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    *Side note
    I haven't done any testing because of the expense of doing so stat-wise, but part of me thinks the ancient rune daggers might be BiS for us because were one of the few classes that really benefit from atk speed. Atk speed usually limits a class because it doesnt help with their spirit gain, and thus you lose out on dps as spirit becomes a limiting factor. but for us attack speed enhances the spirit gain speed of our basic double slash, thus enabling us to apply more cunnings and more frequently/quickly fill our spirit bar. The downside to this is of course it has no positive effect on dots or cooldown skills like SK (beyond more cunnings which could mean more SK's due to its reduced cooldown w/ cunning)
    Someday I'd love for NEXON to do dots like FFXIV does where they get amplified in dmg by attack speed (to fake cause them to hit more often) in which case ATK speed would certainly be valuable all around.

    If anyone has somehow had the funds to really test this out (by having a good +12 murpagoth and +12 rune set at least) let me know cause I'm really interested.

    I could be TOTALLY wrong with this and Murpagoth may be the way to go

    I'm constantly irritated by people who ignore this and complain the game doesn't do proper math. (but yeah it should be more clear about it cause our descriptions suck and cause us no end of pain)

    Thief moves that require two one handed daggers do one handed dmg.
    Thief moves that only require ONE one handed dagger do Two handed dmg if you have two daggers and hit with both.
    (i haven't tested this but presumably if you used a shield with blade dance or SK you'd only do 1x dmg){not that you should ever use a shield but I mean.... apparently it was a thing for a while in korean MS before the equip requirements were placed in}

    This means BLADE DANCE and SOMERSAULT KICK have a hidden 2x multiplier, making them much stronger than they initially appear, and far more viable than Vicious cut disciples care to admit.

    I've tested these to prove them myself and rather than adding screenshots I'm going to show you how to test them for yourself.
    Get vicious cuts to lvl 4 and BD to lvl 2 and BD should have its first two hits do 45% dmg and VC all hits should be 44%. You will quickly realize on a dummy that EVERY BD HIT is double dmg. Making BD at lvl 10 effectively 138% 138% 166%= 442%
    VC works well with ruthless guile, but even with cunning its 124 *5 = 620%. and of course you're not realistically always using cunning. The reliance on cunning IMO makes VC weaker, also its hitbox is harder to use. The added dodge involved in blade dance just hard makes it the better move to me.
    Only downside to BD in my opinion is the it doesn't regain spirit quite as fast. That said both VC and BD are viable with the right build/setup.

    Somersault kick take it to lvl 9 and Mind breaker to lvl 7. both should do 350% right? Wrong. SK will do twice the damage of MB.

    ADDITIONAL HIDDEN MECHANICS just in case you didn't know, but most of these are well known.

    Cunning on POISON EDGE applies a dot that stacks up to 5 times. a single cunning on it carries all the way through the 5 variations of the move. Further for whatever reason the last 2 hits of PE acts like a double hand hit with an innate 2x modifier. making those last two hits (with the dot considered as well) very heavy damage. PE should be used with a single strike to keep the dot up (as if 5 stacks are on the enemy and the dots running out a single hit will refresh its timer but maintain the 5 stacks) OR strike all 5 times for really strong damage.

    BLADE DANCE cunning provides an evasion buff ranging from 80% to 99% at lvl 10. This gives it synergy with the retaliation passive.

    SURPRISE ATTACK When cunning is active hits a much wider range and up to 8 targets

    SOMERSAULT KICK cunning replaces slow with a 1 second stun effect, AND reduce the cooldown by 2 seconds

    VICIOUS CUTS does double dmg with cunning.

    MESOGUARD with cunning consumes no MESO, very limited buffs defense and instead gives a MASSIVE buff to attack that lasts 12 seconds (instead of 4)/ Despite this in my tests mesoguard is still not worth using because its uptime is abysmal 12/60 seconds...

    RETALIATION most people forget it also gives you up to 30 spirit per proc. that's not a laughable amount by any means.

    Good luck thieves proving yourselves to be the best :D