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  • Guardian of the Seas

    aylumos wrote: »
    I'm aware you can turn off the effect somehow but....whose idea was the giant rapidly flashing seizure-inducing whale? why is that a thing?

    Honestly this is how I feel about a lot of the effects for skills right now I can barely see wtf going on I just see a giant rainbow of particle effects on my screen. Seriously these new skills look cool by your self but when you got 4 people throwing out skills with flash huge particle effects it just turns into visual aids.
  • Release Legendary Toadstones Effective Immediately

    Pixkel wrote: »
    So you mean that someone who started the game (~100h) should be equal to someone who has played for 5 month non stop (~1500h on main + some on alts) ? no dude, they have to struggle like we did, plus they get some free carries by the elites and hardcore players, and they can just buy legendary weapon and get into easy clear party as well. Equalizing people will not solve the problem, just don't be a and play like everyone else. Also YOUR problems is not everyone's problem. Just play and stop complaining ~

    The OP not asking for someone with 100h to be at the same level of progression as someone who played for 1500h. There asking for an end too this BS RNG progression because all it does is create an endless slot machine were Jim can do the dungeon once and get his perfect stat legendary the first try than 1 tab it to +12 with the lowest possible success rate each time he enhances. An before you say everyone has an equal chance your argument is BS, I say yes everyone does but it doesn't change the fact that it still RNG and RNG anything can happen as it is i failed to get an epic to 15+ with a 87% chance to succeed last night an i **** you not i expected to fail because if i expect to not fail i would probable have rage quit like so many have when they failed a 80%+ success chance. So while very unlucky people are still struggling to get their first epic to 15+ and have been sense launch others who could have started a month ago already have a BIS legendary at 13+ because RNG is RNG.
  • This game sucks and new leaf = more suck

    I don't mind fairfight being removed cause i never did any of the lower tier dungeons maybe if you changed them to also drop end game gear and loot and scale them up it would fix there current state. Kind of how ESO has a normal mode anyone can do but gives low tier gear and veteran mode which is scale up to end game gear stats and rewards end game loot for all of its dungeons. I personal don't like the idea of spenting 20 mins doing a lvl 20 dungeon that offers little challenge and only takes so long because my stats are being hard capped too the mobs lvl for some random lvl 20 green weapon.
  • What's really wrong with this game?

    Not sure why your calling def a completely trash state sure most attacks will 1-2 shot you but that also because most of these attacks are suppose to be dodged or a mechanic is in place that the player should beware of I really haven't see any boss were his normal attack 1 shots me unless i remove half my armor. In the end though def stats isn't the issue with knights or will it every be the issue the issue will be zero abilities to generate aggro and zero piece of gear that actual can differentiate a player between a DPS or tank build. As it is right now their no such think as sacrificing dmg power for def power or def power for dmg power I mean unless you want to have multiple sets of armor per dmg type but at that point you need too have run the same dungeons billions of times.
  • Dungeon Delights

    faceface wrote: »
    Blah Blah I'm a ****** blah blah i'm a troll blah blah plz ignore me blah.

    Does anyone understand what this kid is talking about we ask for less RNG and a better drop system to mitigate the aids that is RNG and he makes an essay about defending the current system (cause you know look how great it is and how many people quit with the current system in place) i think idk it hard to understand this thing.