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  • Design Shop, stolen designs and no consequence.

    MochiAi wrote: »
    Sadly the UGC stealing has been going on since KMS2 and every other version of MS2. Nexon has failed to contain this problem and is still ongoing. I don't think they have the capacity or manpower to track down UGC stealing.
    You should still keep on sending them mails and demand something be done. Having your work stolen is one of the most grueling experience and more so that the people who are supposed to support the creators are ignoring the problem.

    Yeah, i sent another mail yesterday. Also it's just weird that Nexon obviously looked into my case since they asked for more information, but yet, now a week after that, it's still up. Almost like they don't believe me and left it alone.
    And yeah, it really sucks. It's not like downloading a movie from a faceless multi billion corporation. I have several UGC in the works that i simply don't care about finishing anymore. F this.
  • Design Shop, stolen designs and no consequence.

    Nine days ago i noticed that someone stole my design from the EU server and posted it on the NA East server. I reported the item in game and gave the - what i thought would be the sufficient - information.
    A couple of days later the item is still up for sale, so i made a ticket on this site and this time i gave even more specific information with screenshots. The day after i get an email and the support asked for information - information that i've already had given in the ticket. So i gave the same information again + some more information and attached even more screenshots of my item just to make sure the information would be stupendously clear this time. I also reported that my design wasn't the only the person had stolen.

    Now nine days later my design is still not removed. It's popular and selling decently too.

    This is not about the merets for me. The two important things (in the realm of this game) for me is that i can make enough merets to make more designs and to have copyright and control over my designs. I would give my stuff away if i could. But the fact that some duckhead steal, take credit and make merets on my work is just demoralizing and sad. And the fact that Nexon doesn't seem to react to this fast enough or at all just makes it worse.

    The main reason i'm writing this is that i seriously question what kind of bad system they must have for the Design Shop if they can't cross-check if someone's stealing a design and cross-check a reported item? Should it really be this complicated? After all, we're talking about people putting in many hours of work (well, some of us) to bring items to the game that people are spending real money on and that Nexon is making money off. They might not be able to totally prevent copyright theft, but the system around reporting and checking if an item is stolen should be solid and swift.

    This whole thing has put a wet blanket over my will to design anything more and i suggest that everybody who design stuff keep an eye out for stolen design. Not that Nexon seems to do anything about it tho.

    Ps. This is the UGC btw. Ds.

  • Botting is Ruining Early - Mid Game

    "Once you run Tronix, half the party is made of bots"

    That's putting it mildly imo. I play on EU servers and i literally have to exit 15-20 queues until i find a run without bots and in 10 of those queues i'm alone with bots. I used to report and block, but now i can't be bothered with reporting. It's too much work for something that seems pointless. Also, even if you block and report, they still end up in your queues.

    Funny thing is that it seems to get worse the more they claim to battle this problem.
    I just feel like they should and could do more. The game need more "hands on" to fight the morale of the people who's doing this - especially when it comes to ad balloons and ad boards, which sometimes are up for days in Tria. And when it comes to bots - and this might be stupid - but how about adding some sort of Captcha - in the storyline or wherever - that stops the bots from progressing? Or slows it down. Now it feels like it's too easy to program these bots to follow a straight line and progress, without any speed bumps.