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On MapleStory 2,We players need a BUDDYLIST CHAT WINDOW option to be able to chat with our friends on our buddylist,just as we have on MapleStory 1.I'm begging devs to PLEASE add a buddylist window chat option!A buddy chat would very much improve socialization between friends &other players on our buddylist.Whispering a single person on your buddy list is a hassle,especially when the subjects you're talking about that include other friends within your buddylist that have one another also added to each other.Dropping into a friend's house(randomly with out without notice)feels VERY awkward,also stalker-ish.Buddy chat would help players put together parties of friends to do weekly dungeons&it will help keep MapleStory 2 from dying/players quitting or becoming mostly in active 5-6 days a week then return for a couple days to do weekly dungeons.Please Nexon,add a BUDDY CHAT WINDOW option ASAP!BuddyList chat is VERY crucial for the game's player base!


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