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  • [CLASS] Runeblade Awakening Guide

    Runeblade Awakening I Guide
    Made by Arlong(NAE)

    DISCLAIMER: This class currently has a big bug with its new master awakening skill 'Lunatic Flash'. This guide is also not up to date for Master Awakening, but I plan to update it at some point.

    Table of Contents
    I. Runeblade Introduction
    II. What Sigil should I use?
    III. Builds, Macros, Lapenshards
    IV. Rotation
    V. Attribute Points
    VI. Gems
    VII. Gearing
    VIII. Pets

    I. Runeblade Introduction

    Runeblade is a hybrid class that utilizes both ranged and melee attacks pre and post awakening. It has a lot of versatility in raids, and is highly mobile. It also brings a buff to whatever content you're facing called Honing Runes which when stepped on will increase players critical damage by 20% and yours by 30%(At level 10 Honing Runes).

    Runeblade has a lot of offensive capability, but also has several self-beneficial defensive skills in its arsenal as well. Physical Boost will increase your movement speed by 30% while at the same time increases your defense by 20% for 6 seconds. Warding rune with Ice Sigil is a great defensive skill that will increase your physical and magical resistance by 100, reduce ice damage taken by 10%, and also absorbs up to 12% of your max health(This assumes you have 10 points into it.)

    We'll go in-depth on where to put your skill points later on, but the key takeaway introduction from this class is that it's very versatile, brings a party buff into the mix, and is fast paced and very enjoyable.

    II. What Sigil should I use?

    Runeblade is equipped with three elements. Fire, Ice, and Storm. They have differences between each of them, for example fire can burn the target that applies DOTs(Damage over time) to them, while classes like Storm can proc extra lightning attacks on the enemy. Ice is the sigil that is highly regarded as the best due to the effect it has on your abilities after awakening and that it also provides the highest damage compared against the other two.


    III. Builds, Macros, Lapenshards

    There are several options for building runeblade in its Rank 1 Skills tree depending on what macros you take later on. I'll post mine firstly below then talk about some possible changes you can make.

    Rank 1 Skills


    With this build we hit all of the "hot spots" that you'll want for offensive, defensive, and utility capabilities that runeblade provides.


    Max Rank Rune Focus for the extra 6.4% Ice damage and 4.6% defense.


    Max Rank Blade Mastery for the extra 6.4% weapon attack.


    Ice Sigil for reasons previously stated.


    Max Honing Runes or your party might hate you.


    Warding Rune level 9, in Ice Sigil your Warding rune will be very beneficial for defense due to it's previously stated at max rank 12% over-health shield and on top of that 100 physical and magical resistance.


    Max Elemental Potency for the massive damage gains.

    Rank 2 Skills


    We take left tree here because comparatively, the right tree is just weaker and less effective for current content.

    Quintuple Cut is the first skill on the left tree. It's more commonly referred to as "Qcut" and will be for the rest of the guide. It will be your main ability and you've probably heard memes about how this is the only skill you'll use as an RB. While that's not entirely true, it is your main damage ability that you'll use. It has great scaling with attack speed, 0 spirit cost, and has a greatly increased range when paired with the Ice Sigil.

    Ice Quintuple Cut Max Range


    Storm Quintuple Cut Max Range


    Fire Quintuple Cut Max Range



    You might not have access to all of the skill points I do. That is because in order to get the last 3 skill points you'll need to clear the three new chaos raids Frostpillar Temple, Madrakan Spire, and Hard Rock 'n' Rollin' Pink Bean. If you don't have all of them yet, use this skill tree.



    Lumarigon's Pride Red Lapenshard

    Obtained by clearing the Chaos Raid 'Madrakan Spire'

    This is an obvious pick because of just how powerful it is, but also how strong it gets as you get closer to tier 10.

    Pride Bolt Red Lapenshard

    Obtained by clearing the Hard Dungeon 'Madrakan's Heart'

    Pride's bolt is beneficial universally. It's helpful in Raids, Hard Dungeons, and Dark Descent among lot's of other things. It's damage is dependent on a lot of things, but it's very strong at tier 1 already. For example, for me it does 5m damage per minute at tier one and that's without upgrading it.

    Personally though, I won't be upgrading it as for Blackshard Nexus I'll need to swap it out for the Sword of Time Lapenshard.

