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  • [COMPLETE] Unschedule Maintenance - June 27

    Zcorn wrote: »
    stop whining and let em do their thing or u can try fixing a code program. it ain't that eazy to fix coding so let em jut fix it and find a solution too it.

    The responsible people will do their job regardless of people being upset about the fact that a mistake happened. It would be more than poor management if the CMs would have to do the coding. Maybe learn something about company structure after you are already able to tell that "it ain't eaZy to fix coding".
    People spend their money in order for a smooth enjoyable gaming experience in their free time. And it is to be expected of people getting upset over it if something goes wrong and if things pile up eventually leave. We live in a world of demands. If you can't deliver to a certain standard you are out and off the market.

    However there are always those who vent and let of some steam and there are those who sympathizes with the developer and coder but you aren't better by trying to protect the poor coder who has to solve the mess. It doesn't change the fact that we live in a world where we are actually able to make these demands. You can compare it with a dessert you ordered but now the chef accidentally mixed up sugar with salt and because of that someone has to wait, and doesn't get their cake. But this person planned a nice cake dessert with friends and now this happened. Sure mistakes happen but it doesn't mean that the person receiving it has no right to complain about it!

    All you can do is to do the best out of your time and that's probably not by complaining and by not buying the salty cake! ;)