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  • RNG is kinda stupid now.

    Sneebes wrote: »
    Yes i agree RNG is BS I know the pain most people do it a stupid system that cause stupid things like this too happen. I for instance failed to get my weapon to 15+ with 87% chance it what RNG does if there even a 0.1% to fail something 100 times in a row well guess what it will happen too a few people out of 10k people. An saying oh it RNG it bound to happen while maybe true doesn't make it any less frustrating and absolutely annoying. All we can do is hope the deves rework in April will remove RNG or make getting 100% success rate a lot easier.

    Imagine being stupid enuf to think some magical system in April will let people 1 to 15 in week with 100percent success chance.
  • Random party Matchmaker when Plz

    Sneebes wrote: »
    faceface wrote: »
    Blah Blah I'm a ****** blah blah i'm a troll blah blah plz ignore me blah.

    Its as if he trying to say something but i can't understand him weird.

    ok lmao, keep being stupid
  • Random party Matchmaker when Plz

    Y r u complaining when ur recruiting at a dead hour with only 4 pf? I just don’t get it, there has been more no requirement party than ever and stupid shet like this still exist? Lol really shows this community is just filled with lazy hoes that want to get carry for everything. Not to mention 90 percent of the players with legendary wep still wipes at math in cpap lolz.
  • Are ribbons really that great?

    Not saying the current system is perfect, but find it hysterical that people claiming casual but cares about gear and progression omegalulz.
  • Epic Pets and Meso Sink Reduction

    I don't get y ur catering to lazy people nexon. The biggest problem specifically speaking of epic pet is the rng, it can vary massively between each person along with the meso sink on candies limiting new players from catching their own. Like there is such thing as a poor new player nowadays doe. Idk the full version of kms2 pet system, as the english translation on the stream for the most recent patch is omegalulz, but I did see 80 blue pets fuse into an epic pet. That should where the direction should go, removing the amount of randomness of catching one and given a guarantee method, but not at the cost of reducing the effort require for one. Now you're only benefiting bots right now, they hold the most amount of potion solvents, prior to this post the demand for solvents weren't high cuz not a lot of people wants to deal with the massive randomness, the biggest meso sink becomes pet candies which limits new players on two of these factors. Now with chances being 6 fold, meaning less candies and less snares required with candies being at the npc of a static 1k a piece, and bots controlling the last piece potion solvents, this really doesn't solve anything. I know the post just came out and there could be a spike and market might stabilize, but I really really doubt it, bots pretty much control 100percent of the potion solvent market, no1 actually legitimately farms for solvents, even if its real players they are real player bots buying a 3rd party script. And god forbid no clue y they can bot for a whole month and a half straight and have nothing happen to their account when you claim to be banning so many god dam accounts omegalulz. With the high jack demand on catching an epic pet on their own, and meret market announced, 0 reason for bots to lower solvent price.