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  • Info I'd like to see in weekly blogs

    So Nexon keeps giving us the numbers of meso bots that are being banned, but I don't find those statistics useful or informative because they will just keep making accounts. 500, 5,000, 50,000 of them banned, it really doesn't mean anything. A number that would actually be useful and informative would be the number of meso buyers banned.

    The bots aren't the ones driving the demand, the buyers are. If it wasn't profitable for the bots, they woukdn't keep polluting the game, right? So letting us know how many people you have banned that are the ones driving the market is a much more useful number. Because... you are actually attempting to stop the bot infestation by banning the people who fund them... right? :) The best way to prove that is to inform us.
  • [SUGGESTIONS] Priest Dash Skill

    Priests are (or should be) capable of aiming their dashes at their allies themselves, of their own accord, when the purpose of using a dash is to gap close and heal quickly. Forcing priests to ALWAYS dash to an ally if you're aiming in their general direction just sets us up to die if our ally has chosen poor positioning. It sucks when we only get two dashes and we can burn one of them moving less than half a block because someone we didn't want to jump to got in our way.
  • Design shop looks great

    This SJW nonsense has seriously been a major thorn in my side. I bought a couple of Alliance themed items, like a hat, etc and had them deleted, although I got my merets back. (Kudus to you Nexon, I much appreciate that at least!) I bought a spider man costume and had that deleted as well. (Also got my money back!) It was clearly an original work, although obviously spider man influenced.

    It seems to me that it's mostly loudly complaining "artists" just reporting any and everything at this point and destroying the entire point of the UGC. You're not allowed to like anything, or own anything via the UGC, apparently. My wife has an entire sleeve tattoo mural of video game characters, from pacman, to tetris, to Samus, the Triforce and dozens more besides, because I wanted to decorate my favorite thing with my favorite things. That was the dream of the UGC, and a big draw of this game for me. Now it's being ruined for reasons I can't fathom.

    Most of the whiney artists from this forum haven't made a thing worth buying from what I've seen anyway. And before someone says I just don't know what it's like to be an artist, I manage a sign company bro; digital art is my thing. Come at me. And yes, I'm making my own stuff as well, but not posting it because I imagine it will be struck down, because I wanted an Alliance themed home. Even toyed around with re-creating a portion of stormwind from the top down view, but re-considering the effort involved now, if some blue haired wierdo with 16 hours a day to spend browins he UGC will just strike down anything I put on the store.

    Speaking of which, how do some of these people even have the time to spend hours a day browsing and reporting UGC items, if they're working full time jobs unless....

    TIL: Stuff getting taken down is the work of "SJWs" who must not have jobs. Definitely has no relation to the fact that 90% of the uploaders to the store just...couldn't take 5 minutes to read what was permitted, so Nexon took it down because they could get sued.

    And by the way, Nexon has said that "reference items" are allowed and even wrote a short guideline on specifically how to not get copyrighted content taken down. The people whose work has been deleted from your inventory chose not to follow those guidelines. Blame them for not reading instead of the people who report them, maybe?

    For someone who cries about "SJWS" you sound a lot more entitled than anybody else.
  • UGC: Preview Multiple Files

    Hi everybody, figured I would post a thread about this. Being able to preview more than one piece of UGC at a time would be a huge help. For those of us who may be working on outfits made of multiple connective parts it's a bit of a game of eyeballing, trying to go off of the templates individually, lining up screenshots, etc. Somewhat stressful if it's a piece being made for someone else, as well.

    really simple mockup but maybe it gets the idea across:


    edit: a good point that was made, this feature is already available in the cash shop. hopefully that means it wouldn't be too hard to implement?
  • [SUGGESTIONS] UGC Weapon Template Ideas

    If major changes to shape are permitted I think that would free up a lot of options especially for Priest codexes!


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