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  • Leave the "animation bug" in!

    Seriously, this was the first thing to come in a patch that made the game feel fresh and fun again, and now you're taking it away? Why? A handful of people did slightly more damage? Combat felt FLUID, and moved the way it feels like it was supposed to, for the 1st time ever - and now you're going to take the game down smack in the middle of the day, screwing up timed events with guilds, screwing up plans, on a Friday - and take it away again?

    Nexon... you can PRETEND you care about class balance all you want, alright? Explain how the animation "bug" (read: FIX) didn't actually even the playing field more than it hurt it to us. Give us the details - FAST - on why we should continue bothering despite the oceans' worth of saliva that have been spit in our eyes. Don't just revert it, and continue doing NOTHING to address actual class balance issues. The players that have stuck around since launch have been put through a lot of Maple Story 2's horrendous and sloppy growing pains, something happens where we all feel like we're finally getting tossed a bone... and then... nope.

    No amount of stupid potions or elixirs can pacify gamers that have had enough, and have other options. Either own up to not being funded enough, good enough, or willing enough to make this a good game, or actually put some work into it and FIX IT - or enjoy the eyeroll working on this property gets you at your next job interview when they close the last server at the end of the year.

    In the meantime, personally, all my meret purchase considerations are on hold. Contributing to the salary of underachieving developers isn't in my budget.
  • Player Base.

    This game feels just... lazy, and poorly coded. And because it's a port over to Global from existing versions that have existed for quite some time prior, the hope that things will improve is slim. Beyond the common causes (RNG gates, getting nothing but a couple fail stacks to show for tons of effort, fairfight, et cetera) there are tons of other little frustrations and irritants on top of these.

    -Dull world PVE. There are extremely few rarer chase fun items to get from randomly killing things. Part of the original Maple Story's charm was randomly getting things like Surfboards and whatnot when you were killing things. In MS2, we get what, the snail mask, maybe a couple other goofy outfit things? Add to this that there are zero PVE zones where any of the monsters are actually a threat to kill you outright if you're at your keyboard and paying attention if you're max level, and that the enemy AI for ALL mobs is "There's a player - get 'em!" means that they can't even combat the bot problem - the game is so simple, that once they get past any login/account creation barriers, they're free to use their dumb behaviors to script themselves into beer money.

    -Target market. Who is this game even for? The general look and feel screams children's game, as does a lot of the game's simplicity, yet I've never encountered a non-adult player, or at least none who mentioned it. Our chibis are oh so cute and adorable, much like the mushrooms and slimes, yet the mascot is a buxom girl in a racy bunny costume. Also... Schatten.
    I was a HUGE fan and player of the first Maple Story, but didn't know about Maple Story 2 until randomly seeing it on Steam a few weeks after release. Where were they advertising this game, exactly? Sure, the game has proven to be something I wouldn't have spent advertising money on either, but sheesh, at least try.

    -Copy/pasted zones. It's kind of gross that there are PVP zones that are literally just re-colored versions of existing PVE zones. They couldn't bother making a few more interesting maps? Seems like it would have been the easiest aspect of making this game.

    -Class balance. It barely exists. Some classes are fantastic for everything, some are bad for everything. While I do play a thief, I also play 5 other classes, and the differences in their situational usefulness is enormous, far greater than it should be.

    -Optimization. Even stellar systems that you can run eye-popping numbers in benchmarks on struggle to render things in MS2. My system isn't top of the line by any means, but I can run enormous triple-A titles on it without losing frames in best or next-to-best graphics settings, yet in Maple Story I need to turn off other people's characters and pets just to walk through Queenstown on channel 1.

    -The UI/Options aren't good enough. Why can't we have our debuffs visible on a boss's health bar, rather than at the top of the screen? Sure does make managing thief poisons a pain... why does putting a macro on one of your default hotkeys delete that hotkey? Super amazing when you have a macro set to your D key and then try to do something that involves fighting in a vehicle and then that key doesn't work. Why are Kay's game notifications enormous? They're enormously distracting. The pile of link buttons in the bottom right of the screen - it's ridiculous that these are there and can't be moved, only hidden or made larger/smaller.

    -Bots bots bots bots bots bots bots. Whatever they claim to be working on to combat the botting problem, I can't believe it anymore. Every other game I've ever played, bot accounts have had a lifespan of moments after exposing themselves or being reported. Here, despite reports, you can watch a bot level, spam, level, etc for weeks. It's an unavoidable conclusion - they do NOT care as much as they claim to, have almost nobody working on the problem, and if they really do have anybody working on it, they're incompetent or their ideas/methods are being rejected.

    I could go on and on with problems this game has, but at this point... well, I'm going to play until I can't because I like my remaining friends on it and am still having a little fun. I can't promise to remain patient, though. Overall, it feels like they barely tried with Maple Story 2, and I am unable to buy into anything said by the developers at this point. Words are meaningless under the weight of their actions, or lack thereof.
  • Some Ways MS2 Can Make Money That We Wouldn't Hate

    We want a lot of improvements to this game.

    We want to love this game, we want to enjoy it enough to see it continue and grow, and for it to be worth it to the developers to make the changes to the game that will make it last, and grow the population.

    What we nearly never do as consumers is give Nexon any ideas on how we may be willing to spend money to keep the game profitable enough for them to care about it. Nexon has a LOT of games and properties to leverage into revenue, so many that even a failed game or two isn't going to sink them as a company. If we want them to focus, we need them to profit. It's simple business. What I'd like this thread to be is a list of ways they can increase the revenue the game provides them as a means of incentive to make Maple Story 2 awesome and alive, while continuing to avoid being pay-to-win.

