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  • What do you would change about Marplestory 2?

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    This sounds a lot like games I loved playing when I was first introduced to MMO's quite some time ago. (1) Correct me if I'm wrong, but it feels like your suggestions are heavily nostalgia-fueled. To be clear: There is nothing wrong with that, but it is a bit short-sighted.

    In general, (2) consumers have changed drastically over the past decade (duh), and the most significant and relevant change is related to how much time we're willing to spend on consumption. (3) No matter your personal stance on the matter; consumers want instant satisfaction (read; ASAP). This is mainly because everything we deal with daily is evolving to the point where you are almost instantly rewarded for your effort, and the effort required is decreasing significantly.

    (4) With that in mind, most of your suggestions would not be appreciated by a hefty chunk of the player base.

    (1) Sure I'll correct you by first stating bluntly that you are obviously wrong. My suggestions have nothing to do with "nostalgia"; it has to do with the complexity and dynamics of a game. To put it short, a simple, one dimensional game is boring. A game with a layer of sophistication, multitude of variables, and rich set of dynamics is much more interesting. Furthermore, where did you even get the impression that my suggestions are nostalgia-based? What suggestions lead you to think this?

    (2) Here you make an unsupported assumption that has been overused in this forum and other forums, and one that is almost never substantiated. Let me guess, you assume people grow older, lead busier lives, and don't have much time for games right? Well, let me ask you this one: did you ever consider the idea that there's a flow in (consisting primarily of a younger audience) counteracting a flow out (consisting primarily of an older audience) and that it isn't as simple as stating "players are growing older"? Moreover, did you ever consider what the actual target audience is? People who have little time to spare tend to gravitate towards more casual games like mobile games, while people who are more hardcore tend to seek out PC games and MMOs. Your argument also implies that people either no longer want to invest much time into gaming in general, or people aren't willing to invest small incremental amounts to an MMO compared to small micro "instant satisfactions" that amount to the same total time. Both have little merit in the context of MMOs. For the former, an MMO is a horrible idea considering the time, resources, and investment into developing an MMO simply to have players come and go after a short time frame. For the latter, those types of players usually play casual mobile games not deliberately seeking out MMOs. Amount of time invested also clearly doesn't matter for the latter case. Furthermore, game dynamics and style of play have a very prominent role in attracting and retaining players which further dispels the notion that most players, particularly MMO players, seek "instant gratification". Look at OSRS for example; it's hardly an "instant gratification" game.

    (3) If by "instant satisfaction" you refer to a very simplistic, watered down game then your assumption apparently is that MMO players now prefer very simple games with little to no depth. This is another point that is overused, and is linked to (2), and is touted by someone who has probably played a few MMOs and feels like they can speak for the rest of the MMO and gaming community, or simply tries to adopt an authoritative tone in an effort to appear credible. There is little justification for the "instant satisfaction" argument because it relies too much on what the perceived mindset or goals of the players are. If these people are willing to game for, say, 2-3 hours a day, then clearly time invested doesn't matter. If amount of time invested doesn't matter, where does the notion that players want a few quick moments of "instant satisfaction" over small incremental time investment leading to a huge milestone achievement come from? If time invested does matter, i.e. players are putting on average less time into games, why make MMOs? Furthermore, your argument doesn't define what "instant satisfaction" is. "Instant satisfaction" in what context, and for whom? Does "instant satisfaction" mean killing a dungeon boss in a few minutes? Or getting to +15 Leg in two months? Or holding down a skill key and wait a few seconds for surrounding mobs to die? What if this isn't "satisfaction" to some people at all, but rather a bland game lacking in any form of creativity? How would we determine the percentage of people who proclaim "wow I held down a skill key and everything died... so cool!!!" versus those who find this style boring and lacking in depth? What if "instant satisfaction" for the latter is the process of getting a thrill from a set of dynamics that require a certain level of thought, decision making and cooperation? Your argument here clearly fails because it assumes that there is one very specific idea of "instant satisfaction" that happens to be what everyone wants.

    (4) I mean the vast majority of the playerbase left within the first 3 months so I'm not sure what you're trying to get at.

    lmao imagine arguing with a gm, anyways

    I didn't really read your suggestions but

    "increase hp and damage of all monsters"
    I know u fkin lyinnn
    I can barely kill the monsters how they are now xD it takes me a good minute to kill. a group of those zombie bunnies in golds pharmaceuticals
  • I predict this game can't last past 2019

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    "steam" case closed

  • Favorite Class?

    My favorite class ever would have to be the summoner from blade and soul periodtt
    and next up songweaver from aion
  • Lets' be Brutally Honest for Once

    why exactly do yall play as female characters?
  • define sexual plz

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    However, we shouldn't depict little children wearing erotic costumes for entertainment.

    But the Chibis aren't children. They are small adults.

    Are you saying people with dwarfism should never be allowed to be sexual?

    this reminds me of the people that say the same exact thing about the elins in tera. they look like kids, regardless of if they are or not, they still look like kids.. so its wrong to sexualize them. and even worse that theyre half animal

    That's your opinion. Good thing opinions aren't facts.

    I don't think they look like kids. I think they look like chibi adults. That's also an opinion.

    I feel like the people who are getting worked up about it are the true perverts. They are the ones seeing them as kids and in a sexual way. You disgust me.


    this doesnt look like a child to you?
    that concerns me