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  • October's Halloween Events!

    Yumikoto wrote: »
    Every day, the Escaped Moon Bunny world boss appears at 7:30 PM, 8:30 PM, 9:30 PM, and 10:30 PM (UTC) at Boulderwhite Mountain on each channel! Defeat it with your fellow Maplers to receive the goodies it drops!
    Loot can include Onyx Crystals, Crystal Fragments, Lapis Master Snare, Metacells, Colorful Crystal Boxes, a low chance of a Lapenshard Selection Box, and a guaranteed Pumpkin Jewel to spend at the Witchling Shop!

    Regarding the Oceania Server

    Is the Moon Bunny Run intended to only be for Oceania players who don’t sleep/work/go to school? Some example time zone conversions:
    - AWST (e.g., Perth): 3:30am - 6:30am
    - AEST (e.g., Brisbane): 5:30am - 8:30am
    - ACDT (e.g., Adelaide): 6:00am - 9:00am
    - AEDT (e.g., Sydney): 6:30am - 9:30am
    - NZDT (e.g., Auckland): 8:30am - 11:30am
    - etc. etc.

    Additionally, as there are now only 4 Oceania channels, even players who are able to play at those VERY off-peak hours are only going to be able to gain a fraction of the event rewards that players on the European and US servers can (e.g., a maximum of 16 pumpkin jewels a day versus 28 to 36).

    Witchling's Shop: It takes approximately 17 days of event participation to purchase everything!

    Is this taking into account the considerably lower number of jewels that the Oceania players can obtain (due to the poor timing of the Moon Bunny Run and much reduced number of channels)?

    I am sure that the intent behind this isn’t to exclude or disadvantage Oceania players in any way, so I am hoping that there might be some consideration given to:
    - Swapping the Moon Bunny Run to a time more accessible to the bulk of the Oceania population, and
    - Doubling the Moon Bunny Run drop rate so that Oceania players can gain a similar number of rewards as our 9-channel US and 7-channel European brethren.

    Thank you.

    We'll be discussing the event times internally today to see if there's something we can do, but I cannot guarantee anything (this is the first time there's a time-specific event in GMS2 and it appears to have been designed around UTC-0 being the prime hours, which may be an oversight). When I have news to share on this, I will share it immediately.

    The 17 day expectation is in belief that players defeat the Escaped Moon Bunny four times every day (once per hour), and it includes being able to buy everything, including items players may have little care for pending on their wants and needs (in reality, you or someone else may need much less coins if you don't want, for example, the furniture box).
  • Meret Market Renewal Notice


    Today we will be discussing the cosmetic cash market for MapleStory 2. As you are all aware, over the past few months we have reached out to the community for ideas on how to populate the Style Crate and Style Coin Shop. But this also meant that some of you felt like our cosmetic selections were less varied and out-of-date compared to other regions.

    In an effort to consolidate our practices across all services, Global MapleStory 2 will be renewing the Meret Market. To be clear, Global MapleStory 2 will continue to omit any and all items that directly affect player progression speed, and will continue to only sell cosmetic items.

    To prepare for this transition, the Red Meret Market (as well as Red Merets and their ability to purchase and extend convenience features) will be discontinued altogether on December 11th. In-game and community events that normally would award Red Merets will instead reward other commodities of equal value. We ask that players spend all of their Red Merets before this date.

    Furthermore, outfits that could previously be directly purchased will be relocated into an updated version of the Style Crate system, and will be offered at a wider selection. There will be two new cosmetic machines to replace the Style Crate. One is just for outfit items while the other will feature badges, mounts, and other similar items. This change does mean that most items that were purchased with Blue Merets will no longer be offered for direct purchase, and will instead populate these machines along with other costumes that may not have been available before. The exceptions to this are most items available in the Functional and Lifestyle tabs of the Meret Market currently, which will remain available for direct purchase.

