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  • Chaos raids overtuned?

    Crevox wrote: »
    Vixro wrote: »
    To be honest so many things happen in the dungeon that is beyond anyone's control. Personally speaking the things that get me are
    -] Priest blink not working
    -] Yellow tile explosion causing game stuttering/freezing

    Priest blink works just fine, read the description. It dashes to a person if they are in front of where you dash. If that occurs, you need to adjust. Yes, I've done many runs as Priest and I've never felt my own dash skill wasn't in my control.

    If your computer is truly causing a game stutter when the yellow tile explodes, that wouldn't really matter anyways because you should be out of it by the time it explodes.

    I don't know what else could happen that is "beyond anyone's control." There is no excuse for death, if people died then it's their own fault.
    Cookiesyay wrote: »
    I keep seeing people say "Learn the mechanics' or "my guild cleared it in a few attempts get good etc"

    I've learned the mechanics 100% I've done it so much i never die anymore but i don't have a raiding guild so i'm stuck pugging.

    Everything is really tossed out of the window about learning the fight when pugs don't really stay together long after 1-3 wipes.

    Sure i could leave my casual guild i adore that i've been in since day 1 and most likely get the clear but i'm not going to ditch my friends just cause they play casual.

    The fight might not be hard for a guild but for random pugs it's so bad that players only want +14-15 dps now locking out half of the playerbase (if not more) behind rng.

    You can always make your own group. For pugs, people ask for +14-15 because even most +14-15 players don't play well enough to do enough DPS. Getting anything lower than that is a risk when it comes to completely random people. If you're confident in your ability to perform, just make your own group or tell people so.
    Louvain wrote: »
    Every MMO is different, but, ultimately, what I surmised from this entire situation is basically that the requirement should have been 4800-5000 instead of the 4500, thus requiring a +12 weapon and making everyones lives a lot easier and removing false expectations. with that and at least a semi-consistent group, wouldn't see the complaints we are now.

    It's the hardest content in the game. Many people with +15 weapons aren't even pulling enough damage for it. The game expects you to know how to play at this point, and if you do, a +12 weapon is enough. Some would say +11, but the lower you go, the better you have to be.

    The gearscore requirement won't lock people with lower weapon pluses behind anyways. People can always just reach very high enhancement values on their armor. A reminder that +10 on an item is a +50% gearscore increase, while +15 is a +200% gearscore increase.

    Beyond that, as I've said before, I've been through hundreds of different people in pug groups. For most people, they wouldn't even know if they're doing enough DPS because they just die nonstop. That wouldn't change even if the gearscore requirement was 7000. I've had very good DPS completely run out of lives at 50% health on the boss, and I've had weak DPS stay alive until the very end of an attempt consistently. People that stay alive end up doing better in the end.

    I agree with everything you say here except for your flat out denial of the games performance and server issues. I don't know how you can possibly deny the FACT that this game features some of the worst net code in MMO's to date. The key aspect of almost all raids is dodging certain attacks and skills that one shot the player. When I dash out of an AoE skill, land on the other side (5-6 grids away) and STILL take damage and die on that grid that is clearly no where near the AoE zone, that is indicative of a net code problem. On-top of this the game performs extremely subpar with even the latest and greatest in hardware. I'm not complaining about the difficulty, I'm not complaining about the RNG gear system, I'm not complaining about not having a raid guild, I am complaining about the fact that the game demands fast and immediate reaction times and relatively fast micro-play in ALL dungeons and then slaps you in the face with what seems like 10 tick servers, under 60 fps and input lag. I fell in love with this game and put up with this stuff through all the hard dungeons because the skill level required in those was low enough to be able to play around overall lag and poor performance. The chaos raids feel like playing an entire league of legends game vs an opponent 2 ranks higher than you with 400 ping. It's just sad.