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  • Favorite place in MS2?

    I like the places where If I stay too long, I'm going to need hearing aid, Tria, channel one comes to mind. What can I say, music really shines when it's fifty different songs all at once, allows you to look at things from a whole different perspective!
  • Change Reset Time From Midnight to Morning

    The game isn't trying to encourage anyone to do anything, it's just being reset at server time, and depending where you live, this can be at 12 your time local, or 2AM, I just personally, do not see the issue of a midnight reset time and whether or not you stay up to play a video game rather then going to sleep has to do completely with your own priorities.

    A midnight Reset time isn't some shiny red apple, waiting to be consumed and deprive of your sleep, you can just as much continue doing them after work or after school and if those things consume a lot of your time, as they should then isn't that just normal? I mean, I work insane amount of hours a day, and barely ever have time to do my dailies before they get reset, but that isn't the games fault, it's not telling me to stay up or anything, it's just that my work consumes a lot of time.

    And considering a game like this has a huge playerbase, changing these things you would like to see being changed, would probably then no longer effect you, but perhaps another person who it didn't bother prior, now gets bothered by it.
  • We need more specific guidelines around UGC.

    The more transparency and guidelines there are, the better it will be for everyone who makes UGC content, I imagine nothing would be worse then spending hours on a creation, for it then to be removed as it happens to be against the rules, or deemed inappropriate of which you don't even know what it went against as they are not listed.

    Good idea lad.
  • UGC Needs Change // Suggest and Discuss

    The system itself is fine, but the people working behind the scenes are what's the problem. Mainly, not enough of them, and you gave a decent suggestion. The difficult part is finding trustworthy people to be in charge of the initial temporary takedown process, as it's something that can be abused pretty easily. There'd have to be some sort of trial period or vetting process. Maybe instead of being taken down immediately, a report from one of these volunteers would have a higher priority?

    Obviously not everyone would be able to join it, and who joins that team would be up to the staff or the one that would monitor this team, perhaps giving their reports more priority would also work, but that would require the actual team to still investigate whether or not something is stolen, though I don't know how many times those cases actually happen, and how many times it's just low quality stuff in the store. If it's the latter, a higher report priority would be solid.
    DarnHyena wrote: »
    Perhaps could take some inspiration from how IMVU handles it's "peer review" system. Granted, items have to go through it BEFORE being listed, but basically instead of just being in the hands of one person, it'll go through a whole good dozen of peeps.

    As long as it gets vast majority approved, it gets listed, Likewise, too many flags and you just have to try again.

    That could also work! But then people should be able to communicate and find out why their content wasn't accepted, and for what reasons, but it's a good idea.
  • Game Freezes & Crashes to Desktop - No Error Code

    Hey lad!

    Sad to hear about your problem, but not all hope is lost! While Maple might not keep logs on crashes, your windows does, if you play the game again for me, and as soon as it crashes open up Windows Event Logs, and Mavigate to Windows Logs > Application, and then find the latest event with “Error” in the Level column and “Application Error” in the Source column. Then we can figure out what caused it and potentially look at fixing it together.