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  • Predict the next Blog: will it make or break?

    The next blog will say the same thing they always do.

    "We're listening please wait." Its been enough for plenty of people to be satisfied with the state of the game. They'll just keep going.
  • People Transfering Legendaried

    While we're here. 3 day bans are the stupidest most pointless thing ever. Everything you need to progress in this game can be done in three days anyway so who in the cares about a 3 day ban?
  • Being a new player sucks.

    I assume most people are founders because I rarely see new players.

    Have any of you tried pretending to be a new player without a premium? It blows. It sucks turd. The other day I pretended, wanted to see if this game was going to grow.

    If your new today you walk around lonely without copter and occasionally you meet bots. When you finally get your GS for FD you use party matchmaker cause party finder is +15 only. Party matchmaker has the longest queue and everyone's pretty weak. I started doing party matchmaker to help newbies. Also newbies aren't given any primer on the pointless bs that u need to do in this game to just stay on course. Like random garbage such as rolling what stars or buying stellar glass. Being a new player in this game is lonely and it feels like the bottom that no one cares about.

    Not only are the initial population leaving but the ability to gain new players is abysmal. Talk to any low prestige +10. I did. Was really curious. They find it boring and lonely.
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  • Newest Bot / Meso Farmer Thing?

    Its just not Chinese meso farmers using bots now ppl in top 20 guilds are using bots to farm cherries and Nexon won't accept video proof I've heard from some ppl.

    Its terrible game design. They made a boring daily and weekly mission that requires players to literally pay money if they want to be done with the boring daily chore.

    If they keep making these unoriginal cellphone style gameplay the botters will exploit it. They need more nuanced and enjoyable gameplay.
  • What's up with the low population?

    MochiAi wrote: »
    The game is in rapid decline. I hear they have something planned on January to try and boost the population again. We will see.

    However that content will only be available to the top 1% which will again lead to further decline. They dont seem to understand that they need to focus on actual gameplay content that's not ladder based. Like give us guild wars!