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  • help with golden chests

    Most of the time you will have to break something to find a hidden path like a ladder or a hole so you can reach those specific spots. Most of the time it is helpful to google the mapname with golden chest, because they will show you how to get to them.
  • People are leaving.

    I can't play as long as you can (except weekend) because of work and school right after taking away up to 18 hours of my day, but could get +15/+15 weapons, with house buff 15%piercing, somewhere between 14-18% bossdmg, max phys pen on my thief. Leveling is a breeze right now. Hard dungeons easily done in 5-7minutes per run.
    Took a guildie 7hours of FD grinding to get his weapon from +0 to +15, yes he got a lot of luck,still, what do you mean with "takes too much time"?
    [Edit]: Since it caused some confusion. With the seven hours I mean the actual time of working for the weapon. Logging in, creating group, running FD until cap and doing something else or switching back to his main.
  • Black Market Carriage Experience

    Didn't get a single Name Change Voucher. Even in the 40% or 20%. I did get a Skill Tab Voucher though. So how was the experience with you guys?
    Fourth row from the top, second square from the right?

    But for myself I got what I wanted. Skill tab voucher and more inventory space, both 60%
    [Edit]: Well and stuff I didn't even need like the cupid's arrow name tag D:
  • Thoughts on RNG

    ZZZzzz wrote: »
    RNG is made for cash grab in KMS2. There is no cash grab but why RNG is still here ?

    So you will always have space to improve your gear.
    It's annoying, I know it, you know it, everybody knows it, but if everything would have the same stats, the droprate would be much lower so people would complain about the amounts of time you need to find a single, let's say weapon. If the droprate is too high, you would be capped to fast.

    RNG would be fine if we would get more ways to reroll it or a way to get your desired stats without being expensive AF.
    Every legendary item I droped is worse than my epic, so it doesn't feel so legendary right now.
  • So KMS is getting new skills after awakening!

    Am already quite excited to see how much it will change my thief gameplay.
    But also don't want to spoiler myself...moral conflict!