    Unlike the current Style Crate, the new system will give you the ability to directly obtain Epic-tiered cosmetics, whereas before the only way to obtain them was through the Style Coin Shop. Cosmetic items can be exchanged for a new type of coin and in turn directly be used to obtain specific outfits available in a new shop. Overall, this system is not much different from what you’re already accustomed to. November's Style Coin Shop will remain in the game for players to use their Style Coins for a while even after December's change.

    As a result of these changes, we'll be able to offer you a catalogue of cosmetics as wide and varied as anywhere else MapleStory 2 is serviced! Use those Red Merets now and prepare for these changes occurring on December 11th.
  • [CONTEST INFO] Happy 1st Birthday MapleStory 2!

    Hello Maplers!

    Our staff polled in their favorite submissions and stories, and the following have earned the Rustic Mushcabin Name Tag in addition to the 1,111 Red Merets!

    NA West
    ○ Tart
    ○ Mood
    ○ Soba

    NA East
    ○ MilkyHoney
    ○ Méí
    ○ Sereina

    ○ Lilyum
    ○ Acestia
    ○ ZanYCherrY

    South America
    ○ Nyanne
    ○ Namity
    ○ ShiroTama

    ○ Keisol
    ○ Pako
    ○ Rieze

    And to everyone else, we'll be sending you all 1,111 Red Merets as well for your awesome stories throughout the year!

    Calie of NA West
    Noxen7 of NA West
    Rephi of NA West
    Canuckskiies of NA West
    Lion of NA West
    delulu of NA West
    Rhy of NA West
    GunnerDee of NA West
    Rhapsodii of NA East
    TheDahn of NA East
    rwn of NA East
    Miiyumi of NA East
    Catherin of NA East
    EquiinoX of NA East
    Arlong of NA East
    Read of NA East
    Psychelic of EU
    Hyrro of EU
    Rafit of EU
    Cindecasso of EU
    Jerk of SA
    Sarkmor of SA
    Glautor of SA
    Revenger of OCE
    Silvaglaze of OCE
    Sanzu of OCE
    Discount of OCE
    Uní of OCE
    Furisuku of OCE
  • [CONTEST INFO] Prettying Up Maple World

    Hello all! I'm here to deliver you all the results of this contest!

    Our 10 winners (by number of votes from our panel of judges) for Prettying Up Maple World are the following:

    1. Sarkmor of South America

    2. Rephi of NA West

    3. Minako of Europe

    4. Psychelic of Europe

    5. Kadse of Europe

    6. MasamiEiri of NA West

    7. AmyRöse of Europe

    8. k3lly of NA West

    9. ZanYCherrY of Europe

    10. Sasoille of Europe

    The following players received an honorary mention and participation prize:
    1. Katpuccino of NA West
    2. ElMetix of NA West
    3. Cosmeum of NA East
    4. Priest of NA West
    5. Devotee of South America
    6. Snobunny of NA East
    7. SpicyGumiho of NA West
    8. Méí of NA East
    9. Minni of Europe
    10. Pow of NA East
    11. Caligari of NA East
    12. ShiroTama of South America
    13. itsajay of NA West
    14. Synkido of NA West
    15. Naoto of Oceania
    16. Henkdekwal of Europe
    17. Elchimo of Europe
    18. Zakum of NA West
    19. IFoxxoI of Europe
    20. Wan of NA East
    21. LilyPMv of South America
    22. Lilyum of Europe
    23. Tan of Europe
    24. Ambivalisa of Europe
    25. Diva of NA East
    26. Curious of NA East
    27. Kattysan of Europe
    28. Mynion of Europe
    29. Katpuccino of NA West
    30. Wingull of NA West
    31. Dew of NA East
    32. BroQKe of Europe
    33. Miiyü of NA East
    34. Jeremiah of NA West
    35. Wednesdae of NA East
    36. Jinhii of NA East
    37. ButterCorgi of NA West
    38. Acestia of Europe
    39. Ale of Europe
    40. Irmão of South America

    Please allow us up to 2 weeks to send out your prizes. Thank you everyone for participating!
  • [CONTEST INFO] Prettying Up Maple World

    A heads up that this contest is now closed! Winners will be announced on Sept. 24th, Tuesday. Thank you!