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  • [SOLVED] Moving MS2 installation to a new drive?

    Marionni wrote: »
    Is it possible to move the MapleStory2 installation to a new drive? I just bought an SSD to run some games off of and was wondering if I could just cut>paste it to the new folder or if I have to re-download the whole thing again. Would be happy to hear from you guys :)

    If it's through steam, you can basically move the game through steam it self, by adding a new steam directory on your preferred drive, through steam>settings>steam library folders and then adding your SSD, which after that you just copy the game files over to the new directory, and once you have done that, just deleting the game from steam and then reinstalling it to your new location. But instead of installing, it'll discover existing files in that folder and then just make those work fine.

    Regarding the Nexon launcher, no Idea. I'd imagine you could choose a new install directory, and just move the existing files to the new directory.
  • Pumky Plush!

    That's absolutely rad lad!
  • Please help " scaleform initialize failed"

    Hey lad!

    Have you tried running Game Repair by pressing the wrench in the Nexon Launcher, or if you are playing through steam tried verifying your game files? Scaleform is generally used by devs to display UI elements in their game.
  • Change Reset Time From Midnight to Morning

    The game isn't trying to encourage anyone to do anything, it's just being reset at server time, and depending where you live, this can be at 12 your time local, or 2AM, I just personally, do not see the issue of a midnight reset time and whether or not you stay up to play a video game rather then going to sleep has to do completely with your own priorities.

    A midnight Reset time isn't some shiny red apple, waiting to be consumed and deprive of your sleep, you can just as much continue doing them after work or after school and if those things consume a lot of your time, as they should then isn't that just normal? I mean, I work insane amount of hours a day, and barely ever have time to do my dailies before they get reset, but that isn't the games fault, it's not telling me to stay up or anything, it's just that my work consumes a lot of time.

    And considering a game like this has a huge playerbase, changing these things you would like to see being changed, would probably then no longer effect you, but perhaps another person who it didn't bother prior, now gets bothered by it.
  • is this a false positive? C_powershell.exe warning

    Giffany wrote: »
    Digitalcat wrote: »
    Hey Giffany!

    I know the launcher uses some sort of Powershell, regardless though, as I'm not aware of your Virus Scan, as I've never heard of it, and mine surely doesn't give me this warning (Using Bitdefender), I recommend you download Malware Bytes and scan your PC with it just to be sure as this will definitely sniff out anything when it comes to viruses trying to run scripts through powershell.

    I'm pretty sure nothing is wrong, but it's always good from time to time to scan your computer.

    Let me know about the results!

    honestly i did just that way before posting this. i used malwarebytes and found nothing and i often do maintenance to the pc in general. in fact this is a new windows install not even 2 weeks old and don't go anywhere i shouldn't be never had never will. so i find it weird me being away from game then i know it had updates when i was gone. but its weird it showing up as of now i want to play again lmao. thats other reason since its a new windows install i dont want to blow it up if i allowed this and is why im asking first to be sure im not only one or if its just me.

    I know that some virus scans are more sensitive to certain things, for example AVG would trip over certain DLL and exe's existing even though they were safe, and maybe a recent launcher patch changed a few things around, and the virus scan is having a bit of a trip because of it :P