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  • How many accuracy do we need for BSN

    Probably want to be in the 110-115 range post-buffs to comfortably land your hits with minimal misses.
  • Cannot Move In-game in Specific Missions Bug

    Hi Maplers,

    There is a new known issue since the Skilled Ally update where in certain solo sequences, you may find that your character is unable to move. This is most common in the Maple Guide for mounts as well as specific story scenario missions. As a temporary measure to bypass this bug, you can use your emotes (F1, F2, etc) to unstuck and continue the mission.
  • [CONTEST INFO] Discord Emoji Contest

    Thank you all so much for your submissions everyone! Our judges from our creative department looked through all of your emotes and have selected their favorites based off of the submissions shown in their low resolution format on Discord!

    Grand Prize Winners (1500 Red Merets & Creative Sage Name Tag):
    ■ Toukans of NA East
    ■ Enhou of NA East
    ■ Cherrycake4 of NA West
    ■ Yumiko of NA West
    ■ Chibi of NA West
    ■ k3lly of NA West
    ■ Pawie of Europe
    ■ Spamz of Europe
    ■ Pumpkin of South America
    ■ Sekai of Oceania

    Honorary Submissions (500 Red Merets):
    ■ Gabbybites of NA East
    ■ Catherin of NA East
    ■ Banh of NA East
    ■ berryspoopy of NA East
    ■ keikox of NA East
    ■ Halsien of NA East
    ■ Rhapsodii of NA East
    ■ ButterCorgi of NA West
    ■ Remitar of NA West
    ■ Sourou of NA West
    ■ Himelaya of NA West
    ■ Vesuiv of NA West
    ■ Sehren of NA West
    ■ wingull of NA West
    ■ SilentRemi of NA West
    ■ Elza of Europe
    ■ Akara of Europe
    ■ Pixelated of Europe
    ■ Rabbit of Europe
    ■ ScaredyCat of Europe
    ■ gr of Europe
    ■ Granberg of Europe
    ■ Namity of South America
    ■ Karuki of South America
    ■ Irmão of South America
    ■ LilyPMv of South America
    ■ Kon of South America
    ■ Keisol of Oceania

    Please allow us up to 30 days to send out all the prizes, but we will try to get them out sooner if possible due to volume.
  • [Graphics] Missing Animation from Badge

    I've submitted a report for our guys to check this out. Thank you for bringing it up.
  • Marry??

    There is no marriage function in MapleStory 2 currently. However we are hoping to come up with a system and implement it by the end of this year!