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  • [Event] Map Destruction and Town Boss Invasions!

    This is more of a continuation of my ideas, so I'll just post it here:

    - Having an event like this might be fun for ranking among guilds and players. For example, the guild or party that participated the most in stopping the invasion could get be rewarded with prestige or honor such as a temporary guild buff or title until the next invasion event occurs. Not exactly guild wars, but again, my overall point is to encourage player interaction and maintain engaged communities even in the long run.
    - If in the chance something like a storage or bank opens up in the major cities and these places get destroyed during an invasion event, players could temporarily lose access to their banks until the invasion is stopped and the town is rebuilt. Same for merchants, which will remain scarce until the town is fixed. In worst case scenario, players might lose things from their bank, but that also seems too sadistic and cruel an idea as well. Overall, something like this would require several hours prior notice, but it'll definitely give players even more incentive to participate in the event. (and would only work if your bank account is tied to a specific town)

    I'm just here spouting ideas, but if you have any other ideas to add on or flaws related to this, feel free to throw it in! I'd love to hear your opinions.
  • [Event] Map Destruction and Town Boss Invasions!

    This is mostly my own opinion, but I really believe the game will be that much more enjoyable if this is implemented.
    So, inspired by Maplestory 2's 3rd cinematic where a stone golem is seen destroying a town, making players have to step up to defeat him, I think events like this should actually be implemented as actual rare open world events where maps like henesys or tria are invaded by giant monsters trying to destroy the town (possibly commanded by one of the dark mage's henchmen). There could, or could not be notifications of these events happening prior, though I think a spontaneous event would be much more fun. Additionally, after the event ends and the boss is defeated, since the town would be in disarray, there could be a post-fight mini event asking players to help rebuild the city so that it goes back to normal again--so npcs and buildings go back to their original space after the town is finished being rebuilt.

    Of course, the addition of such a big event to this game is a longshot, but I don't think it's a bad idea. So far, none of the more popular MMORPGS I have played have implemented spontaneous events like this in actual large cities, and having players keep on their toes even in town sounds like a fun addition to the game. Especially because Maplestory 2 is designed in a block form, I think Maplestory 2's ability to more easily create an event like this compared to other MMOs is a great feature that can be taken advantage of.

    Am I going crazy, or is this a good idea? What do you guys think about it?