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  • My last hint to @Nexon on preventing hackers

    They have bypassed you guys checking background programs by just injecting .dll's So I would assume your next step would be to somehow find those running or preventing MS2 from opening when an injector of any sort is open. They set the most common injector to manual map and then standardized injection method. All the hacks that were previously available are available through this as well including no clip,bots,delta,speed,jump,teleport,bypass location check.

    Good luck.

    I've officially quit and admitted to hacking in another post and admitted to a meso exploit which I will not reveal as they don't listen to me, so they'll have to work for the important stuff :). This is just the basics so I don't mind sharing this information with you guys so that you can work on preventing further cracks in your wondrous security.
  • "Future Feedback Initiative" by Jungsoo Lee

    Sad I've literally post tons of crap on these forums about THIS EXACT situation where it's NEXON they won't ever do anything it's sad but true. This company has been in the gutter since LONG LONG ago unfortunately. I've invested 1.4k+ hours already in MS2 and quit 3 weeks ago because of all the bull. Now they have the BALLS to tell everyone your not getting anything changed for 3 months. Yeah GOOD BYE enjoy your dead playerbase. Hate to be so rude as I more than anyone wanted this game to do well. But I can't continue to support it when the team has literally given up and it's extremely apparent. Your going to see this playerbase drop under 2k daily REAL fast. If not under 1k. ON TOP OF EVERYTHING people are still no clipping in dark descent, still botting, still meso selling and yet some people continue to defend this game (probably all the buyers/botters) Literally nothing gets done about them EVER they act as if banning them does something, their running MULTIPLE instances of maplestory 2 at the same time running 10-20 bots. Everywhere you go it's just BOTS only BOTS.

    F's in chat boys. Maybe if we spam this thread with it they'll stop being idiots.
  • A huge rant, but I'm not complaining about Nexon.


    I didn't mention the weekly dungeon limits as I don't really understand why Nexon added that limitation, outside of my guess being to limit the rate at which a player can progress. The dungeon limit discourages players from playing the game for longer periods of time, which I believe is the opposite of what Nexon *wants, but I'm sure there's a better reason why Nexon would include this feature.

    The main reason the gating was implemented was because it was out in Korea first. Over there they have a big problem with gaming addiction and people are constantly dying from it. Sitting down for way to long sometimes multiple days without sleep cutting off a lot of circulation to legs and other body parts. Also no hydrating and a crap ton of other things that are just unhealthy so to combat this Korea implemented a stamina/gating type system to prevent players from becoming as addicted. This was never changed for Western audiences so they just kept it and increased it with our extra 30 run reset option. However as you can tell for a Western audience this simply doesn't work, as our version of MS2 also doesn't have any pay2win options to offset the severe lack of dungeon runs.
  • February! The month of Change.

    Defraglife wrote: »
    Well I'm hoping they are really paying attention to the forum chats and suggestions. I know for me I will wait it out. The gap between the elite and everyone else to include hardcore is just so massive no way to catch up in time. I could care less to play with the elite but I do hope if they fix things it brings back normal players.

    Well the reason I quit beside progression was the botting. I've given Nexon the website,discord,names,screenshots,videos. Everything possible trying to save/help them to get their act together. Dark descent is easily no clipped and essentially god mode for fairy belt. All the bots farm specifically for items to sell in market to either control or profit from it. There is a multi-client available that lets them run as many maple's as their computer can handle. For all these reasons is why I quit.

    As for striker I'm almost positive he will be coming in the summer with the big patch. They've talked about focusing on progression after January opposed to anything else because they had this months patches pre-meditated and don't want to stray from their original plan. So I think Feb. will be spent mostly just trying to fix these other issues opposed to releasing a class. I'm sure awakening AND striker will be together in June. As they said no major content til then and I think a NEW class would qualify as major content considering how much goes into a class.
  • Inflation/bots needs to be dealt with

    Olujiwan wrote: »
    While I agree there is a lot of inflation due to bots, (and can confirm they are working hard at Nexon to try and find the best and quickest solution), the endgame gear you are talking about barely see an influence from anything other than elite/hardcore players. That's how any MMO works and always will work.

    Giving more means to farm the currency needed to purchase said endgame gear, will only raise its prize even further.

    I think the real issue is that the elite/end game players are funded by most of those bot accounts or have bought mesos. That's the problem we're having in the community right now is that the hacks are so readily available and it's pretty apparent that a lot of people have purchased or botted mesos. You can deny it if you want but I've made posts about it only to have them locked for calling people out which I understand the want to not defame anyone but if they are hacking or botting I don't see the issue with calling them out. That being beside the point, everyone knows the elites have alternate methods of making mesos outside of the game itself, someones running the bots after all correct? So this means those end game items are heavily altered in price by those at the top. Because they can afford to reroll stats as much as they see fit and buy all the stellar glass on every alt and just overall do everything that requires an absurd amount of mats/mesos in a fraction of the time a legit player takes to do it. Are some of them legit? Well of course, some are smart and know how to merch and play the market well.
    Also I can't get over " the endgame gear you are talking about barely see an influence from anything other than elite/hardcore players. That's how any MMO works and always will work." Are you serious right now? Literally every MMO INCLUDING YOUR OWN MAPLESTORY 1 was completely run off of botters and hackers. Anyone who had ever played that game will tell you about the endless channels of vac hackers or god mode users just casually walking around doing what they please. The amount of fly hackers that would just zoom around town just to show off. At least in MS1 eventually it got to the point where they TRIED to hide in MS2 they literally just run around with no fear cause there's no presence. I mean your own history of this company reflects the fact that it's been dominated by hackers almost always.

    Now I'm sorry if all this seems hateful in some way to you but as a player since ms1 beta I just feel heavily disrespected when we point out the issues and we get a half hearted answer like this that doesn't even make sense because it's contradictory to everything we've seen so far in any Nexon game.