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  • [Gameplay Bug] Randomly rubberbanding.

    Same, just went completely rubberbanding a quarter way across the friggin map, into the sleepy spores, dying then losing my rank AND points.
    This bug is associated with structures you can stand on, there are few easily replicable ones on certain structures where you spring trap onto the structure then you hop on your mount. You will then phase through the structure and fall infinitely, any escape will rubberband you back.
    There's also another variant of this if you hop on oddly shaped structures then play with anything that phases you like barricades on a building,
    causing you to teleport to the last oddly shaped structure.
    Can you at least do a distance check to prevent absurd long distance teleportation.
    It's so great to experience this bug, the insta metal tombstone bug, fall animation while sprinting on mount bug and the auth session multiple times at high ranks. Where you don't lose due to skill but rather due to how glitchy royale can get!

    You guys need to ensure skills or mounting don't move people vertically, makes it so easy for players to phase into structures if theyre on them. Or if you want, try and code it so that every structure hitbox has a fixed teleportation point that will send the player to a guaranteed safe location in the event they somehow fall into the hitbox.
  • [UPDATE] Mushking Pre-Season Known Issues

    hankiepix wrote: »
    I really hope they reset the ranks. No good rewarding bad behaviour and Mushking gameplay is so depressing when you can be one shot by people abusing the bug that should've been fixed.
    Also, have you been made aware of the authentication error? I and other players have got this pop up asking us to restart the game because the "Authentication was invalid" which continues to appear around every minute until the game is restarted.
    Hopefully there is a second emergency maintenance and all of these issues are resolved, I have high hopes for this game!

    Can confirm also got authentication bug, got pushed into thorns and died due to the popup showing up before i could move out...
  • Closed Beta Pre-Download is Up!

    Just logout of Nexon Launcher then log back in!
    Turns out you don't need a key of sorts, it looks like it's definitely account bound.
    Also run as admin if you're installing into the c: drive, had an installation failed error when doing that without admin privileges.

  • What class and why?

    Priest for me, it's pretty comfy to just sit back and heal :p
  • How many of you Maplers destroyed your wallet?

    I'm just going to treat it like a subscription based mmo and use that as my baseline for spending, seems reasonable i reckon