Check out the patch notes for the v20 Lovely Update here:


If there are no issues when the time comes, I will hopefully be streaming the game. Expect more information when I get access through the game, either through Closed Beta or otherwise.


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  • Bring back the "Change Server" button.

    Oddly enough, the button to change servers was a really nice feature to have during CBT2, since I'm from England I like to switch inbetween Europe and NA East, but the button has since been removed and that makes it more annoying to switch inbetween the servers. Is there a possibility to bring this button back? Thank you in advance.
  • Class Storylines?

    Yeah it's a shame and I was expecting some difference during CBT1 to take place with my assassin character (considering I was seeing a lot of the Rooks running around in the story, especially early on) and even saw the leader of them later on yet they had no input or any resemblance. It'd be nice if we had some sort of optional post-epic story that lets us finish what we started depending on our classes, sort of like a final epic quest set that lets us help put our characters to rest, or at least help sate something like a "to be continued" or "next time we meet one of us will fall for good" kind of thing.
  • Is this the funnest class

    Play who you feel looks the best to you: Try him out in CBT2 if you manage to get in, otherwise just try every character out and see which one you enjoy. I played an Assassin on CBT1 so I'll be trying some other classes on CBT2 and see if I can find a better fit (I'll still make an assassin anyway on full release, just not sure if it will be my main)
  • "Meret Market Preview" by Producer LIME

    I think people are being too harsh before we even get to see the exchange rates. The hats will most likely not be $20 each and we're using unconfirmed numbers to judge on their prices, nevermind the fact they are subject to change because on release players won't be getting 1,000 merets every day to test out paid features. Remember that there is hopefully going to be more community feedback during this beta so players will be able to enjoy the game more. and the developers can find equal amounts of success instead of keeping only a small niche of players like Maplestory 1 went through.

    I'm looking forward to going for a more out-there outfit this time instead of playing in a similar outfit to everyone else from free outfits and the like.
  • Character Mains

    I never had a set main but my highest character I've ever gotten is an Aran to 170 and a Kinesis to 140, though the account I used the most was my Evan, so one of those three.

    My main will be an Assassin in MS2, because that was my first class in MS1.