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  • How many devs blogs are needed before u guys quit?

    I already quit and the fact that anyone is willing to keep waiting is a shame lol. If you've ever played MS1 you know where this is going. Every update/blog is going to say the same old BS over and over. We're listening! Be patient! We're working on it! It should just say we're still taking advantage of brain dead apes and taking their money so just keep holding on while we try to make a bit more!
  • What is the "Meso Market" they're adding?

    It's just p2w, buy mesos with merets to combat the bot/meso sellers, Nexon knows the games going down and they need to go whale hunting
  • New blog post F's in chat.

    Sure you guys have read it and if not, you should. Nothing is getting done for a MINIMUM 6 weeks so you know where the community is going to end up :) moving on especially with some pretty decent games coming up although most of them aren't mmorpg's I think our money is better used with a company that gives a damn.

    Spam F's in chat.
  • "Future Feedback Initiative" by Jungsoo Lee

    Sad I've literally post tons of crap on these forums about THIS EXACT situation where it's NEXON they won't ever do anything it's sad but true. This company has been in the gutter since LONG LONG ago unfortunately. I've invested 1.4k+ hours already in MS2 and quit 3 weeks ago because of all the bull. Now they have the BALLS to tell everyone your not getting anything changed for 3 months. Yeah GOOD BYE enjoy your dead playerbase. Hate to be so rude as I more than anyone wanted this game to do well. But I can't continue to support it when the team has literally given up and it's extremely apparent. Your going to see this playerbase drop under 2k daily REAL fast. If not under 1k. ON TOP OF EVERYTHING people are still no clipping in dark descent, still botting, still meso selling and yet some people continue to defend this game (probably all the buyers/botters) Literally nothing gets done about them EVER they act as if banning them does something, their running MULTIPLE instances of maplestory 2 at the same time running 10-20 bots. Everywhere you go it's just BOTS only BOTS.

    F's in chat boys. Maybe if we spam this thread with it they'll stop being idiots.
  • Petition to Remove Fair Fight

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    Please remove Fairfight, it is grossly unfair. If world boss gets killed to quickly, have them on spawn on all available channels, not having fairfight on them.

    Can someone explain to me why this exist? I don't understand. If want players have challenge, make a hard-mode of dungeon with higher defense, dmg, HP of bosses etc.

    It's certainly not helping +15 hang out with +10s either.

    It's a system that punishes players that have invested time and effort (their progression result in negative effects), it punishes players that try to help their friends / guildies / new players that join the game. Why would a game dev want to achieve and keep such a system? It's crazy

    I think it’s been said many many times, it’s to prevent over farm keeping market value of end game items. Your not getting punished, ur gearing up for chaos raid not to stump hard mode. We don’t need another solo game like ms1 alrdy is.

    If they remove FF to speed up gearing process then they should remove the uniques and the ability to dismantle for chaos onyx as it’s for fast clears for copies. Have another set of higher hp dungeon that drops uniques and chaos onyx. And people will complain again that it’s locked out for end game players, so honesty ff is the best solution. Suck it up stap whining and make a all welcome party. Those party actually fill up faster than plus 15 only lmao. Literally a pointless thread that has 27 pages of cry babies omegalul

    You are going to play alone anyway ;D

    That's the kind of response when people no they already lost the debate, i'll take my leave for this game when its time, but as of playing alone right now, certainly not. Is there a drastic decrease in players, I won't deny that, there definitely is a decline. But the last thing we need is another autistic game like maplestory1.

    No thats the argument we use when the playerbase is literally dead and in a steady decline, literally the only time the population climbs is during an update numbers arent even hitting 3k daily players anymore it's sitting around 2.6k so trust you will be playing solo real soon along with the other guys cause everyones leaving. They dont fix this ASAP it's over. :) I already quit so doesn't effect me as much though I would love to come back to the game but refuse until they change everything pretty much and tons of people agree with me including the entire forums minus like 10 people total.