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  • UGC update 11/8

    Hosu wrote: »

    You bring up good points and I agree that they provide more insight that I missed. But this this confirms the unfortunate conclusion I came to within the first week of the UGC market being accessible to me - there are deeper flaws within the UGC system that make it a waste of time until its fixed.

    The higher listing fee has absolutely no impact on how well your items sell, because it doesn't affect the consumer at all. They're still going to follow the big memes and anime items, and UGC content rippers are still getting away with robbery. What it DOES impact is your judgment of whether to list your items on the market or not, and for most people, its shifted towards "not". While the changes are unfortunate for diversity and aspiring artists, I hope it gets Nexon to understand and eventually address these issues more seriously.

    I understand that Nexon wants to protect their UGC Shop, thus why they're increasing the price to listing items to 490 merets, however, I feel like there is a deeper problem with the UGC system in and of itself. You need to pay a fee, not only for posting the item, but also creating the item. This price is even worse than listing because it also makes it hard to create these "High Quality" items the devs are throwing around. MapleStory 2 compresses files very, VERY harshly when designs are uploaded to 3D models, due to the 512x512 jpeg conversion. There are some ways to minimize the impact of this conversion, but you never really know what your item looks like until it has been fully uploaded. Sometimes the compression is barely noticeable. Sometimes it completely destroys a design, leaving you at a complete loss for all the effort put into your creative design. The 490 listing fee can be acceptable, but only if the creating fee was removed. This would allow UGC creators to be able to upload the same item multiple times, and figure out which one would have the best compression, as well as rename items, in the likeliness that you named something badly, and wish to rename it.
  • [Suggestion] UGC Update - Scaling Prices

    I am about to update my storefront over the next 24 hours but hello, I am the operator for Teakwood Boutique:
    With this new update, I expect to see a huge drop in the amount of accessories in the UGC shop. Boots, hats, and gloves are going to absolutely vanish. We'll need to sell several copies of the item just to break even with our listing fees as opposed to a suit or weapon, in which we'll break even after two sales. Most UGC shops are lucky to get 2-3 sales on any single item, let alone all of them, thus greatly increasing the risk of investing in a shop listing.

    We have to purchase the template, invest in an advertising campaign, and then list the item with the promotional fee in order to link the item in chat. Let me break it down for you:

    In this example, we're going to invest heavily into advertising just to sort of showcase just how much effort we have to go through in order to be noticed.
    Suit Template - 400 Merets
    Gloves Template - 150 Merets
    Boots Template - 220 Merets
    Beanie Template - 250 Merets
    4 Listing Fees + 4 Promotion Fees - 2,080 Merets
    10 World Chats - 300 Merets
    5 Ad Balloons - 500 Merets
    Total = 3,900 Merets

    In order to break even, we would have to sell the suit template 13 times.

    If we listed a single pair of gloves and did not advertise it at all, we would have to sell 6 pairs of gloves just to break even. Without. Any. Advertising. This just doesn't seem feasible for the long run.

    Instead, I suggest we make the listing fee scale with the price of the item. Pay 150 for the template and 150 to list it. 500 for a weapon? 500 to list it.

    What do you guys think?