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  • "State of the Game Week 7" by LAMBCOOK

    I doubt we'll be able to discuss gear progression as suggested if we ignore one of its main points, that's it accessory-roll chasing and gem upgrading. Both of them share a simple, yet so hurtful thing in common, the RNG behind B4 keys. Given what I've seen, I don't know what kind of disbalance would cause to buff the drop to something better than a "zero keys in a month, go buy a run" chance.

    There are not many means of getting good ammounts of dust that are not as heavy time gated as buying boxes, but at least the means to get some are there, such as the Toughen Up dailies that can (almost never) reward you with a Level 2 Gemstone and Treva farming, which is quite time consuming but gives you the box for sure. Even with that, B4 seems to be way more reliable for it reward-wise, giving you all of the tools to keep upgrading and getting them.

    Now, getting a reliable supply of value re-rollers for accessories tends to be impossible for more than 90% of the population, which is a great shame taking in account the ammount of different bonuses (many times useless for everyone or for your class) that an accessory can get on top of the many different values these bonuses can get, a thing that spamming bonus rerolls for 200k each (if you try once on each accessory) won’t help with in the slightest.

    The only option to get any is to run a B4 dungeon, which might happen once in a week, in a month, or never depending on your luck if you don’t get a key by orthodox meanings. The other option resides in giving the power to scammers, meso sellers and run/meso buyers and letting them partake on an absurd kind of illegal economic ostracism that doesn’t benefit any legal player in the slightest. Then, I ask, why is it so hard for the devs to even consider modifying the chances of getting a B4 or communicate their thoughts about it?

    I'd like to think this Update was posted to keep talking mainly about the Gear Progression in regards to Hard Dungeons, which seems have been poorly addressed despite the amount of solutions the players gave, but we can’t ignore Treasure Dungeons are also a part of this and its contents seem to be made to be played alongside Hard Dungeons, being the only thing that makes us think otherwise the RNG gated chance to even access them, giving the idea that is some kind of advanced content. I think these concerns should be solved or at least addressed before the next update or we'll spend another whole month discussing about changes while the game keeps suffering the same problems.

    In the end, I’d like to say that despite my concerns about these many problems, the most common already expressed by the rest of replies, I’m glad that devs are trying to get some inputs from us. It just feels… quite strange sometimes? Like, we can read that the staff gave thought to some concerns and addressed them in a certain way, but most of the time we don’t get to know the thought process that led to it, and I’d say getting a grasp of the reason behind your decisions could not only help us to understand you better (and calm a few people if the reasoning makes sense), but to reply accordingly and suggest alternatives that work within your framework and not sound way too outlandish, therefore, ignored.

    Thanks for your time.