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  • Back again

    I can see now that there are some solutions to some of the issues I had. And as far as I can tell this game has improved over the time I was gone.

    So I've decided to just go back in and experience the game again. There is only so much I can tell from just looking at the forums and the reddit after all.

    Well... I mean as soon as the weekend arrives of course. :-)

    Thanks everyone for helping me out here!
  • FD is not a hobby it's a job

    I initially thought FD was quite fun. That ended quite quickly though.

    I have 4 characters all of which need Murpagoth weapons. I'm not sure how often I've done FD but I do have the account trophy for killing him 300 times. Besides that I have the trophy for killing Kabo from Labyrinth Halls 100 times.

    And the funny thing about this is that none of my characters have enough GS to enter Chaos Raids. I'm not even talking about having the right modifiers and expected weapon level.

    I have pretty much stopped doing them and with that progressing the game.
    I'm basically just waiting for the next update to see if I will keep playing or just stop.
  • There's more to do than just dungeons.

    DracoKami wrote: »

    Couple of things to respond to your post.

    I think it is totally alright for those elements not to appeal to you. But that's really more of a subjective point. A lot of people do like the repetition of MMOs (there's a reason WoW has survived for as long as it has). Not everyone has social circles, so for them, MS2 is a good outlet for that. The fact and the matter is that social interaction is half of the formula for an MMO and if you don't enjoy it that much that's likely going to affect your experience.

    Also, I didn't try and defend the elements. I said in the last paragraph of my post that I explicitly don't defend it. I know it is a really frustrating system potentially and that there should be revisions, whether it's to Peachy or how the actual equation works or whatever it might be. The point of my post is not to defend Nexon's balancing decisions when it comes to the endgame content and progression, but to encourage players to try and interact with others, which can extend their interest in the game. Again, if that's not what drew you to the game, I totally understand that! There's other multiplayer games I play where I almost never group and solo-ing makes up the majority of my experience. But for other players, that is what they came for, not just the gameplay.

    I see now that I have misunderstood some things you mentioned initially. And it is more clear to me what you meant. All in all, it makes more sense to me now.

    Besides that I'd like to mention something else as well as it seems that I may have been misunderstood a bit as well. I do not have a problem with social interactions being a part of this game and it is not making the game less enjoyable for me.

    Also I feel a little bit unfairly treated here. My opinion that social interactions are not very important anymore in MMO's like Maplestory 2 is - as you menntioned - of course subjective. But why is your opinion that "social interaction is half of the formula for an MMO" a fact?

    While I once thought that was true as well I now - of course subjectively - think this has changed in the last two decades.

    And reading throught this forum I feel that there are many people who would share your and mine opinion respectively and both of them are equally valid.

  • There's more to do than just dungeons.

    I understand your viewpoint on all this but I must admit that I'm not able to agree personally.

    Nearly all activities in this game besides the dungeons or very boring and repetetive.
    Fishing? So mind numbing that you are supposed to go afk - using a voucher instead.
    Life Skills? Nearly completely useless and very time consuming - use gathering vouchers instead.
    Dailies? It's always the same missions over and over again.

    But you - and many others - rightfully like to mention that Maplestory 2 is a social game.

    Although thinking about this a bit more I realized that this is not true for me. I don't consider this game to be a "social" game but at the same time I'm wondering why I'm thinking like this. I remember playing mmo's a decade back and the social aspect being very important to me. Why has this changed?

    It is quite simple actually. My life is already full of social activities. Even too much I'd say.
    It doesn't matter if it is offline in work/school or online with any social media. For example I joined an online forum about one of my hobbies and enjoy talking about my interests there with other people.

    I am simply not lacking any social interactions. I really don't need more social interactions. What I need is a fun gaming experience. May it be exciting or relaxing. May it be alone or together with other people. It doesn't matter!
    And this game has been quite fun! That is why I was playing this game often in my free time. But now I'm stuck doing the same thing over and over again because I'm simply unlucky.

    So what now? Am I supposed to stop playing the game Maplestory 2 and instead experience the social gathering Maplestory 2? I'm sorry but I already have my friends in real life and my friends online. And I don't need to log in in Maplestory 2 to interact with them.

    Well this has basically become a rant. I'm sorry for this but I hope you understand my point.

    Please stop using the the "It's a social game" excuse for badly designed game elements. Nobody is lacking any social interactions offline or online anymore if they do not desire it.
  • Making all hard dungeons viable for progression

    Hello everyone!

    As I realized that a +13 weapon might not be enough for the Chaos Raid it is back to the hard dungeon grind for me. But using a Murpagoth weapon like many others means it will have to be Fire Dragon or Labyrinth Halls.

    But I am simply too tired of these two dungeons and I hope most people can sympathize with this.

    So my suggestion is the following:

    Using the weapon box from dismantled weapons should give the player the choice on which hard dungeon weapon they get.
    For example dismantling 4 MSL-Onyx Weapons will give me 40 Universal Weapon Box fragments which I can turn into one Universal Weapon Box which in turn will give me the option to get a Murpagoth weapon.

    With this I could simply do any dungeon I want to without forgoing progressing the game.