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  • The real reason why people are burning out so fast

    FeverJaws wrote: »
    people burn out of all games quickly LOL. its not just maple and the reason is cause they play it to much. u dont burn out if u dont play 10 hours everyday

    You must be new to mmo's, if it has good progression and is fun, its hard to burn out. I mean for four years I played tera just about 6 hours per day. Granted I live in the middle of no where, but still I did not get bored until bluehole decided "This game is to hard, does not have enough pointless costumes, the good content should be removed, and lets attempt to kill the game!!"

    Clericeru wrote: »
    Talnova wrote: »
    Why isn’t it fun?

    Not exactly the same direction you went, but the game was so much different before cdev. There were people who would hold music events with stages in their homes and other little competitions where you could win a small amount of mesos, and other silly things. Once those casual players left, those fun activities went with them. Now there's nothing but the grind. Dungeons, dailies, gathering... nothing but the same old mindless repetitive grind.

    At the end of that, you get the opportunity to upgrade your equipment. A few bad RNG checks and you can be left with nothing to show for all that effort.

    I used to advertise my houses portal coaster, but after cdev, it was impossible lol. Maybe when i play again in like, ohh 3-4 months people will visit again.
  • PvP High Risk High Reward

    Because its such a good idea to lose the a weapon I worked so hard to get.
  • Favorite Class?

    PinkFoxxy wrote: »
    My favorite class ever would have to be the summoner from blade and soul periodtt
    and next up songweaver from aion

    A fellow scummoner, back when I played I dressed me and my cat the same and we had the same name, was glorious in pvp.
    I liked Blade Dancer most in BnS
    Loved Mystic in Tera
    Healer in every generic mmo ever.
    Wizard in MS2
  • Big idea on NA West if anyone is interested.

    I have a portal coaster in my house, and just thought, it would be cool to link multiple houses together and make a long portal coaster.

    It would be quite a fun challenge but is a very tedious thing to plan out.

    If you are interested, /w me in game. Same name here and there. I would love to have a couple people on board so it can be one epic ride.
  • New favorite passtime

    Step 1) WorldChat offer of 5 million mesos to the first person to find a ludi station channel that is free of bots
    Step 2) Wait
    Step 3) Give up

    you would owe me a lot of mesos.