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  • Premium Wheel

    I'm not asking for things that make it P2W I'm asking for basic things that are actually useful, I don't need a lion suit.

    Lion suite is awesome..especially if you like me get the one for opposite gender so you cant even use it!

  • "State of the Game" Team Blog?

    "We will have a blog this week - but it won't be today! Just in case everyone expecting this to be posted today #MapleStory2"
  • Maybe It's Time To Start Over?

    Agree, would love a way to pay with merets to change class. Got over 1400 trophies, all explorations, max fishing etc etc. Wanna reroll from my class but stuck due to all the time and effort I put into it. I wouldnt mind if it was expensive. Heck I would probably pay up to 5000 merets for it.
  • do you play soulbinder?

    Yes I know, to hard for me I would say. I'm a priest and its quite relaxed but since its the only class I really played. I thought I would try a new one. And soulbinder seems fun. Just a bit daunting with all the skills I would need to use so not sure I will be able to be more then average at it.

    I did find this though on reddit -
  • Increase rewards for normal chaos raids

    Yes..we are overjoyed. Totally, we should just do normals for practice with no rewards. Sounds really good. We should listen to you so that more of the playerbase wont leave because they cant progress and are stuck in a RNG hell..oh wait. I'm sure you will be happy to help the people that cant get a group for chaos raids..for a sum of course dont want you to do anything without proper compensation.

    Ah I forgot, the people that cant get groups should just make their own groups..its just that easy. My bad. Also by getting other people access to the same gear as you even if it takes slightly more time devalues all your effort right? We wouldnt want that, its better to keep the toys away from the masses. I totally agree, makes me feel like an elite too and makes me sleep good at night.

    Or you know, we can just let people progress in different ways and keep them happy? How does it hurt you that other people get access to the same gear as you? Does it water down your "accomplishment" somehow?