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  • To peoples who complain about tradeable legendary

    WiLBoY wrote: »
    It's also BS that players need to carry casuals so they can get gear. It's also BS that content needs to be nerfed or items need to be handed out so casuals can get the same type of gear

    To be fair, newer players/casuals(basically all the newer players you consider casuals from what I'm seeing) don't always want to be carried. They just want to be able to get into a dungeon at all which most seems to have +14~15 requirements. This is why I am welcoming the change of tradable gear because at the very least, they can still get their gear through saving mesos and buying cheaper/weaker pieces to at least get a startup. The downside is that it makes meso buyers have easier access to the gear pieces instead of just buying runs and count on RNG gear. Again, I believe the pros outweighs the cons which is why I'm okay with it.

    Those who played months ago can't say they've been in the shoes of those who just started recently. I mean I was able to join any dungeon at almost any time with my blue weapon and it was never a challenge to get newer gear. I don't think the game should be made easier but I do think they need to take steps to make the game a bit new player friendly, something that's inviting. Nobody likes to join a game brand new and first thing they see is a group of "elites" that circle jerks with each other about how much better they are than everyone else because of their ++ gear. Although I barely play this game outside of dailies now, I want this game to do more than survive as that is not enough. The game should survive AND thrive.
  • Confused by V-Day Event (Sprinkles and boxes)

    Ayumí wrote: »
    Sammich88 wrote: »
    The only reason I can see having the alts and extra chocolates is if you put down chocolates and nobody comes to sprinkle it(and nobody else around to lay chocolates down). After a minute it disappears so you'll be short of chocolates if not for your alts.

    I still would put the blame on the design of it still because one way to combat this is not let them disappear after a minute.
    The way it is now is very cluster/cluttery.
    Honestly I think it'll be somewhat hard to manage no matter which way they went.

    Like if they made it so that the chocolate goes away when you pick it up, people can accidentally pick up their chocolates and be short of chocolates for the day.
    Alternatively you can make it so that the chocolate only disappears when you leave the map, this may lead to people setting down chocolate, go afk and forget for a while and we'd have a map filled with chocolates.

    They'd need to implement some other system entirely for this to work without clutter. Overall they do have to keep the social aspect of it all as well since it's a Valentines related quest. Looks like they stuck with the idea of the 1 minute thing being the one that does less overall damage to the maps while keeping the social aspect.

    If nothing else, just delete the mail or let the chocolates expire.
  • Confused by V-Day Event (Sprinkles and boxes)

    The only reason I can see having the alts and extra chocolates is if you put down chocolates and nobody comes to sprinkle it(and nobody else around to lay chocolates down). After a minute it disappears so you'll be short of chocolates if not for your alts.
  • If you're one of those +15 dungeon req. guys...

    WiLBoY wrote: »
    I really don't understand this mindset that veteran players need to help new players. While they can, it shouldn't be an entitlement. We all used to run 10-15 min runs and we played a lot to get to where we are. Why should we be punished to run slower runs when we have put more effort into the game compared to someone who puts in less effort.

    This whole fair fight change wouldn't make much of a difference. I wouldn't be using my free time to help new players do dungeons. That puts more responsibility on geared players helping out new players in guilds. Why would I run for no rewards while having to do slower runs. I'll probably be on alts looking for geared players to help me as well.
    Listen, I'm not here to enforce whether or not someone should help a newcomer, I'm just here to point out the consequences to what happens if we don't in the long run. It's kinda like not helping strangers IRL and you're not expected to but if nobody helps anyone ever, there will be consequences to that just like this game there will be consequences in its own ways(such as contributing to the decline of new players).

    I'd like to add one other note... It's actually harder to be a new player to catch up to a veteran at this point. They will have to work harder than we ever did to get to where we are at right now because they are more alone than ever. Back when the game was newly released, everyone had to help each other because everyone was roughly the same level. Now for the newcomers that's just joining in? They are way behind and not many people out there to help them.

    So do what you want but actions do have consequences. This is just a heads up.
  • If you're one of those +15 dungeon req. guys...

    Sammich88 wrote: »
    faceface wrote: »
    Sammich88 wrote: »
    Akarot wrote: »
    +15 gang here.

    Now imagine this. You can put your dishes/clothes in the respective washing machine. Or you can wash them by hand. What do you choose? I doubt you choose the 'washing by hand' method. It's tedious and it takes forever. Once you try the machine version, you don't want to go back to the hand washing method.

    It's the same with +15 only dungeons. 3-4 minute runs are much better than 10-15 minute runs, trust me.
    Also, it shouldn't take more than a month to get your weapon to +15, especially now that you have Toad Kits. If you're struggling with Onyx Crystals then don't go for the 100% method. Just gather 16-17 sacrifices (that's 15 Balrogs) and roll at 30% . It usually takes 2-4 tries to enchant with 30% chance. Don't forget to do dailies and open the dungeon boxes. Disenchanting useless weapons gives you the last bit needed.

    Can't find a group?
    Join a guild. People have alts and are willing and looking to run together. You can also just make 'Balrog +x" groups at Party Finder yourself, or 'Balrog anyone'. I've seen quite a few +15 do a 'Balrog anyone' parties as well.
    Just to be clear since everyone is letting this fly over their heads, I'm not saying it's unreasonable to do it, it's just an unfortunate consequence that will affect newer players. You can easily say "just create a party" with much experience under your belt but as a completely new player that comes in, that option will not be in their mindset just yet as many of them are not in that level of confidence yet.

    Newer players will walk in the game and see the ridiculous requirement and may just quit and that is on us the community who basically made the whole party search have a +15 requirement. Again, I'm not saying it's absurd to want to run dungeons with other +15 to be faster but just know that because you guys are doing this so that "you" are benefiting(that is the undeniable truth when you think about it), it may cost the future of this game.

    I have zero problem joining a dungeon as my guildmates are pretty much always up to it so seriously back it up with thinking this is "my" problem because it's not, it's "our" problem.

    TL;DR -
    No matter what your reasons of doing the +15 req thing, whether it's a legitimately good excuse or not, there is the unfortunate consequence that follows that may prevent new players from staying. With that happening, this game will keep on declining.

    “Not Confident enuf to host own party” don’t u think that’s more non sense than asking for +15. This isn’t sum 5th grader asking a girl out for the first time.
    It doesn't matter, as long as someone isn't familiar with something at all they won't have much confidence in it. For example if I asked you to step in the boxing ring with me, I can almost guarantee that you will not be confident in jumping into the ring. If you think otherwise, I am in California and I will invite you to a boxing match against me(simply to prove my point in levels of confidence). Unless you can prove me wrong here, get your head out of that little box and consider the fact that confidence isn't tied to just childhood crushes.

    Did you really just tell him to "Fight you irl" to try and prove your point LOL
    I sure did lol but you are missing a point which I’ll fill you in here. The point of it really boils down to picking something I am almost sure he is inexperienced with and I am experienced with. This is to create a situation where lower levels of confidence can be tied to just about anything you’re completely unfamiliar with and not just asking an elementary school crush out. I could have picked anything really but I am more sure about less people having experience in this field than my other activities.

    Of course though if he is confident enough to do it, I’ll gladly accept. To me it’s a hobby, it’s no different from asking someone to play a match of PvP with me other than the physical attribute. At that point he would have proven his point but until then, it’s quite silly if he can’t even back up his own statement.