    Space Rift Blue Lapenshard

    Obtained by clearing the Lapenta Dungeon 'Azure Flux'

    This is a very strong lapenshard due to the build we're running. It will basically cast off cooldown due to our main skill being Qcut and it's just bonus damage for us across the board.

    Master's Malice Blue Lapenshard

    Obtained by clearing the Hard Dungeon 'Malevolent Manor'

    This is a VERY powerful lapenshard and will be the biggest damage boost lapenshard wise for us. It has a chance to proc off of Phantasm blade which we'll be casting off cooldown and offers a massive damage boost.

    Personally I'll be running Malevolent Manor until this hits tier 10 then focusing on the Guardian of the Sea's lapenshard.

    Eupheria's Rage Green Lapenshard

    Obtained by clearing the Lapenta Dungeon 'Emerald Prison'

    This one is a bit of a double edged sword because while it provides a susbstantial damage increase, it can be annoying due to it's other effect on your health if it goes below 20%. This negative effect can be canceled if you have Eupheria's pet equipped for more than a minute though.

    Guardian's Rage Green Lapenshard

    Obtained by clearing the Hard Dungeon 'Guardian of the Seas'

    Similar to Eupheria but without the annoying health de-buff.


    There aren't any "required" macros by any means like there were for pre-awakening, but there are certain things you can do depending on your playstyle.

    Qcut + Warding Rune


    For me, this makes qcut feel a bit smoother and as well always cast warding rune on cooldown. There's an argument to be made if it's the best play to macro warding rune, but it fits my playstyle and takes off clutter on my action bars.

    Illusory Blades + Physical Boost


    Doing this will animation cancel illusory blades while casting physical boost. You can combo this by taking some points out of warding rune on the tree for minimal damage gains, but personally I don't do this.

    IV. Rotation

    For your rotation as a runeblade, it's quite simple. Buffs aside, just cast phantasm blade on cooldown and use qcut while your phantasm is on cooldown. Try to match up your Lumarigon's pride and Elemental Potency with Holy Symbol if you have a priest in your party.

    Here's a video I put out a few weeks ago showcasing the rotation in action.

    V. Attribute Points

    Even with 0 critical damage lines on my gear or pet, I've found that maxing out your critical rate and dumping the rest in Strength provides on average about the same damage as full mainstat. On top of this, with a class like an SB or Archer in your party you'll gain even more critical rate which I believe surpasses just placing all of your points into Strength.


    VI. Gems

    If you follow through and run full critical rate in attribute points I believe the best gem setup to be all mainstat and 1-2 accuracy gems depending on if you use a Kanduras Pendant or DD Belt or not. You can get 853 mainstat points and 246 crit rate this way.

    This combination is even better if you can get an RGB pet from the Eye of Lapenta 4-man Dungeons which give 150 bonus attack flat as well as a bunch of other great bonuses depending on which pet you run.

    You might also want to take one mainstat gem out for a bonus attack gem if you need the damage for Frostpillar Temple as Bjorn is weak to bonus attack.

    VII. Gearing

    This is a ever changing field depending on what gear you have access to and what you don't have access to. This also depends on where you're at in terms of progression so you might not have access to ascendant gear or even legendary gear.

    Let's go ahead and list out a very obvious best in slot for Runeblade.

    Kandura's Pendant
    Obtained by clearing the Hard Dungeon 'BeyondLink Tris'


    This pendant allows you to replace one of your accuracy gems with a mainstat so you can run 8 mainstat and 1 accuracy gem.

    7 flat accuracy, 5% attack speed, and a 3% physical and magical attack buff. Attack speed is one of our most important stats as a Runeblade, if not THE most important one.

    The only reason I wouldn't use this pendant is if I didn't have the funds to three socket one. In total you'd need 27 of these 0 socket Kanduras to 3 socket one which can be pretty daunting as a new/returning player. If you can get your hands on a 3 socket though, definitely use it.

    Level 60 Legendary Set
    Pieces are obtained separately through the three 60 Chaos Raids.

    For your level 60 legendary set, I would 100% run Enigma. Most KMS2 runeblades used this until they got to ascendant, and for very good reason.


