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  • Exploiting Macro AFK farmers Will they get banned?

    IWALY69 wrote: »
    Now this ain't bots ! Bots that run around controlled by 3rd party program !

    These are players who usually put Priest in High Dens monster area with quick spawn and Macro most of their spells on key like Space , put something on it and gone away from PC.

    I play on EU and I found most of these peoples in Lion's Gate , cuz high density of monsters and quick spawn they leave Priest at 1 spot and Exploit macro to AFK farm Potion Solvents , as well mesos and XP!

    As this is IN GAME Feature and not use of 3rd party program it's exploited but Will you please ban everyone who do this and accounts they transfer mesos and other items to!

    Thanks !

    Just an FYI even if you put something on your space bar or whatever your "attack" key is set to, after 100 or 150 attacks it stops automatically and makes you have to move your character before allowing you to attack again. This was the same method they used in Ms1. So the way you think it works is incorrect. If you've seen people like that chances are they are also using 3rd party programs because just jamming your key down won't work. Unless you can find an optimal corner to hold your move key + attack which I can't see that being worth anything anyway.
  • Nexon these hacks are available

    So on top of calling out some of the top players in the game by finding them on hacking sites/selling sites cause some of them aren't very smart and can't hide their steps well, I'm also going to post screen shots of currently available functional hacks so that Nexon can hopefully know which method to take to patch these or fix them on their end. These hacks have all pretty much been around since MS1 so the fact they haven't figured it out yet is not a good sign for the longevity of this game. As the first one died from bots/hackers as well then they threw p2w on top of not doing much about the hackers besides "banning" but it's f2p game and it's not like anyone who hacks/bots uses their mains let's get real. They just funnel from bot accounts to the main or other people. So the bans are almost completely useless because it doesn't stop them not even for 5 seconds as you can run multiple instances of MS with Vm's.

    @Nexon If these images are not allowed here and there is a way I may contact you without going through the hassle of support which is laughable then please obviously take this down and feel free to PM me about how to reach out as I have pretty decent information or can obtain it and provide it back to you guys. Obviously could find this on your own but I know the team over there is busy at times and can't be doing everything at once.
  • Thoughts on Casino Houses

    Alchemii wrote: »
    See this is a complicated matter. On one hand I applaud people coming up with creative ways to take money from others make mesos. On the other though gambling addiction is a series issue, that many people suffer from, and that this would only cause problems for people with that kind of problem.

    but...So is video game addiction...It's been classified as a mental disorder...So by your logic we should just ban this whole game cause it's certainly not helping any of those people either.
  • Nexon's working with the bot company

    I think this is funny cause all of those bots are from the SAME website pretty much all of them anyway lol. I'm beginning to think Nexon is working with that site and splitting profits cause they have LITERALLY done nothing to fix this. They claim we've banned 10's of thousands of bots! Well that does nothing because it's a freaking f2p game! They can literally make unlimited accounts/chars. With no ip/mac bans the bots will never stop cause security on this game is laughable you'd think after so many years in business they'd get it right this time and make sure security was priority #1 considering most of their games DIE from hackers/botters literally ALL of their games. Or p2w aspects but usually bots come way before and the p2w gets added later just to milk the last of the money from people who still play.

    This is slightly off topic but I was chat banned last month for 2 days and I've filed a ticket and still haven't received logs or reason as to WHY I was chat banned twice right after each other with no chance to even play a day without being re-banned. No UGC issues, no chat issues, NOTHING which is why I filed the ticket and NEVER got a response still besides we appreciate your patience! :) So their not working on the bots/sellers or peoples personal tickets either so what do they even do there? Most of the content is copy+paste from kms besides a few changes none which should have taken as long as they claim.
  • Bring Buddy Chat into Maplestory 2

    It's funny to see the people that don't know how great buddy chat was and how much more that was actually used than almost every other chat. Groups entail people staying in them and EVERYONE in the group seeing the message rather than just your friends. Sure it works and so does whisper but it's way more convenient to have a buddy chat plus every old school player will enjoy it, majority of this game is all nostalgia based playerbase there are used to some of the functions of the original. I know it's its own game but that doesn't mean drop all the GOOD features and provide this system lol. I honestly havent been a fan of anything about this chat layout what so ever. Also bring back PQ'S! These dungeons are even close to any party quest we had they just require no concentration and spam your skills, no actual puzzle solving or anything.