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  • I am so sick of peoples complaining

    supermiky wrote: »
    Vixro wrote: »
    I'm so sick of people complaining....heres a thread about me complaining about the people complaining.

    Exactly this... this is me complaining about others complaining. Is there a problem?
    Yes, you are contributing to what you consider a problem and I have a problem with that.
  • I'm not trying to say anything but......

    The thing is... MS1 was out during the golden age of MMORPG. We are currently living in the dying stages of MMORPG. The viewers on MS1 are probably the veterans that stuck around since then.

    I'm almost positive that if MS2 was released first and MS1 was released 2018, the situation would be reversed.
  • That moment you.

    Looks like you got yourself a new main.
  • Removed original p2w concept but same game??????

    What would you suggest?

    Keep in mind that if anything you suggest isn't liked, you'll have to come up with different ideas each time to fit our liking.
  • Make sure you forward this to Nexon

    I don't understand why people think B4 is Nexon's job to ban. It's almost equivalent to trading someone who says they're selling you something but you have to give the mesos first. If you agreed to that and got scammed, it's really not anyone else fault but yours. If you're willing to roll the dice for it, be willing to accept the outcome of the roll.

    As for the RNG... I do think it may be a bit rough but I just have to say that I have never in my life played an MMO that didn't have RNG when it came to upgrading your gear. Heck, some MMORPG requires you to buy an item to boost the chances because they fall as low as 5% chance to upgrade.

    As for being lied to about the dungeon requirement, I haven't checked it out yet so I wouldn't know. However if that's true then that's all on Nexon and that's not good practice.

    I'm not here to defend Nexon if anyone wonders because this is literally the only game I've given Nexon another chance after 7+ years.