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  • Life expectancy of Maplestory 2

    Like all giants in the game industry, including Maplestory in its own right - have worked hard to make this game better for the followers, new players and the market itself. Pretty much the game developers are listening and changing the game based on what everyone seems to like better than the other. And if you are keeping up with, MapleStory 2 logs and update/events they are highlighting everything they are doing and that means changing everything possible so "WE" the players "maybe-be" happier, more comfortable and better suited to enjoy the game.

    Compare this to a magic wand, what is your wish in the game today my dear?

    1. Dungeon Revivals with merets ? Is gone! as you wish!
    2. Dungeon caps? oh wait! "extend your dungeon fiasco button added"... so now you can do 60 clears in total for the week! as you wish!

    Regarding pay to win - the "what" who shall not be never be named! End of story.

    3. make peachy worth using
    4. remove the daily dungeon limit, why is there a weekly and daily dungeon limit? pick either one but not both.
    5. make gather take less time or be more rewarding. there is no reason why it takes me 20 times to harvest the last item.

    there will always be stuff to improve in the game.
  • 10 dungeon limit

    Its there to prevent the gap between hardcore and softcore players from being too wide.

    the problem that people are complaining is that it's hard to catch up, the people complaining aren't softcore players. all my softcore friends left the game. 10 dungeons per day helps keep the people that play all there weekly dungeons ahead and make it very time consuming to catch up, like if you stopped playing for a week, you are now a week behind no matter what. hardcore or softcore. i like games that i can pick up and play 4 or 5 hours in a row and then play a week later and have a solid 8 hour day on the weekend. and not worry about being so far behind i can't even get into the new content.
  • Healthy discussion: RNG Gating

    Adartaer wrote: »
    FeverJaws wrote: »
    all i am seeing is that you want everything to be given without effort.. no thanks but your welcome to play wow, eso etc. for that purpose
    I agree with 100%
    I remember old times of mmos where you have to grind months to get item with 0,001% probability. Good old times never come back ^^

    do you only exist for suffering? what's the point of playing a game where the legit theme is grind until you want to kill yourself.
  • Chaos Papulatus is going to be a HUGE trainwreck

    what's the point of playing this game as a causal then?! literally there is no good content that feels rewarding except grinding toward the hope of doing a cdev.
  • Make sure you forward this to Nexon

    UltimaPi wrote: »
    rawmilk wrote: »
    I had no choice but to buy the runs because I couldn't get B4 key myself (if i want to improve my gear/stats).

    And people know there are scammers, yet still choose to risk paying 3m per run. Because even then, it's worth it.

    Yes, you willingly choose to buy the run, knowing that it is probably a scam. Nexon did not tell you to buy the run from another player. You made that decision by yourself, based on "rng sux". Hence, you got scammed because of your own actions. You literally chose to get scammed.

    okay so are you saying it's okay for nexon to allow players to scam? in other games you'd actually want the game devs to step in an implement actions to prevent scamming. it's not an intended part of the game. it should be fixed. nexon didn't intend for gold seller to exist but it's there job to stop them. is it not?! if nexon doesn't want you to buy runs from other players where is the blog post saying "don't buy b4 keys" - nexon