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  • I'm ready for the hate. My Opinion on P2W.

    I'm having a hard time determining if your being sincere or just trying to get a reaction out of someone, reason being your comments seem to be personal opinions and your feeling on them, however you also make a lot of baseless assumptions about the people who play and Nexon themselves.

    I'll go forward assuming your being sincere and are just not thinking to hard on some of the assumptions your making. I'd also like to say that no one, yourself or anyone else in this community has the slightest clue what Nexon's plan for this game is, or their business plan going forward, nor does anyone know the business model for GMS2 or what the reason for GMS2's unpopularity in the East. There is no point on speculating on these matters because there's no information for us to make any level of objective conclusion, and the East and West being incredibly different markets would make it difficult for anyone in the GMS2 ecosystem to reliably speculate on games in the east.

    I'll go through your comments one at a time and give my point of view, I think that would be the easiest way to dissect your thread.
    A lot of what i found were posts of complaint after complaint about the game being P2W. Are you kidding me? What did you pay for in the Beta? How can you guys complain about something being P2W when you haven't even played the released version of GMS2 yet?

    There's two parts to this, first. Of course no one payed for anything during the beta, that's pretty standard for Betas. The game isn't released, however that doesn't mean peoples concerns are not valid. It's not foolish to look at a pattern and draw a conclusion based on what should be expected to happen next. People know that there are undesirable business models in other versions of the game, and they do not wish to see that come to our version. Also, there was a brief period during the beta where the Meret shop was made available for people to see, in which people saw something similar to CMS2's meret shop, which is, by definition a P2W system.

    Of course we don't know anything for certain, but there is nothing wrong with trying to preemptively show displeasure with something that is a very realistic possibility. Giving feedback is what a Beta is supposed to be about after all.
    KMS2/ CMS2 is not dying because its P2W.
    As I said before, we have no basis to speculate either way, so there is no point in trying. No one knows one way or another and we won't figure that out in this thread. Ultimately it doesn't matter the West is a different market with different priorities and politics.
    Just like when you played GMS1, you got bored of it and started playing other games.
    Another assumption, with no real point.
    I also don't "P2W" in KMS2 because i don't need to, to enjoy the game.
    This is a very personal statement and doesn't really say much of anything other then how you in particular feel about it. Some people are more OK with P2W aspects in games then others, and there are a lot of aspects of a game to enjoy. It may not be a hindrance on what you enjoy, but that does not mean that's not true for everyone else. If my goal is to get the best gear in the game or set records and I feel hindered or blocked by a paywall in this aspect then that is a problem. Meanwhile if you just want to sit in town square playing the Mabinogi theme all day, then you'll be unlikely to have a P2W aspect of the game effect you.
    the only people who cry about not wanting it to be P2W are those who at the very start of release no life the game to be ahead of the curve. Guess what? Those people are addicted to gaming. Once someone slips past them in the rankings and they become irrelevant they are off to the next new game.
    Again, another assumption with no basis in reality. You have no way of knowing who these people are, why they play, or why they want to be 'ahead of the curve'. You also have no way of knowing if someone is 'addicted'. I'll ignore the logistics of actual addictions and how it applies to video games, but none the less this isn't contributing to your argument and is the main reason why I thought you might have been a troll. This is just a pointless call out, on something your just making wild accusations about.

    You also don't know who the people are that do or don't like P2W models, or their reasons for it. Just more assumptions.
    The only way the content in this game starts getting P2W is in the Thousands of dollars area
    That is false by definition.
    Nexon is a business.
    Yes, but I wouldn't go on a tangent as though you know how a business would best spend its time and money being successful. If it were so simple that a random person on the internet could so easily come up with a successful business strategy, then a lot more people would have multi-million dollar businesses and there wouldn't be professional consultants to help determine the best course of action for a company.

    As consumers we should be discussing what we want to see from our products and discussing our expectations. This is infinitely more helpful to companies then arm-chair consultants since it actually tells them what we want and what to best spend their time on improving.

    After this your thread sort of jumps from topic to topic, so I wont bother quoting anymore, and just give my thoughts on the issue, instead of individually addressing the rest of your comments, I've been writing this for to long as it is.

    At the end of the day, there are plenty successful business models out there for games that are not P2W oriented, and in the Western markets, P2W in almost never successful, there are outliers, and this does depend on your definition of success but media does not tend to focus on P2W games unless its from a huge company that will be discussed regardless. Consumers in the west have also collectively voiced time and time again their displeasure with P2W business models, while praising alternatives and this becomes more and more true as time goes on, and it shows. Almost, if not all the biggest online games are not P2W, LoL, WoW, GW2, FFXIV, , DOTA2, Overwatch, SC2, etc. They all have a primary business model that is not based around selling items that give you a power advantage over other players.

    On a personal level, I will not play any more P2W games, and I don't know anyone who will. I didn't care as much when I was younger and had plenty of time to blow on games, and didn't have any sense of value for my time or money, but that's no longer true for me. My time is limited and I'd rather spend it on games that I don't feel like are out to grab my wallet. I have no problem spending money on games, but I don't want to feel as though I need to spend money to preform my best. ESPECIALLY since there are so many alternatives where I don't have to spend a dime to increase my performance. I'll gladly buy a fun game for 60$, but I will not spend 5$ on a game that promotes selling power.
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  • Post pics of your characters :-)

    I didn't even think to take a picture of my character, I'm sad now. The only picture I have is of my trophies as insurance if Nexon screws me over on the rewards.

    I see some people bringing up advertising bots, but most MMOs i've played do have some form of global chat without advertising bots being a problem. It's just a matter of having appropriate filters set in place and being on top of regulating the chat. Sure you'll see them occasionally, but its definitely not a spam fest.

    I do think there needs to be some form a community chat that is easily accessible for free, especially if they plan on the game being designed around group activities.

    Also IIRC a pay wall never stopped bots in MS1 with Smega, so... there is that.

    What bothers me is that they can't seem to decide who to cater to. 6 year olds or adults, I will confidently say they can't have both though. Parent might not want their kids to play games with sexualized characters (already to late for that though) but adults will not continue to play a game that caters to children and as such might not offer an experiance on par with other games in the same genre.

    I'm sure there's a saying about losing what you have if you attempt to take what you don't, but it's 3AM so I can't be bothered.

  • Do NOT put outfit crystals in GMS2.

    P2W is basically suicide in the west, especially with the current climate between consumers and publishers. Everyone I know including myself completely dismiss any game thought to have any level of P2W in the game. Which means if this or something like it ends up being added, I can forget about playing this game with any of my friends, which means I likely wont play it for very long.

    Hopefully what was leaked was just a copy-paste from KMS/CMS and they are going to make changes to remove this stuff.
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