During the October event period, the Escaped Moon Bunny world boss spawns at the following times:

NA West: 02:30 AM - 05:30 AM UTC
NA East: 11:30 PM - 02:30 AM UTC
South America: 10:30 PM - 01:30 AM UTC
Europe: 5:30 PM - 8:30 PM UTC
Oceania: 08:30 AM – 11:30 AM UTC



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  • 60 hard dungeons way too overtuned

    hey guys, like I'm not trying to say your complaint is invalid or trying to discredit any legitimate concern. But these dungeons are seriously quite easy to progress through compared to what we were given at launch. I was using the adventurer's set with some accessories from previous era, the progression felt pretty smooth. I think maybe just mix teams around a bit, obviously it'll be difficult if going in with 4 thieves / 4 archers etc.
  • Angry boy Rant.

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    I think what we see is:

    1 -Fairfight was a great idea. Now that it's gone, ALL of the dungeon content is trash.
    2.- World bosses are crushed within seconds - more abuse
    3 - Still need to grind dungeons to get materials.

    What Nexon SHOULD of done:

    1- Keep fairfight
    2- Increase material drops from dungeons
    3- ban all material and equipment transfer between ALTs
    4- Never release the ribbons.

    Let's face it. The dying ms2 is now a complete joke of a game.

    World bosses still have fairfight, read the patch notes again. Fairfight was a bad idea for normal/hard dungeons. Nexon did the right move in removing them.

    I think the core issue is the progress limitation in this game. If the dungeon limit cap is removed, the amount of RNG and time to progress to late game content wouldn't be an issue. If people wants to spend their time to progress their characters, just let them.

    I don't think he even plays MS2 anymore, he is just here in forums trolling.

    Since FairFight was removed there's a lot more activity in Party Finder, new players are having a much better time now.

    RNG+Timegate is the core issue of MS2 at the moment. This toxic rng+timegate is only there because there's not that much content in terms of raids and dungeons, so it's a bandaid to make it take longer to reach the top/end.

    Agreed about SlimeFace.

    Anyways to make grinding / progression less tedious and content more varied. Open world grinding is a good way forward, with incentives to do it as party.

    I been pushing very hard to introduce some kinda fragment collection in open world to combine for progression instead of stuck in raids / dungeons. But it'll be very far from the Korean version which they probably can't implement (despite it being an easy implementation).

    I don't understand why any developers would get their players stuck in the same 3 dungeons every season. and stuck in another 3 different dungeons when seasonal patches are released. Especially when they have dozens other dungeons in place + a massive open world why can't they spread them? So insistent on jailing players inside 3 monotonous dungeons. That is what I can never understand.
  • Fairfight and Trader’s Ribbons

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    Trader’s Ribbon MUST deploy and NO CHANGES shall be add. Because its the only way to solve dungeons selling problem and it is monoply by a few group of people ,which mean we are nearly impossible to obtain legendaries gear beacause due to these toxic group players and no-one is grouping you because you dont have a legendary gear. So in end, Trader’s Ribbon MUST deploy and NO CHANGES should be add.

    And how is that diff? rest assure a legendary wep will cost more than 25m. This change won't make pro carry ur noob's as.s

    Ribbon MUST deploy to end toxic elitist monopoly garbage that drove this game to below the earth. Just end their monopoly please.

    and how does that end toxic elitist, we don't need a dumb troll that already quit the game here, if ur not rdy for cpap, ur gana either buy runs or buy the weapons, which these weapon still comes from the so said "elitist player". I mean ur unrdy noob alt isn't magically gana get a legendary weapon.

    What's wrong with Ribbons? what are your reasoning? because of bots? meso selling and buying? it'll happen either way. Not having it won't make a difference to those issues as far as anything is concerned. You think I can't clear content? you're wrong. I have very good stats, GS and mechanical execution but all this has nothing to do with what this patch could potentially bring to the community. I'm not gona bother arguing with you because there's little to no common ground between me and you and people in your camp. I am on about community, and including the casual players - you're on about retaining monopoly and excluding casuals. You need to understand we have very different agendas entering this conversation. Your git-gud chant doesn't work on me because my score & rank on DD tells me all I need to know about whether I'm ready to kill a boss as simple and slow as CPAP. I am sad because the guild members I try to look after are so excluded from end-game content because of this monopoly that is happening, where we can't even get a party together. And I know many other non-hard-core guilds are in the same position.

