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  • Things...Could have been timed better...

    In hindsight, I personally feel it would have been more beneficial to release awakening/spirit binder out before Chaos raids, due to the clearly increased amount of players hitting the same sore spot of enchantment percentages. Then, there would be more options to raise someone's DPS without the need of high quality epic gear or legendary gear.
  • Last update made me rage quit and here is why...

    Strongly disagree. Here is the reason(s) why:

    1. It doesn't really matter if there were three extra runs if its a one-time thing. After all, to complete all three runs in an average week upon startup is a feat unto itself.

    2. Of course that will be the case. That is the STARTING gear score.

    3. getting scammed over B4 keys? Did you give them the amount BEFORE they carried you through a run? If that's the case, then tough luck (Its a norm to prove you can pay, but not give a single meso until they give you a carry). Technically the runs for the keys should be solo, but as it is, Nexon allowed you to carry a party with you, if you happen to have a B4.

    4. Gear score is an overall means of measuring the base quality of your gear, exempt potentials. That said, you could say the potentials should add to gear score, but to say gear score is moot simply because one weapon/armor has more potentials then another, is counterproductive.

    5. These people put the time in beforehand to learn the ropes and all the rigorous methods to get to where you gravely misinterpret as "quickly and easily". Those individuals put the time and effort in beforehand on KMS accounts, only to start over from square one on global servers with knowledge and experience as their allies from the get-go.

    6. There is a family for everyone out there- This game is VERY social, in my personal experience. I've made lasting friends simply with hanging out with people in Tria or asking if it would be better to party for a dungeon. Though it is my experience and not yours, it is still a bad idea to judge everyone based on a bad encounter or two.

    7. Fair fight feature keeps bosses/elites/world bosses from dying too quickly, and also balances out how quickly players can kill dungeon bosses. The forums are full of reasons as to why this is the case.

    8. No. Chaos raids are not only meant to be a tip-top-tier challenge, but they also yield the highest quality gear in the game. It is not something you simply "nerf"

    All in all, and ill be perfectly candid here, anyone who ups and quits not before leaving a superficial and poorly-thought-out rant, has toxicity problems in the first place.
  • Deleted

    On that note, there was an interesting trend I once saw, where a popup gui in a game client would have two buttons, asking if the person was a bot. The two buttons would be in a random order, so if the bot were pre-programmed to click in one or another spot, it would have a 50% chance of being kicked to the char select screen, whereas a normal player would have a 0% chance. auto performance/fishing would disable it, as well as bossing, but the gui would ask right after each hard mode boss fight. Just an idea to consider.
  • Suggestions for to help visually impaired.

    Agreed, color/size customization in options would be a neat addition, as well as a helpful one.
  • Petition to Remove Fair Fight

    1. Why would anyone farm elite mobs that are tied with the story quest? They give nothing worth your time anyways, and even if this is true you have access to 100 channels to easily avoid this. Players/bots already farm certain spots with unhinged dps as trash mobs don't have fair fight, ever heard of potion solvents?

    2. Most of us agree that world bosses need fair fight, they already die in seconds so I don't see a reason why they shouldn't. It's already hard for new players to find dungeons for hard mode as most people want high gear score players who know the mechanics so they can do speed runs because no one wants to spend 10 to 15 minutes on a dungeon that they've done hundreds of times(not to mention that people have alts). And i'm sorry but I have yet to see a player call any dungeon hard, they're all very easy to master and require little skill, it's just that some of us don't want to be forced to have long boss fights that we've mastered decades ago.

    3. Here's the thing, this is how you want to play the game and that is ok, but this shouldn't be forced on EVERYONE in the game. If you want bosses to always be a challenge then equip gear for the respective level and reset all your attributes and skill points, problem solved, and hey, maybe if this fair fight feature was disabled nexon can create an option where players can enable fair fight in party finder, or maybe they can make it so pugs always have fair fight and people who use party finder can turn it on or off. Also gear prices will be fine, isn't that what the 30 dungeons a week cap is for? No matter how fast you can clear a dungeon you'll still get gear at the same rate as everyone else due to the cap. And to some point you're right, levels would be able to carry you at certain times, but if you're fighting anything remotely close to your level (which most people are doing) this wouldn't be the case. I would also like to add that having fair fight removes the feeling of progressing and even punishes progression in its current state. I personally don't care about the numbers, I don't care about the bragging rights, I just want to feel like i'm progressing in the game. And no that %10 damage increase that you get for enchanting your weapon from +1 to +15 isn't my idea of progressing. It may be progressing by definition but it's not as satisfying as doing say %50 - %100 more damage as it should.

    Don't get me wrong, I have no problem with a challenge, but after you do the same thing over and over again it isn't a challenge anymore, it's just tedious, not to mention that the bosses aren't all that challenging anyways, just big sponges that do tons of easily avoidable damage. (no offense nexon)

    However, I will say that they're trying and I have to commend them for that, they made it so chaos raids have no fair fight so that's a thumbs up, can't see how the 10% damage increase will fix anything but I guess we'll have to wait and see. I personally don't see the reason to use all this man power to focus on a feature that was never asked for to begin with.

    To counter your first point, I would like to provide an anecdotal: The tutorial taming grounds. Due to the inability to attempt to capture a docile monster being fed by another player, across channels, players (and perhaps even bots) have been found to throw candies at the slimes to keep them engorged, making it basically impossible to capture in tutorial zone (thank god there is the workaround of doing it in the main world). The moment quest-reliant elites like the one required for the dimensional dictionary questline are robbed of protection from insta-kill, whos to say a few well-conditioned bots camping across several channels couldn't bottleneck the quest for EVERYONE who needs the kill for the quest?

    To second point, the TEDIOUS nature of the dungeon makes it so you want to group up with players, despite your gear/SP/Level. No it is not hard for new players to find dungeons, they can just create a party looking for other players, usually at the same level, who want to do the dungeon, and it fills up really quick. There would be a lot more distinction and prejudice between party members when the difference between their impact on boss runs can be clearly seen.

    To third point, it is TEDIOUS for a plethora of reasons. Firstly, despite your limits for a dungeon, it does not carry over to other alternates. That means with the six allotted spaces, if you bring each of them up to hard-dungeon grade GS, that's 60 runs a day, 180 runs a week. NOTHING would be difficult if the grinding process for the most staple and liquid resources on the market was to be greatly nerfed to be finished within several minutes. Secondly, Bots (need I say more?). Thirdly, I don't disagree that the fair fight needs a nerf, but you should speak for yourself in that what YOU want shouldn't be forced on others who play the game. Asking for the fair fight to keep being nerfed for bosses is just a selfish tendency of not wanting it as tedious. Please consider the following:
    If hard bossing was made easier, there would be a risk of dropping onyx/chaos onyx prices through the floor and opening hard bossing to the risk of being tangibly farmable by bots. In short, if the main source for endgame equipment/endgame upgrades were made by any stretch easier, the overall ease of the game for anyone willing to raise as many of their slots to lv 50/60 as they want, would exponentially decrease for a time till prices fluctuate wildly (epic equipment/onyx).