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  • UGC listing too expensive now.

    Hello! I run the Teakwood Boutique!
    After the price increase, I stopped listing accessories because they simply did not sell like I had hoped, but my other items have had a very good return investment. If you do not have confidence in your listing, then do not list it. In order to make your profit, most items will need to sell at least 2-4 times, which in the grand scheme of things is not a lot if you're a serious UGC designer!

    That being said, I've greatly limited what I sell because if I do not have that 100% certainty, that absolute faith that my items will sell/have a space on the market, I do not list.

    I think it's good that we're being rewarded for listing in the market like an actual marketplace (you wouldn't walk into a mall and open a 50th cheap jewelry kiosk, now would you? No, you'd open the mall's first scarf kiosk instead because there are no competitors.) However, this makes it very difficult for new designers to get into the game due to a saturation of the market and a very large drop of the player base.

    I don't think the UGC listing fee is a problem - I think the market is simply crashing due to the burnout and dwindling of the player base.

    I'm sorry you're having troubles! I hope you find more success in the future!
  • Put down your biggest complaint in one sentence

    There is no reason to use Peachy.
  • The UGC fees aren't fixing anything, we need ban.

    As someone who used to be a commissioned artist whose partner IS an artist and also used to be a commissioned artist, I must address the elephant in the room:

    This is no different in game than in real life.

    A vast majority of people do not value artists at all. We're scoffed at for trying to make a living selling our designs, sliding into our DMs just to call us trash because we won't draw their weird fetish art or fix their grandfather's Comic Sans logo for free. There's art thievery all over Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram...

    I think this is just a reflection of a much larger societal issue, and it won't go away so easily.
  • Hidden infomation that will ruin the game

    PizzaBear wrote: »
    He's right, guys. Koreans and Chinese are always better, winning in LoL, StarCraft, Overwatch, etc, so Nexon gotta start spoon-feeding their games to NA, since we are just not as good. Otherwise we'll quit their games.


    Ik you say /s but kr actually lost league worlds and quite frankly they didn''t even place in the quarter finals if I remember. This year at least.

    Teakwood wrote: »
    Western gamers just don't like the grind. It's why you keep seeing all the complaints. I'm not a fan of elitist, grindy games either but if you did some research you'd have the same knowledge everyone else did.

    And I disagree, while maple does do grind people dislike, people in west love warframe/borderlands/monster hunter and arpgs like diablo/path of exile. Even avid fans of jrpgs like persona or random named(Ik it's kinda disrespectful to say random names but I didn't really wake up each day trying to remember stuff like golden sun or other jrpgs, and to some degree pokemon, which is still one of the top franchises to date.)

    It's just the difference between maple and these are pretty obvious for the most part. Most classes are 1dimensional and dumbed down stupidly. While thief is at least decent in terms of depth(The whole halabaloo of thief is bad powerwise is just hive mind bs though). Aka combat for everything is down to "how do I feel holding down these buttons today" for most classes barring thief. Meaning combat which other grinding games excel at, it does not have.

    Now in terms of non-combat features, maple actually has a decent amount but in comparison to something like pokemon for example, it's just lacking in these features as well.(I mean in terms of a grinding games outside of grinding features)

    Now in terms of cool mechanics one could do to optimize something, I'll go with warframe for this since it's probably the simpliest way. Factions. In warframe you can slowly and garunteed to work towards a faction which currently alter a whole large list of things you use normally along with every single frame(character). There's no rng to getting these alterations(albeit one could equate them to "awakenings" basically tbh so maybe I should stop on this point). However warframe also have mods which while are rng to drop for several, once you get them you can guaranteedly(is this even a word) work towards upgrading them in simple manners.

    In terms of PvP, without even using a specific example, it just needs some work for the open world version of it. In house is great though. But just like raiderz and many others who fall into doing this, I disagree with them putting mainline questing in a pvp zone, if the game was open world pvp from the start one could brace theirselves for it but plunging people who might just be pve only players is not a good move.

    Diversity. There are curio skills but none of them can actually become a coreline for damage. For example setting up an entire bar full of curio attacks only. That's just not possible with the low amount of offensive curios one can get. That being said only because curios exist I'll say maple has slight diversity. But since people won't use any except for about 5 of them, diversity of what you can do is bar none.

    There's probably even more differences which people like about other grinding games compared to this but even then I'd say maplestory 2 isn't the worst grinding game just people rushed and shoehorned themselves to unenjoyment when they already knew stuff wouldn't be there yet.

    I dunno about all that. I streamed games on Twitch for a little over two years and I heard a constant complaint of "I'd play x game but it's too long and grindy so no thank you." Things like The Witcher, Persona, even Final Fantasy I've seen constant complaints about. Pokemon is a breeze unless you're grinding eggs, and even then most people just hack/pay hackers for eggs.

    That's the other thing - pay to win/progress. This has been prevalent all over and I think the "general" lack of pay to win in this game makes people angry. RNG keeps that in check. A free player can luck into +15 roles and epic pets whereas you can chuck all the money you want at the screen but it's not going to make your +15 happen any faster.

    I won't speak on Diablo though because I tried playing it and literally fell asleep in my chair multiple times. I think Borderlands and Warframe are shooting games? I don't play shooters, so I know nothing about them. Monster Hunter is grindy? It's been a bit since I played but I think I just teamed up with a friend and he got me upgraded gear in like an hour of playing.

    PVP exists? Only PVP I've ever experienced is killing Priest bots and laughing about it. Do you even get rewards for it? I'm not interested in it whatsoever as a Priest main so I never researched it. I've never been hunted going through the PVP areas on my quests so I just...don't see the problem of introducing it in the storyline quest? What I REALLY dislike, however, are the stories that aren't even in the game even though they were sub level 50 quests. Like, what about Bella's sister??? Time traveling??? Hello? Can we have some info, Nexon?

    I've just seen such a prevalence of "Throw money at the screen and I can skip the grind" that I really don't know anything else. Just complaints from people who can't afford to do this or are barred from doing it because of mechanics.
  • GG soulbinder

    I'm already sitting on extra stuff for my Mage, and soon I'll be buying things for my Soul Binder.

    It's not hard to buy epic armours and sit on them for your alts. If you happen to get some spare drops from FD like ring and gloves, you get more goodies to pass on over. It's really not that big of a deal. Hit 50 and you already got your 2.1k-2.5k GS. Time to run the hard dungeons.