of weapons on the market at cheaper prices itll give people chances to buy them and hopefully make the other seller pull out and put their weapons back in at a low price to combat ours
  • Priest BOTs swarming in lvl 50 normal dungeons !!!

    Oh ok. So they dont do anything ok that's a problem

    guild yes account bound that, but trophies should be character bound and not account bound. if your making alts youll get all the trophies that give ap and sp in time, its not like you have to go out of your way to do those trophies, they are basic trophies you get from killing which dungeon runs and epic quest line covers
  • Remove Mushmom from mini-games

    sounds like more fun to be honest, pick a spot and let lady luck decide lol
  • Piece of Crap Dungeon drop rate

    lillucario wrote: »
    Aynix wrote: »
    Shawnyy wrote: »
    ok but players should not NEED to buy items from someone just so they can progress, if they have the will to go out and farm it themselves. ur defending these dungeon restrictions and drop rates and saying "oh just go buy the weapon if u wanna progress" ok that is the whole reason pay to win in other games started. if u don't wanna farm it just drop some money and we will give it to you. no.... these players want to go farm their own stuff at their own free will and own free pace. not start the game and then be forced to stop at a certain point because of limitations. then some people are then telling these brand new players "oh just go make an alt if u wanna farm" ok well some of these people haven't even gotten to really play their main class let alone learn that class well and u now want them to go make a new one? its just dumbfounded

    However they dont NEED to do so. You can make alts for more runs or just take your time and progress slower. Just because you dont like it and want to progress as fast as possible doesnt mean everyone is like that.
    (and Im not rly defending dungeon cap, just the drop of epic gear)

    The thing about how things are currently is that there's no actual timeframe on how long it'll be before you actually get epic loot. It's the second week of doing dungeons and some people STILL haven't gotten any gear simply because of RNG. At that point they're probably thinking "Am I going to go another week next week of not getting gear?" People can't gear at their own pace because it's uncontrollable until they get to the hard dungeons where the loot should have been RNG instead of the other way around.

    as Aynix has said before, sell onyx, ive made 6mil just selling onyx boom easy 1-2 purples. maybe not a weapon but +10 one purple armor and get another purple boom your in hard mode, 2 weeks in you should have enough onyx to buy atleast 1 purple if not 2. im running hard finally after just selling my onyx and getting 2 purples and +10 1 of them and thats just on my main, no alt, no purple weapon yet