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  • A Better Discord: Suggestions From Experience

    This is a follow up from my previous post. Over the past few days, there's been a lot of different activity on the Discord. While I've seen a lot of positivity and helpful people, I've also seen some very questionable things. I won't talk about those things here, as it would inevitably get me warned/get the post removed. I have notified the moderators, but unfortunately, there aren't many active Discord mods at this time. The few that are active seem to get overwhelmed because of the disproportionate amount of work necessary to moderate the Discord, and I will touch upon that subject later in the post. To help, I'd like to offer a few suggestions. Moving on to my first recommendation...

    The rules on the forum and Discord server need better organization, clarification, and formatting.

    Right now, the rules in the forum look like this. The Discord rules aren't much better.

    Why not try some formatting? You can format text on Discord too. Numbered lists with indentations are your friend. There are a couple of rules from the forum that have not translated well to a Discord server. Moving the off-topic #chat-lounge channel up so that it's first in the list of unlocked channels would help curb off-topic chat in channels meant to be for the game. Clarification of some rules, such as distinguishing between hate speech and political speech, and having better direction on the team's end to clarify what UGC you all want to allow would help everyone greatly.

    Moderating a Discord is far different than moderating a forum, and it cannot be treated like a forum setting.

    This is an issue that often blindsides a team. They'll run a successful, moderately calm forum/subreddit/etc., then they'll move on to create a Discord server. Suddenly, thousands of users join. Not all of them talk, but dozens, if not hundreds, of users will be chatting in real time. Now users are being much less careful of what they say, and it becomes easier to miss people who require help as well as those who are breaking rules. Here comes the call for volunteers (which has already happened, if you're interested, please apply here).

    We need Discord moderators!

    We do! We absolutely do. As stated above, if there is a disproportionate amount of user activity to moderators, things can get out of hand. The mods may not be able to handle several issues that arise. The fault doesn't fall on anyone; there's just not enough of a team, or the team may not be working together. Maybe they don't have enough direction, or maybe it's for other reasons, but no matter the case...

    Moderators must work as a team.

    This means providing a private staff channel on Discord to coordinate activities and hold open discussions, such as how to handle moderation and what being a moderator means to the team as a whole. There should always be a balance of powers in any team, and it seems like there is. The private staff channel will allow them to report important actions taken by each member, learn how members of their team function, and coordinate to figure out what should or should not be counted as offenses as well as their severity. If necessary, to ease the process of finding more moderators...

    The role of a VFM or Discord moderator should not be a permanent position, and there should be a trial phase with feedback from the community on how that person performed.

    Allow me to clarify what I mean by this. VFMs should be temporary, and last right up until they become inactive or ineffective. They should also go through a trial phase for a period of time, with less impactful tasks assigned to them and less power, before advancing to being an actual VFM. This would protect the Discord server and the forums, and make it more difficult for new VFMs to abuse any powers given. It would also allow a community manager to easily legitimize the action of removing VFM rights from a moderator candidate on short notice if necessary, citing performance issues or inactivity. It provides solid grounds to transparently remove VFM candidates. It could even loosen restrictions for applying for the role of VFM (or not~). Moderators that are no longer in that trial phase, and can be thoroughly trusted, could be allowed the power to help oversee these new potential candidates. This creates a heirarchy that takes more work off of the community manager's hands. Finally, to repeat...

    Community feedback is key.

    Arguably, the most important part of moderation is listening to the community. This means moderating in a way that tries to work for everyone. Granted, you'll never please everyone, and sometimes hard decisions have to be made. However, it is paramount to take into account suggestions from the community. We as a community should have an open discussion on how to handle moderation in the Discord server. As always, anyone can feel free to give their thoughts or suggestions, but please make sure to stay on topic and follow the forum rules.
  • Jumping with arrow keys

    Unfortunately, this is likely a problem with your keybaord. Try rebinding the key that's giving you issues; otherwise, this could be a matter of how your keyboard is handling key rollover.

    Key rollover is basically how your keyboard handles pressing/holding down multiple keys at once. Often, cheaper systems such as laptops or cheaper keyboards won't be able to handle certain key combinations at once. You might also want to try binding your jump key to a different key. Does this happen with other games?
  • Music / Performing

    There's also a lot of already made tunes over in the Music section of the forums. All you have to do is copy and paste em to a new blank music sheet. You can find those easily in Tria- look for Music Academy Head Stefan. Other than that, yeah, learning how to add your own music into the game is encouraged. It's really fun, and it's fun for other people to hear familiar songs~!
  • Are bots saving this community?Hmmm

    I gave it a bit of thought, and honestly... no. If bots can swim on land, then no.