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  • [NA-Middle East] How much Skin is too much?

    Aie wrote: »
    they arent kids tho.
    im 21 and i look 14 does that mean i can't be sexual?

    you know exactly what i meant in my comment, and these people knnow exactly what they meant when they chose the "Small girl" character with big boobs instead of a regular woman instead.

    "Loli may refer to: Loli (ロリ, rori) – A Japanese slang term for a young girl who has not reached the age to sexual consent or looks younger than her true age."

    most people who choose these characters refer to them as lolis, which by definition, means they know, or atleast assume that they are small girls/resemble small girls, and still continue to sexualize them
  • [NA-Middle East] How much Skin is too much?

    i wouldnt really care, but i know how some of yall act. Yall be sexualizing tf out of the elin in tera.
    THEY LOOK LIKE KIDS!!! IDC IF THEY "ARE OLD BUT JUST LOOK YOUNG" (that sorry azz excuse) IT DOESNT MATTER!!!! and on top of that theyre half animal too!

  • Wow, this game.

    the main thing that kills mmos is the launch cuz alot of yall are stubborn and quit after 1 disconnect, but since this was a GREAT launch, with a GREAT game, the only thing that could kill this game is p2w, which i dont think nexon is greedy, so i think were safe.
  • Excited about the Million Players Celebration??

    Greta wrote: »
    Nexon: "We reached 1 million players! Let's celebrate everyone!"

    *decides to cater to nolifers who already reached 60 level*

    Should have made a more reasonable requirement. Like 30lvl. Most players have work/school so not a lot of us had enough time to reach such levels.
    Nexon and their weird logic lol.

    Honestly people with level 60's are not nolifers. Game has been out for over a week. It doesn't take much to reach 50 and it takes less than 2 days of casual play to reach 60 from level 50. So you can expect to have your first 60 in under 4 days. Also, it's hard to make an event happen to accommodate everyone. There will always be people who are not at the requirements to participate.

    but what about people like me who want to explore everything this game has to offer? not just get to max level and start dungeoning and complaining about how easy it was
  • Elixirs can now be bought with Merets. P2W topic.

    when youre a priest so you dgaf