    Cash Shop Items That Wouldn't Offend Me
    -Bundles of ACCOUNT BOUND (not character bound) World Chat Vouchers, with progressive discounts on them the way they currently sell Elixirs. Sure, this would mean more World Chat spam, and obviously there's the concern of how difficult controlling meso selling spam from bots has proven to be, but hey, I can turn it off and/or ignore it. Yay!
    -Premium Coin or Kay Coin Wheel Spin Vouchers - this could be the Gacha of Maple Story 2, as long as they keep the prizes from the wheels as innocent as they are today (fishing/performance/gathering/cosmetic vouchers, outfit pieces, the odd grand prize of a chunk of crystal fragments - in short, nothing that makes us feel like we need to spin in order to max our character's effectiveness). It doesn't have to be amazing stuff, and by the same token, it doesn't need to be expensive. A lot of us would happily spend a couple bucks to spin a handful of times for a shot at a Rudolph's Red Nose, we're silly like that.
    -wider variety of UGC templates, perhaps some that allow for more free-form design and blank spaces, particularly for weapons - painting slabs feels extremely limiting. I'd like to design whips for my thief to use, because why not? That'd be fun.
    -PET SKINS. Cosmetic-only cash shop pets are infuriatingly useless, especially when they're character bound (so no shipping them to your sub-50 alts as potion and loot mules when you acquire captured pets), and so many of us slaved to the game for ages to acquire epic pets. I for one would happily cram my epic Lupin into a Corgi or Bunny suit or something for a few bucks, if I fancied the look of it.
    -UI Skins - I imagine there's quite a few players, streamers particularly, who wouldn't mind some innovative themes to augment the default UI, customizing the button and hotkey layouts and health/spirit indicators, exp bars, etc - the kind of thing we did for years with fan-made add-ons to other games. You could start with Sky Fortress faction ones, if you like.
    -Maple Story 1 style facial emotes - I would buy most of these in a heartbeat, because I hate how you cannot emote while moving in Maple Story 2. It was amazing how communicative the faces in the first Maple Story could be. I loved running with a furious face, or creeping up to someone with a puzzled face when I saw them doing something odd, and it made me take tons more screenshots for the memories.
    -Premium Shop Outfit Pieces of Officially Licensed Properties - cut a deal with the Puzzles & Dragons devs to get a Bastet costume, Marvel for Spider-man, stuff like that. There are a ton of fandoms, and cutting deals to dip into them for mutual profit is generally a win/win.
    -Just... better... Premium Shop Weapon Skins. I don't know any thieves personally who want to stab a dragon with a popsicle or beach cocktail.

    Other Thoughts
    -Let actual businesses purchase the various signs around MS2 for cash - We've largely stopped paying attention to them with very few exceptions, we won't be bothered to see a Mt. Dew ad or something on them - just sick of seeing ads for meso sellers on them.
    -A Tapjoy-like "watch this ad for X Merets" system - hey, if I can get a Xylophone in a couple weeks because I sat through a handful of commercials, that'd probably be fine by me.

  • Slow us down. Enormously.

    I've played MMOs since they became a thing. Before, really - if we count Telnet MUDs.

    Every MMO I've ever stuck with had one thing in common - the journey was as important than the destination. In other words, it took a fairly long time to get to the end game, and it was as fun getting there as it was being there.

    Maple Story 2 is very different. Within 24 hours of global launch, there were tons of max level characters. Within the short time since launch to now, nearly every active player has generated at least one max leveled character, and has gotten a host of handouts and boosts to rush, rush, rush to the end... and in Maple Story's case, the end consists largely of either working your way into a decent raid group, or grinding for funds. I took my time doing the epic quest, gathering and crafting, etc in order to reach level 60 on my first character - and I still got there less than two weeks into starting to play.

    There's no journey. There's very little opportunity to get invested in your own character, let alone any of the NPCs. There's no progression, really - blast your way to 50 in no time, then start rollin' the dice to see if you can get the upgrades needed to not have to pay to join runs - all while soaking up the large assortment of event gifts that allow players to skip enormous chunks of play time others have invested. All of the hubbub about RNG-based progression aside, things like Toad's Toolkits really annoy people who invested so hard to get max-enchanted weapons before they appeared, for example. The current rate of player progression is so rapid that player turnover will happen faster than in any other MMO that functions - and that would be true if every other issue the game faces were completely addressed (bots, meso sellers, RNG complaints, etc etc etc etc).

    In the future, please slow this down. When/If (forced to say 'if' based on the pattern I'm seeing) the game has an expansion that increases the level cap/gives us awakening skills, gate them a lot more. Make them require actual effort, and if possible skill - not a mindless grind, not a daily fest... something that lets people who took the time to learn to play their characters well earn the recognition for doing so. I like Maple Story 2, and it can be fun and relaxing, for all its warts. I don't want to witness a mass exodus because everyone is essentially already done doing everything they can do, beyond the minutiae of mix/maxing stats . Maple Story 2 cannot be a 'casual, social' game (as seems to be the goal) when it doesn't have any players.

    Please slow us down. Enormously.
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  • December 19th Scheduled Maintenance

    Of course it is. Pet farming for one. I don't know how the spawn rate works, but right now it's bad enough having to cycle through 60 channels to find the pet spawns (esp. on pets that ONLY spawn in one place)

    You know if you kill things for like, a couple minutes max, pets will spawn, right?