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  • Trophies

    Trophies are one of my favorite aspects of Maplestory 2. Trophies encourage you to play in ways you would not normally consider playing, especially playing dungeons you would never have otherwise played. They offer great rewards (skill points, consumables, titles, furniture, dyes, and more!). Trophy count is the primary ranking method for both players and guild; what an important aspect of the game!

    However, trophies offer a very lackluster appeal to most players. Very few players and guilds actually compete for trophy count which makes guild rankings skewed toward what most players consider unimportant. The rewards for trophies are great, but they are rewarded for a few very specific individual trophies leaving thousands of trophies with no appeal to the general population. Do I REALLY want to swing that stoplight 10,000 times just for a +1 trophy count? Furthermore, trophy grinders are often at a disadvantage in progression to others because their time and mesos are spent doing activities which do nothing to progress them with new content (I just made some mesos. Should I spend it rerolling my gear for more damage or buying thousands of consumables for a handful of trophies?)

    I would like to see a weight of importance added to trophies. I've given a few methods some thought, and I'd love to hear feedback from others. The solution I've thought of which seems most appropriate and easiest to implement is to add a damage buff for trophy count. This could be awarded in tiers, but a straight buff based on trophy count seems appropriate to shift the gameplay in a different direction, especially giving the min maxers a whole new avenue to explore!

    Add a +0.002% damage increase per trophy to the game. The average player reaching chaos raids has at least 500 trophies, and the top player is approaching 2500 trophies. This would give a range of +1% to +5% damage with all the incentive to begin pushing for a few extra trophies per day for that incremental boost in damage, knowing you will certainly output more DPS tomorrow because you took the time to catch those fish today. It would also give an immediate improvement to all players which is guaranteed to put a smile on some faces.

    So many players have experienced only a small fraction of the rich and vibrant world given to us in Maplestory 2. With this tiny modification, the trophy requirements will open their eyes to what the game really has to offer and give players lots of new routes to improve their characters beyond a weekly dungeon/raid/RNG grind.

    On a side note, why are nearly all trophies character bound and not account bound? Unlock the shackles the trophy grinders have and let us player other characters without wasting precious trophy grinding time. Does it really matter if I played that trumpet for 100k seconds on my archer or my rune blade?