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  • The Future of MS2

    I was expecting to see a "State of the Game" this Thursday, not them showcasing yet another pointless update with new content only 5% of the player base will actually be able to enjoy. I quit the game over a month ago but still come back to the forums, sad part is that mainly everyone on the forums agrees, yet absolutely nothing is being done about it, literally nothing. I don't think anybody cares about this new chaos raid besides the RNG-Blessed who can actually do the raid.

    I quit the game not because of lack of mesos (My char still has well over 300m) nor because lack of onyx, etc, but purely the RNG combined with time gating. I seen people get +15's in the first week soul binder was released, yet I failed literally 99.9% of my enchants and only ended up making it to +12 with 70+ fail charges after doing all 60 dungeons INCLUDING the toads toolkit. There is no reason some people should be extremely blessed and lucky while others continuously fail. Combining RNG with Time gating is the most tarded thing i've ever heard of, what are we doing, turning our computers into phones and playing app store games? If someone wants to farm a dungeon 500 times in a week, let them, it's not our fault other people don't want to put in the effort.

    Thanks nexon, turning what should've been an amazing MMO into an un-original app store game. Fantastically well-done.
  • What's up with the low population?

    3.6k peak users today, holy **** is this game dead lol.
  • State of The Game - My Thoughts

    As the title says, this post will be concerning my opinions on the current state of the game.
    After playing daily since Maplestory 2 was initially released to the public, I've noticed a lot of things and would like to put them into perspective.

    EDIT: Even if you do not fully read the post, please try to voice your opinion by VOTING in the poll at the bottom of this thread.

    Why Im making this Post - As a person who played the Original Maplestory for multiple years, hearing about the new version got me very excited, and I was extremely hopeful for the game during the first few weeks. However, I've noticed that during the past 2 months, the population has been dropping very hardcore, and almost daily. According to steam charts, Maplestory 2 has lost 42.33% of it's average population in November alone. Below, I will try to list some of the reasons I believe is causing the decline in the population.

    EDIT: 12/18/2018 --
    A: November has Lost 42.33% Average
    B: Last 30 days has Lost 42.75% Average
    So, In total. Since November the game has lost 85.08% Average Players.
    (Information Gathered from Steam-Charts) Which in my opinion make up ATLEAST half of the population if not more.

    1: Time Gating - As I said above, I'm a person who played the original Maplestory for many years, and it was quite shocking to see that the only current mechanism in the game allowing a player to gear up, is time gated. I understand that Maplestory 2 is trying to focus more on the social aspect than the competitive aspect, however I believe most of the population who came to Maplestory 2 were older players like myself who enjoyed the freedom that was associated with the original version.
    There were many things to do from Party Quests, to grinding monsters, all the way to doing daily bosses. With the current system, I log in on Thursday, and I'm finished playing for the week on Saturday night after I finish all of my dungeons, and then I wait until the next Thursday when it all resets.

    2: RNG Combined with Time Gating - This is the Hard-Hitter for me, and is what really turns me down. Not only are you limited as to how many dungeons you can run in a week, you are also faced with a gruesome RNG that can be quite frustrating at most times. For example, Soul Binder was released last Thursday, and I had seen people who already had +15 orbs before they were even able to do dungeons 45-60. As for myself, after running all 60 dungeons, I'm only on +12 with 64 fail stacks, and I would have many more fail stacks if it weren't for me using extra copies to ensure 30% each try. I believe adding the new Toads Toolkit helped quite a bit, but it's still not what the more hardcore players are looking for.

    3: The RNG is Everywhere - There is RNG for everything from upgrading your equipment, catching pets, upgrading gemstones, and even getting the right attributes on your gear. However, there is VERY limited ways of getting what you need, in order to even attempt the RNG. In the original Maplestory, there was tons of things you could do in order to keep trying to better your character, but in this current version, it seems that almost everything you can do in order to help yourself progress, is limited.

    4: Only the players ahead, will stay ahead - This one to me, is also another smack in the face, because only the guilds and elite players who already have their parties formed, will be the ones running the harder chaos dungeons. They do this because they can, and because they sell the runs for meso rather than helping anybody out. For example, starting on a new character such a Soul Binder, and having to run dungeons in order to get the items you need, is harder for almost any new player considering all of the more elite players want to have high DPS party members in order to finish the dungeons rapidly. This can be countered by finding players who enjoy helping others, or by struggling and taking twice as long to finish a dungeon, but the more the game progresses, the harder it will be for any new player or job to catch up.

    5: Dungeons are Literally the only way to progress - If you're not doing dungeons, which are time gated and only allow you to do X per day and X per week, you are basically not even trying to progress your character, because there is absolutely nothing else you can do in order to earn gear, or increase your characters stats.

    6: Hardly anything is Tradable - A lot of the problems with progression could be fixed by allowing more of the items you earn from dungeons to be tradable/sellable like in the original Maplestory. However, in this current version, the only things you can trade from a dungeon, are the very rare and hard to get drops, which in turn make for players basically "needing" to have a high amount of alts in order to earn meso and crystals.

    As for the poll below, my opinion is that Time Gating is the biggest turn down for me, and I wouldn't be so upset when I fail an enchant, if I knew that I could simply just keep running the dungeons over and over until I finally reached my goal.

    P.S If you found this post any helpful at all, and you are participating in voting in the poll below, please refer this to your friends / bump the post so that we can gather as many votes as possible! Thank you!

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