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  • Are ribbons really that great?

    Ah, yes... I understand completely now.

    Down with the bourgeoisie!
  • Are ribbons really that great?

    It's almost like mesos are tokens used to bypass random aspects in the game at the player's own discretion!

    Can you imagine if there was a consistent method to make 10 million mesos per hour? I don't think you want to see what happens next.
  • Are ribbons really that great?

    Poor lad! You seem to have a misconception about what Trader's Ribbons' true purpose is! Nexon wants you to believe that they are designed to fast track the progression of all the suckers who knew better than to grind dungeons till their hands fell off, but the truth of the matter is that no one wants to use ribbons on major garbage like epic weapons when people are paying through the nose just for legendary weapon fodder! It definitely goes without saying, all of the players armed to the teeth with alts will appreciate this as well, as it allows them to gear their characters to the point where they can at least join hard dungeons and not be "that guy."

    Let me just break it down for you, nice and simple. If you are honestly trying to make money with ribbons, then there are some very simple rules to follow.

    Epic accessories MUST have high demand stats. Don't even think that earring you have will sell unless it has piercing on it. And even then, in most scenarios it needs to be Piercing/Boss damage (generalist) Piercing/melee, piercing/ranged, piercing/critical damage (assassin), or piercing/attack speed (heavy gunner). Let me just warn you right now, your accessory with elemental damage isn't gonna sell, pal.

    Your totally-bonkers-off-the-chain epic weapon with flawless stats isn't selling, pal. No one will pay for ANY epic weapon when ANY legendary weapon, even the crappiest piece of fodder, will outclass the perfect epic weapon that you just found.