Learn everything about the Skilled Ally update this month from the patch notes!

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  • [SUGGESTIONS] Style Crate Outfits & Hair Styles

    I'm pleased to share with you all that even though we mentioned that your suggestions wouldn't take effect until August, we managed to sneak in a few this month for both outfit and hair!

    Thank you for your contributions everyone. I'm really liking this next crate already!
  • [COMPLETE] Unschedule Maintenance - June 27

    The game is now up.
  • [COMPLETE] Unschedule Maintenance - June 27

    The servers should be up and running within 18 minutes of this post (4 PM PDT). We sincerely apologize for this issue, as this was the soonest we can get everything fixed with the Lapenshard being properly sent out to everyone who completed both events and setting back the dungeon counters of any player that hit the button to reset their counts.
  • [SUGGESTIONS] Style Crate Outfits & Hair Styles

    Hi everyone! We're currently looking for costumes and hair styles that a lot of people are interested in for our monthly Style Crates and hair salon rotation. We want to start giving more control to the community to decide what we make available for them to buy. Mainly styles you might have seen from other service regions that we haven't made available yet in the Global one.

    At this time, we're asking that people only recommend full outfit sets and hairs! Please save emotes or individual outfit pieces for another time. If you see another player post one you like, make sure to like their post so we know multiple people are interested in the same outfit or hair.

    You can also post outfits or hair styles that we already made available that you'd like to see return!
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  • [COMPLETE] Unschedule Maintenance - June 27

    The servers will be coming down again (written as of 10:54 AM PDT). Due to an error on our part, the button to reset dungeon count was functional again despite that not being intended. As it's a grave issue and some people have reset while others have not (which is massively unfair) we'll have to look into resolving this issue. We'll update you all ASAP on this problem as soon as it's resolved.