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  • Nexon we need a better way to get epic pets >.

    Ocean7 wrote: »
    Why u guys complain
    .. there should be some items hard to get.. why do u people not have the patience? U will get it eventually since the chance is not zero.

    I don't believe people want it to be easier, they just wan't an alternative that allows them to experience a better option than 0.05% even if that alternative is harder to come by, maybe like a godly snare thats a rare drop from dungeons. If you're like me, someone who failed 12+ -> +13 34/35 Times at 15% makes trying to pass a 0.05% chance sound like an absolute nightmare. Catching an epic pet currently stands at 1/2000 when I can barely pass 1/7.

    If you compare my luck in enhancing to catching an epic pet it could take me tens of thousands of snares....

    I guess the best way to say it would, some insurance would be nice, similar to the way we gain fail stacks with weapon enchancements.
  • Nexon we need a better way to get epic pets >.

    Cryotron wrote: »
    You do realize: if you suggest such a change, epic pets will be worth a lot less right?

    Not only will they be worth less, but it will more of a reality of getting a perfect epic pet.
    Plus it will promote players to grind for them in-game rather than paying IRL Cash for Meso, Which I know numerous players who have because they simply can't stand the Grind/Cost.

    I just passed my 2.5K snare mark and now I'm trading names on my account I sniped in head-start for in-game meso just to get a SINGLE epic pet which seems pretty unrealistic.
  • Pet Taming Suggestion.

    Hey forums,

    I myself have been experience some nasty RNG Block with trying to catch my epic pet. Then when I post about Covetous gear with 'Item increase drop rate' Lines I get attacked by Illumijoddies on reddit. Sooooooo let me propose a toast to those who have used 3000 to 5000 snares and still have yet to receive their epic pet.

    Currently in pet taming, level 4 has no clear significant value. Whether it increases the drop rate on pets or not is still a mystery because when you mouse over level 4 all it shows you is the rewards. When really we want information on what level 4 actually does.

    Aside from this, My actual recommendation to Nexon, Is to raise the Pet Taming level cap to level 10.

    Level 10 pet taming would be a lengthy journey to achieve (And I mean lengthy). But at least it would give players the idea that their still achieving something while hunting for their epic pets, and have a better chance to catch the epic along their RNG Blocked journey.

    Leveling your Pet Taming should reflect in the increased ability to catch better pets, it only makes sense. Level 5-10 should provide players with a better chance to catch higher quality pets or the ability to craft better snares.

    As it stands, telling your players they have an 'extremely low' chance to catch an epic pet, is not descriptive enough. and at most, disheartening.

    From my knowledge of G3's specifically , catching an exceptional pet is roughly 1/50-1/100.
    I've been told by a player in Rebirth that catching an Epic is 1/2000. The difference is 1-2%, to a tush whooping 0.05%.

    MYself, I'm not asking for anything super huge from level 10. For example once you hit level 4 it could be 1/1900, Level 5 be 1/1800, Level 6 be 1/1600 Etc. at level 10 maybe 1/300 or 1/500. It would make the grind to be min-maxed less agitating for people like myself who can't pass a 15% roll after 30+ attempts. It would also make the price of epic pets drop significantly and not allow people who are 'Extremely Lucky' to make billions in a single day.

    That is all, Best regards!
  • Don't Make This Error Looting Your Pets Like Me!

    Thank you I will make sure to do this next time, besides that the regular functions in the game are not working and not everyone knows about the loot key, I've been playing since headstart and I've rarely had any problems looting things by just walking over them...
  • Nexon, your community is starting to feel robbed.

    Sherri wrote: »
    Heavy Gunner? Ladin will nag you about the fusion core, etc.
    Archer? Henesys will be happy to see you.

    -cough- ahem anyway,..
    Er.. these were the only classes I played tbh, but you get the idea right?
    The main storyline makes note on what class you are.
    Also, more side/world quests for the different classes would be interesting too.

    This made me laugh XD
    Yea changing the whole quest structure would be difficult but it doesn't take a lot to keep it from being identical on every single class,