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  • A little help

    It's also the newest class and is designed to be "hybrid" meaning that one "This is what your supposed to do" kind of build is naturally elusive. I'm not really an analytical sort of person myself, but I can tell you that, unless fire comes out far ahead in dps, storm sigil is generally best because it gives move speed in addition to evasion and electric damage. (when combined with rune focus). So people can argue until they're blue in the face about whether health or defense or evasion is the best defense.. they can argue about whether fire or cold or electric damage is best.. but when all is said and done, storm rune still has move speed. (Remember that RB's movement abilities are rather poor, so a simple move speed increase is more meaningful)

    So, as your leveling, your fire sigil is going to be the strongest because you can put points into it earlier, but when you're able to put a significant number of points into storm sigil, it's probably a good idea to switch. There's also the Echo v. Whirling blades argument.. I find that Echo works. I don't have a problem keeping it on target even though it's shorter range, so I haven't really felt the need to try whirling blades yet. That's against FD though.. maybe if things change as I keep going, I might try whirling blades.. just doesn't seem necessary right now.
  • GG soulbinder

    If you knew you wanted to play a soulbinder, why not just enjoy taking the time and effort to level them and gear them like anything else?
  • Players who queue up for hard dungeons and leave

    Can you imagine how annoyed you'd be if you got into a run with a bunch of bots and then had to deal with a re-entry timer for leaving? Furthermore, if you're completing the instance without the guy, whose time is he really wasting? I mean yeah, it may take you a few extra minutes to clear the instance or whatever, but your the on getting to play the game while that guy has to wait in another queue, right?.. and if he hadn't joined the queue, you'd be waiting for someone else.

    Don't get me wrong. I think leaving the party once the party is found should be avoided, but I DO think there are times where it might legitimately happen and I don't see how punitive measures would improve things.. after all, if this is a trolling/griefing thing.. the longer he's making people wait to re-queue, the more effective the trolling. Furthermore, preventing people from leaving the party when they see bots just makes that problem worse.

    I would be more in favor of filling that spot with the next person in the queue.. of course then you'll have people queueing that won't necessarily get to run the whole instance.
  • Theif doesn't feel like a theif.

    This thief seems more like a mercenary to me "I did the work, now where's my money?"
  • What kind of classes would you all wanna see?

    Personally, I'm a big fan of "bard" classes, but I actually kinda hate the traditional bard.. what I like are things like:

    Skald: Axe and shield character that uses Battlecries to buff allies.. this character would generally wear light armor and wouldn't be very tanky despite the shield (but may have good defensive activated abilities/buffs) The character is probably melee, but could be ranged by using throwing axes and offensive shouts. This would be a physical bard option (Physical/ melee or ranged/ Int)

    Cantor: A holy musician with buffs and heals. Perhaps make it less healing based and turn it into a more offensive "holy-mage" concept in order to not step on the priest's toes. (Magic/Melee/Int)

    Swashbuckler/ Wardancer: A mobile melee bard who would have movement attached to most of their attacks and whose grace and courage is inspirational to behold, thus allowing them to buff allies. (Physical/melee/Dexterity)

    Dirge: The bardic debuffer, whose music is mournful and gloomy.. this my vast preference for a debuffer class in this game. Could be in the style of a blues musician for this game (Magic/ranged/Int)

    Spellsinger: A character who uses offensive spells and buffs. (Magic/ranged/Int)

    Beast-tamer: Bardic pet class, the beast tamer summons and buffs animals and is a mostly physical class. In this game, give the beast tamer a "civil war" era costume, so people can pretend they're the guy from the movie "Dances-with-wolves". Or just make them a traditional lion tamer or something. weapon is a whip (Physical/ melee/ Str)

    Faeire-dancer/ Ghost-Dancer: Another Bardic pet class, this one summons fae and/or spirits and is a magic based class. You could have the faerie abilities go with buffs and the ghost abilities go with debuffs or something like that. weapon is a scourge (Magic/Melee/ Str)

    In a game like this, I really feel like we could do more justice to the idea of the Bard by going into far more detailed versions of that concept.

    Another concept I kinda like that I got from another game is the "Sherpa" cncept. This is a character who lifts and throws things around the battlefield. they can help to reposition allies and enemies, can carry allies to keep them out of danger, hold enemies making them easier to hit and that sort of thing. we could have them be a strength based ranged class. maybe make them a wrestler or Luchador(a) for this game.