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    Restart patch is the best thing to ever come to this game. I love that the game isn't horribly grindy and makes me wish I was dead every waking minute. The path to 50 is like a tutorial, then the real game starts. Shame there's so many people blinded to the fact that making a game less fun to play does not, in fact, make it more fun.

    What's so sick about you that you think that a 2-month slog to level 50 is fun? The game is amazing just the way it is. I really hope Nexon doesn't shoot themself in the foot by listening to the vocal minority of hardcore, unemployed masochists, who think that the longer a game takes the play the better it becomes. So sick and disgusting!!!!

    You are a blight and your opinion is loathsome. That 2-month slog is fun when you don't have to obsess about the leveling process! The reason you want to rush to endgame is because all content has been shunted there; it didn't, and doesn't need to be like this. There were dungeons to run on the way there, and in this game there is so much to occupy your time when you want to take a break, especially custom content if they decide to implement the custom dungeons/minigames that were advertised years ago. Not to mention, the leveling content becomes a lot more fun when you actually get to play it with other people.

    There's plenty of cookiecutter MMOs out there for you to rush to endgame in, don't stick your warped tastes in here. Or continue, as I do tend to enjoy a heated debate.
  • [WINNERS] House Builders Contest

    IGN: Oktavius
    Server: Bigleaf


    Alright, so now that I've had a few days to actually get the hang of this thing, I wasn't happy with my initial submission. It's nice, but I wanted something more distinct. And what I came up with is something of a Greek-esque structure with a large focus on flowing water and some modern touches.

    First, a view of the whole thing; I kept to rather few structural materials here, for consistency.

    Closer view of the kitchen and dining room. The atmosphere's a bit warmer than the rest here.

    A shot of the bedroom, with a bunch of empty display shelves for the Gundams and stuff I don't have.

    A small garden out in the open air, and a chair to... watch things grow from, or something?

    And the other primary guest area, including a pool and hot tubs, bathroom, and the entry. TVs for watching while relaxing in the water as well!

    Hopefully this sort of thing's allowed. My previous design was blown so far out of the water by other cozy homes that there was really nothing it added to the mix creatively, hopefully this comes off as something a little more inspired! If not by much...
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  • How much cash do you plan on spending?

    Depends, does anyone have a figure on how much housing costs, and decking out an interior at full size?
    I don't have a whole lot in life to spend money on, so I could see myself really whaling out for customization and creation and such. But not gear.
  • Post art of your own character!

    Self-made or commissioned, clean or sloppy, good or bad, whatever.
    Post art either of your Maplestory character, or what you plan to model them after, as long as it's OC. Had a darn good thread like this on the Mabi forums years ago, so I might as well hop to this. Hopefully there will be a lot for everyone to look at in here! Who even wants to only look at one person's art per thread, anyhow?

    For now I've just got this from what I did in KR, but I'll certainly do something more refined once GMS2 gets going and I can really consolidate a look.
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  • How bad will MS2 Lag?

    Depends on how far you are from the server and your own connection, dingus. KR was probably laggy because the servers for it were probably on the other side of the planet from you. Light is disappointingly sluggish for what we want out of it.

    Can't give an absolute answer for everybody.