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  • Awakening Showcase Livestreams Dates & Time

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    There seems to be a little bit of conflicting information here, in the stream he said that the new drops aren't going to be tradable but some of them (the six boss specific ones) said "tradable" so are they going to be tradable like the other dungeon specific drops e.g. Varrekant's Wings or is none of this stuff going to be tradable?

    Could you link me to where I said the new boss accessories wouldn't be tradable? Unique level 60 Epic boss accessories will be tradable.

    It was stated:

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    With end-game gear being tradeable, we understand the concern that we are allowing players to pay to reach the end-game. However, we assure you that this will not be the case for the new end-game gear that we are planning to release this summer in our next major expansion update.

    But now multiple of the shown items said "tradable", not just the accessoires but in general:


    True, you guys never actually said that level 60 epics / legendaries are not going to be tradable, just that there won't be any ribbons and "end-game gear" would technically be referring to the new ascended stuff. This would also explain the "new players won't have a problem getting the entry requirements for the new content". Still this was anything but obvious and why still have this "can't transfer within account"? Do you want to encourage people to continue to not bother with properly gearing up their alts? Getting a perfect version of a weapon your alt could make good use of knowing that you can't give it to him is just cruel (same thing with your old gear).

    Ah, that's what you meant. I explained the moment it was brought up to not take the contents of the livestream verbatim because it's operated on a test server. When you receive those items on the live service, they will be bound immediately (you won't be able to sell them or move them to alt characters).
  • Do You Need 10 Characters to Farm Gear Still?

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    I'm a one character type of player. And I remember when the game launched that in order to actually farm your gear you needed mutiple characters because there were caps on how many materials you can get on one character. Is this still a thing?

    Yes, clear count restrictions are still a thing and Nexon hasn't even acknowledged that being forced to run multiple chars in order to progress on your main is a problem they want to address despite the fact that this is one if not the top complaint people still have with the game.

    This also led to some other very negative consequences. I've seen people develop an irrational hatred of alts (not because of them having to play one but in regards to the possibility that the other player could be playing on one) to the point where they start insulting other players (or exhibit some other rather toxic behavior) if they think that the other guy is playing on an alt.


    The reason it hasn't been addressed yet is because we're still reviewing and discussing methods of improving single-character progression without equally empowering alts. We're aware of how heavily encouraged high-number alt play is and it's something we're regularly discussing internally as well to look for ways to correct this in future updates. Small victories to solve big issues.

    We've looked at many different options, most of which have already been suggested within the forums and other channels. If you want an official "is Nexon ever going to address this?" the answer is we are looking into it, and we'll need more time. Time to not only find solutions, but tweak them for specific progression mapping with accurate mathematical data on exactly how much it'll influence player economy and progression speed based on data that only we can pull from our end. Then time to actually develop whichever solutions we come up with, followed by deploying it in patches.

    The moment we have anything we can share on the matter, we will let everyone know immediately.
  • 64-Bit Client Feedback Thread

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    I usually don't lag that much but it looks like there's a lot of stutter/lag in the 64bit compared to the 32bit and I need optimization badly because I still dip to 19framespersecond and I got a good computer and I got the recommended specs I love maplestory I know MS1 since 2006 but MS2 has lots of problems and I cannot play the game in it's current state cause the only thing I can do is play solo if I want to play without it having framerate issues here's my specs

    AMD FX(tm)-8350 Eight-Core Processor
    64bit operating system
    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti

    Can you stick with the 64-bit client to see if it naturally improves over time? It seems like a lot of the stutter associated with the 64-bit client has to do with the initial population of the shaders (as in lag spikes once to produce the files and then never again after).
  • Enchantment Changes and 64-Bit Client

    Hey all,

    We spent quite a few hours late tonight looking over the numbers in-depth and did in fact find some possible minor corrections that could better reflect the true player experience of increasing a weapon to +15 on average (without rendering Ophelia obsolete by any means). We'll have a discussion with the development team about this and as soon as we can get a resolution we'll update you all immediately.

    We're looking over everyone's feedback on this in the meantime. Please continue to lend us your thoughts. I know that it's easy to say, "hey but on average it should be faster to +15 with Peachy than what you guys are proposing" and you're probably not wrong. We just need sound and concrete numbers to present in discussion. We wanted to run the numbers ourselves as well, but are grateful for a lot of the player ran calculations that you guys have presented us with.

    Note to Self: Lambcook is ridiculously fast at spreadsheet math. My brain hurts.
  • Community Manager Kyrios Intro

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    Is that Saintone? :3