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  • [WINNERS] Discord Emoji Contest

    In-Game Name: Seleiance
    Server: NA East
    Icon name: Mad-Bear
    A simple edit, but I haven't seen any Urza entries yet. :3
  • [NA - East] ~Oddsprout~

    Hello everyone!
    Oddsprout is once again open for applications. Our mission is to grow together through support and teamwork. We all may be small now, but even the tallest tree was once a sprout. Nobody is expected to be an instant expert here. Feel free to move at your own pace, and don't be afraid to ask for help if you need it.

    Please keep the following in mind:
    * Be respectful of your fellow guild members.
    * Do not spam the chat. I am accepting of somewhat long-winded conversation, but try to be concise.
    * Do not engage in illicit activity. (Scamming, hacking, etc)
    * Everyone is allowed only one character in the guild. I would like this to be a guild of people, not alts.
    - With this in mind, every guild will be asked to join the guild's Discord server. ( ). It will serve as a verification method, but more importantly, it will allow the guild members a means of communication outside of the game. This means even your alts can easily get involved in guild activity.
    * If you have any issues with a fellow member and need help in resolving the matter, then please message me directly via discord. Please try to keep guild drama out of the chat.
    * Please try to participate in daily/weekly guild quests. If you must be offline for more than a week, then please try to send a notice in advance via Discord.

    If you are interested in joining, then feel free to submit an application in-game. :)
    You don't need to be a member of the guild to be involved in the guild discord, as long as you actually intend to join the guild. If you have an application for the guild in the queue, you can verify yourself using the applicant character's name.

    ! The guild is currently looking for more knights to join. !
  • [WINNERS] House Builders Contest

    Name: Seleiance
    Server: Victoria (NA)

    Welcome to My home in Maple World, The Pig Pen. I know, it is a very unfitting name, but that's what happens when you decide to let your lucky golden pig name the place so he won't get upset and leave "surprises" everywhere. It's a spacious home for guests to visit and enjoy.
    The home features a lovely flowerbed to welcome guests.

    There is a farm for anyone in need of supplies. For some reason, it seems to just never runs out. Just don't get too greedy, please.

    A relaxing outdoor sitting space by a calming pond. It's positioned right in front of the kitchen since nothing is more relaxing than the smell of food. At least that's what Kin says.

    A spacious foyer to walk around if you feel like it.

    A sitting space for watching television... whatever that is.

    One bathroom is enough, right?

    An indoor swimming space if you feel like swimming indoors.

    A table for tea. It has a lovely view of the foyer too.

    A recreational room. It has exercise equipment, video games and Kin's favorite part, snacks.

    A bedroom for guests to sleep in. I added a drawing board for planning future builds and renovations, but it can be used for drawing anything.

    Anyway, that concludes the tour. Feel free to stop by any time. :)
  • [WINNERS] Maplers of Tria Contest

    Name: Seleiance
    Server: Victoria (NA)


    Seleiance is a spirit of good fortune. Upon seeing the misfortune brought upon Maple World by the war of light and darkness, she traveled into the world to help. She travels with her companion Kin the lucky golden pig, and wields the fortune scepter, "Fate". Seleiance didn't intend to take a side in the conflict, but ended up swept up in the mayhem, leading to her current alliance with Empress Ereve. She may have wanted to stay neutral, but she will still do her best in undoing the misfortune brought by the ceaseless war of Maple World.

    Seleiance is often mistook for a priest due to the cross-like nature of her magic, but it is actually the magic of "Fate", which manifests in unfolding cubes.
  • [Suggestion] Changes for Controller use

    After having played the beta for about five days I have noticed a couple issues with the way controller play is working. The first problem is in the fact that controller quickslots are locked and cannot be edited. The second is in the obstructive way the game indicates which of the three quickslot menus are being used by the controller.

    As of right now, the current locking of quickslot keybinds poses a bit of an issue.
    -For PS4 controllers specifically, it has quickslots locked incorrectly with the sqiare, circle and 'x' buttons incorrectly mapped.
    -Players who may prefer to use the right analog stick instead of the D Pad to access skills are unable to.
    -It also doesn't help that the game client doesn't always keep up with button inputs, and can often misread the controller state leaving some buttons allegedly held down when they aren't and vice-versa. At first I thought it was related to client lag, but I have also seen it happen even when there wasn't any visible signs of lagging. This has been particularly problematic in boss fights where input misreading has lead to unwanted jumping/climbing/basic attacks/etc that have lead to catastrophic results (such as eating a laser from the fire dragon).

    For these reasons, I feel it should be optional for players to be able to edit the quickslot shortcuts or even elect to simply remove all of them and handle the keybinds using an input mapping program like JoyToKey or XPadder that don't suffer from input locking like MapleStory 2 currently does. It would also give players more flexibility to set up their gamepad controls exactly how they want them. I'll be honest that the only real draw that the gamepad option currently has in this game for me is the ability to move around in a nearly full 360 degree range rather than just eight directions. It certainly doesn't help that there the PS button and the touchpad buttons on the PS4 controller can't even be mapped to any in-game shortcuts.

    The second issue is much more straightforward. Whenever you use the shoulder buttons to access the quickslots in-game, they always place an unnecessary list of the skill names on top of the active section of the bar, which will display over the rest of the screen. Please add an option to get rid of this display and just keep the highlight box.

    That is all I have to say on the matter for now.