    Ravaging strikes will grant you 9 accuracy and 9% attack speed for 12 seconds on hit and is doubled to 18 accuracy and 18% attack speed if you have the 4-piece set and weapon equipped. Attack speed as said is HUGE for runeblade due to the effect it has on the animation speed of qcut and other skills like phantasm blade. You'll be able to get more qcut's in per minute with the more attack speed you get, and since this is your main skill you'll be using it's a direct damage gain.

    The other two sets aren't much worse, so if your guild or static ask you to use Behemoth or Dark Vanguard it shouldn't be too much of a damage loss until you get access to Ascendant.

    Centurion Belt & Cape
    Fragments are obtained through the Eye of Lapenta 4-man dungeons

    This is what i'd recommend as a baseline before more testing is done around Madria's Whim vs Centurion belt and cape for runeblade.


    The Centurion Cape and Belt when equipped give you a 200 health boost, but more importantly 5% attack speed.

    The rolls you want to get on these will be entirely dependent on your other stats, but if you can get 4-5% attack speed on both with piercing you'll be able to get almost 15% attack speed from just two pieces of gear which will free up a lot of options on your other accessories.

    Frost Ring
    Obtained in the Chaos Raid 'Frostpillar Temple'


    Received a big nerf compared to it's KMS2 counterpart, but it's still easily a best in slot if you can get good rolls and 3 socket it.

    Ascendant Gear
    Obtained by clearing the Chaos Raid 'Blackshard Nexus'


    There's a drastic difference between ascendant and legendary gears. Ascendant has an entirely new third attribute roll compared to only a max of two attribute rolls on legendary.

    For your armor, try to get 4% boss damage per piece. As for the stats I'd get on your weapon, a best in slot would probably be Max Pierce, Phys Pierce, and Ice % damage.

    Ascendant Accessories
    Obtained by clearing the Chaos Raid 'Blackshard Nexus'

    These are optional, personally I wouldn't bother touching them as a runeblade since there are much better options like those discussed above.


    With the introduction of Eye of Lapenta, there are more questions around pets than ever for a new player. If you don't have a RGB pet(obtained through the eye of lapenta 4 man dungeons) then try to aim for a decent pierce roll on your epic pet as a minimum. I wouldn't focus to heavy on the stats of it though as you'll replace it for a RGB pet later on.

    RGB > 60 Epic > 50 Epic > 60 Blue > 50 Blue

    RGB Pets are so powerful because they offer powerful bonuses to your character.

    Obtained in the Lapenta Dungeon 'Emerald Prison'


    It's unique pet trick of offering 150 bonus attack, 5 accuracy, and a counter to the Eupheria green lapenshard makes this a great choice for DD(Dark descent) as a runblade. Apart from that there's not much reason to take this as your main pet.

    Obtained in the Lapenta Dungeon 'Terminus of Time


    It's unique pet trick gives you 150 bonus attack, 3% boss damage, and a chance to proc a 4% attack speed buff for a short time. It says "attack" by 4%, but this is an error in translation. This is a solid pick for most DPS that don't benefit by flat attack speed like landevian. It might be the best choice if you already have 117-120% attack speed.

    Obtained in the Lapenta Dungeon 'Azure Flux'


    It's unique pet trick gives you 150 bonus attack and 3% attack speed, and also has a chance to proc a bleeding effect on the enemy. This is a VERY solid choice for any runeblade unless you feel like you don't need the attack speed then I'd go for Ishura.

    What stats do you want on these pets?

    As for stats on these pets, obviously try to get a piercing roll and possibly physical pierce if you aren't capped at 15% yet. Melee Damage, physical attack, attack speed, and accuracy are also solid rolls for these pets.

    IX. Join the discussion!

    There are a lot of ways to reach out to other runeblade's and discuss as a whole our findings so we all can improve our game at the class. I'll link below an invite to the Official MS2 Discord where you can talk to other runeblades in the #runeblade class discussion channel. It's very active and if you have questions this is a really great place to ask them!

    Official Discord Invite: https://discord.gg/maplestory2

    Misc. Runeblade Videos of mine

    Below is a link to my channel where you can find some footage of the new raids from a runeblade POV. I may upload my Terminus of Time S+ and some other S+'s so you guys can get some more content from a RB main :3

    My Channel: https://youtube.com/channel/UCgD1O9CC2FTZw4z1aTJZLEQ
    Discord: Arlong#8153