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  • [NEWS] South American Pricing Change

    Teorica wrote: »
    Mehi wrote: »
    So... I do live in LATAM and play on SA server but I use a Facebook account (CBT didn't support Steam). Does it means I will never be able to buy Merets with adjusted price for my account?

    Same here! I made my account to play on CBT and even support the game with a Legendary Founder Pack. I contacted Customer Support today asking for this and they answered that they can't transfer data from a FB account to a Steam account nor provide me an alternative method for a non-steam LATAM player. I even explained that I created my account since CBT, long before they announce that MS2 was coming to steam. And nothing...

    I will not support the game anymore purchasing merets until they fix this. It's completely unfair and even an insult to loyal players who just made their account with Facebook or Google (one of their methods to create an account in the first place).

    They should have, at least, a method to export your data from a FB/Google acc to a Steam account contacting CS via ticket.

    I think there should be compensation for who bought the founder packages because I also bought the legendary package that cost 400BR and almost 1 month later my merets and real money invested were devalued due to change.

    With 400BRL I could be more than twice the merets I've won with the legendary package.

    It is a very high value for a Brazilian and so if there is no compensation, it can be easily interpreted as a scam.

    I appreciate this initiative, but I think there should be compensation as happened with the change to the euro values: http://maplestory2.nexon.net/en/news/article/36610/compensation-for-euro-founder-s-pack-purchases