    Honestly, you guys can go on all day about Devs killing the game, but no - these vocal monopolising-players kill the game more than anything else the Devs ever did wrong. They ruin the community landscape, create and perpetuate toxicity, exclusion or even bullying of casuals/new-players inside the game. Outside of game they advocate for these implementations that are good for them but bad for both Nexon and majority of player-base by consistently threatening or saying they're quitting (but then somehow still online and post on forums daily and keep saying they're quitting etc).

    Fairfight is one that benefits both, of course you guys won't be vocal about stopping this. Ribbon clearly favours everyone else (including all potential new players joining the game) EXCEPT you guys, obviously you'll start crying. It makes complete sense.

    Btw, you don't need to completely carry someone to help them. Maybe helping the party get to 10 players by joining is already more than enough help. Both practice and clearing groups are impossible to form on certain servers. Literally can't put one together.

    From OCE - big shoutout to Heroes Never Die Guild, you're literally the only guild on the server with CPAP / CNOG clearing capabilities that are including the community in your runs. The saving grace of our server tbh. Whilst literally all other clearing groups only interested in selling runs or excluding players.
  • Fairfight removal

    look - after these few months of fixing stuff, we'll probably have a relaunch event of sorts, along with perhaps new maps / awakening ? There are ways to get players back or new players in. But important now is to get this game to a level where people will actually find game enjoyable to spend time in rather than frustration and sadness.

    Yes slow reaction time to critical problems, but it happens all the time in the business world especially with larger corporations, there are just too many layers of approval, left-hand not talking to right-hand etc. I'm sure they're working to improve that too.

    Questions are surely being asked internally and the record dip in numbers must have triggered executives to look into things / take things more seriously. We're probably now in a bit of a better place than during Beta and Launch.

    Yes - many things did not have to happen for us to arrive here, and many things arguably could've been avoided. But my experience in working for various groups is that this is just part of the process. Things don't get to people who have authority to exert influence until costly things happen.

    I'll return in a few months surely, I'm sure a few of my friends too if this project new leaf thing works out.

    I just hope the devs are vigilant enough to filter out the toxic elites' cries and "suggestions to improve" that are all self-centred and one of the major reasons why the game died. Listening too much to this group, sure they're active and still in the game but what's the point if that's the only group you manage to retain? They are a minority in the grandscheme of things, there's no potential for revenue GROWTH focusing on what they want. At best it'll only prevent server from closing (presuming they spend a little, which they might not).

    I already see them cry and moan and complaining, if the Devs still listen to them, I'm done with this game for good I think.

    To be honest, all things considered, Nexon, MS2 Studio, Devs etc were not the major culprits of why game is dead. It's these toxic elitists whose impact are too large over both the historical and current landscape of the game as well as any potential future growth + content.
  • Fairfight and Trader’s Ribbons

    I'm gona fight with the Monopolisers who are frustrated that their cruel reign is finally over with trader's ribbon.

    Up to legendary this trader's ribbon MUST happen for a reset of the market.

    And moving forward we need to think of better ways to manage it so that access to end-game content is not held captive by any particular group. It is a disgusting thing that many players are unable to raid to get their legendaries (+ upgrade them) because the top group simply wants to run their monopoly and refuse partying with anyone else unless they buy them.

    When you have a content that must be cleared via party-ing up, and over-geared players have a strong desire to but cannot join a party to clear them due to lack of players in-game + toxic top groups, there is a problem. And the simple short-term fix is to make those items tradeable.

    OCE has such low player-base that it is simply impossible to get into a CPAP party unless you are in a guild that already runs them or you have to buy them, no matter how high your gear-score is or skilled you are. It's either buy them or have 0 clears on CPAP for the week. Now the monopolisers will come and say "WELL YOU GOT RUMBLE !!!!" no, that doesn't help, we're losing out on 60% progression resources per week, which is insane, for absolutely no reason other than because the clear groups are monopolisers that does not care for community.

    Trader's ribbon will be half a saving grace to this situation.

    I agree with putting some kind of benchmark to reach before being able to buy / equip a legendary weapon but definitely DO NOT exclude legendary weapons from being tradeable. Those who are against this are likely those who have been enjoying the power over gating the access to these weapons and the upgrading of these weapons. They must be dreading this implementation and making a lot of noise right now. DON'T LISTEN TO THEM!!