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  • I was wrong about what MS2 is supposed to be

    Tassy wrote: »
    I don't think the rpg elements of the game should suffer. These recent updates are also really nice. More dungeons, classes, and RNG suppressants are great. The next focus should be to give more incentive for the community to delve into hanging out socializing, and sharing custom content though. This will lead to more staying power. I'm not sure what Club Penguin and Gaia did to provide a chilling atmosphere, but take notes and try to figure out how and why.

    Heres my suggestions to the devs for improving social aspects. idk how much power we have on the global version as far as implementing new content wise, but as much as i can help, i will.

    - World chat/Channel chat shouldnt have as such harsh restrictions to use. If bots are the problem, i think being able to hide/mute spam comments, flagged bots, or players under level 25 from appearing in your world chat would be a good workaround this. But everyone would be able to use the chat.
    - Ik alot of players are against this, but merging the 2 US servers would be good for the playerbase, pretty much doubling the amout of players on the server

    NOW for new contentttt :)
    - New minigames, such as a mario kart minigame with many maps/powerups similar to the mount quest.
    - New Zombie minigame similar to the one on Snapchat's Bitmoji Party
    - Speaking of zombies, a zombie outbreak game mode, in the special dungeon category would be fun. Where you are put into a lobby with other players and choose a map, and basically fight the zombies and stuff.
    - new dungeon type, which has 2 players, which require teamwork and puzzles, requiring you and your partner to actually TALK, and work together. because people dont really do that tbh.
    - New Fun hangout maps, similar to queenstown, where you can hangout with your freinds, like a beach, a carnival/theme park, a water park, a spa
    - being able to duel with your freinds in the open world
    - Social Events, such as fashion shows, and pet shows
    -Better ways to advertise your house and your house events
    - Bard class (this isnt a social suggestion, i just really want a bard lol)

  • I was wrong about what MS2 is supposed to be

    Miahoo wrote: »
    I also saw ms2 like the OP did (well, with more battle focus elements) but I'm very disappointed nothing is developed and added to the community side of the game.
    - no new designs
    - no new house options
    - no new minigames
    - no new arcades
    - no new communications options
    - no drops outside of dungeons and raids
    THIS is Tea

    litterally the ONLY thing that attracted me to this game was how social it was. It was a game where you could finally be just as social as you are hardcore. You can visit peoples houses, go to parties, make freinds, learn music, as well as doing your typical mmorpg stuff.

    THAT, is what attracted me to this game. and i can tell because i didnt reach max level because i spent like 75% of my time having fun at queenstown, or at someones house, or exploring, or doing all of the side stuff.

    and it makes me dissapointed that NONE of that was every built upon. No new minigames, no new social events, or anything. Im the type that will litterally quit a game if i cant make any freinds, so i feel like thats what bored me away from this game.

    it angers me that the small but vocal group of harcore players were able to convince the devs to make the game less casual, just for those same people to just rage quit because the devs werent taking away ALL of the casualness and sociability. so now theres just a game changed to appeal to the hardcore players, but the hardcore players are gone.

    like can we have new maps for the racing minigame? Can we be able to unlock the new arcade games? can there be more ways to make freinds? can there be ways to advertise your house events more effeciently?

    but like fr, they really joined this game expecting for it to be like a regular mmo, and just raced to max level and upgrade gear and stuff and complained about how easy it was to do all of this
  • I Prophesied MS2's Economic Death

    can u guys just quit the game already?
  • I predict this game can't last past 2019

    Bulbasaur wrote: »

    "steam" case closed

  • Goodbye MapleStory 2

    lmao 100% of the time someone posts one of these "goodbye" threads, they log right back on and continue to play another dungeon u not foolin anybody sit tf down