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  • B4 Suggestions Nexon ... Please HELP

    Something needs to be done, I've played MS2 pretty much daily since release for at least two or three hours a day although generally more. However, in all that time I've not had a single B4 key. I refuse to risk paying mesos to buy a B4 run as I could quite easily be scammed.
  • "State of the Game Week 7" by LAMBCOOK

    mirta000 wrote: »
    my husband auto played to 60 because he got really bored of the main story.
    I used black market heavily from starting my character.
    Your changes to dungeons are increasing grindyness instead of lowering it.

    I'm sorry, but do you want players playing the game? You raised UGC prices, I stopped using UGC. Now you're restricting exp gain from music and fishing, restricting black market and making gear real grindy to get. How is that good for the community?

    I agree, the epic quest really feels a lot like bouncing around between NPC's. I ended up auto performing from 45 ish I believe, most of the way to 60. I'm saddened that, if these changes go through, that 'due to bots' we'll have to now grind our way through the story content for each new character, especially on a repetitive sense.

    As for UGC, I tried using it once but it's not worth it. I don't even bother using it just to complete the 'guide' mission. I'm not wasting merits on listing an item that 'might' get some buyers.

    I'm considering whether it's time to take a hiatus too, based on the dungeon changes alone.
  • Truth Check! How many ALTs you got?

    Accounts or characters? I assume you mean characters. I currently have two characters (a runeblade and a priest) and I find that's the maximum I can currently cope with on a daily basis. I don't even do gathering and crafting on both characters (just one of them), I just do my daily missions, dungeons, and such.
  • Shadow Bans - Fight back the meso bot ad spam

    Here's an interesting idea perhaps, it's something some forums may still do. I don't know if this necessarily implemented as a possible punishment/penalty in the game however.

    Shadow Ban
    Basically the idea of this is that the user doesn't know they've been banned, so they still think their posts and threads are being seen by other participants on the forum. The truth however is that their own posts and threads are hidden, which means nobody else can see them except the person who's been shadow banned. We could easily apply the same concept to meso advertising spam, which could help make them waste their time thinking their account isn't actually silenced or such. For example, they could continue spamming the chat with their advertisement about buying mesos, or even make ad balloons about it, but nobody else except themself will actually see this.
  • Can we please have this temporary solution..... ?

    It would certainly help reduce the effectiveness of bots in dungeons. Right now I'm having to generally vote kick them out of the party when I spot one, usually near the end of the match so their time was wasted.